TAIWAN DAY 2 (Yang Ming Shan 阳明山, Xin Bei Tou 新北投, Dan Shui 淡水, Shilin 士林夜市)

A fine Day 2. Weather was good. Had our very first breakfast from the hotel.

got ready for Day 2

Walked down the street to Ximending MRT station(our main transportation) at about 9am, took the red line to Shilin (士林站) station. From the MRT station, walked few minutes to get a bus to Yang Ming Shan (阳明山). Once reached Yang Ming Shan (阳明山); we waited for a mini bus that fetched us right till the top of the hill. That pretty spot that we went called Xiao You Keng (小油坑). You can see there’s alot of sulfuric there. Strong sulfuric smell though. Confirmed no SNAKES. Hahahaha…

From YMS, we took the same Red 5 bus back to Shilin station. Then we took MRT red line to Beitou (北投) station. You have drop at Beitou station and then make transition to another train to get to Xin Bei Tou (新北投). It was already noon by then. The weather suddenly changed to hot & sunny. Simply, we picked a restaurant nearby to fill our hungry stomachs. Nevertheless, the food was good!

my very 1st cup of bubble milk tea. so nice….taste so much different from the one we had in Malaysia.

From there; we walked Xin Bei Tou Hot Spring Museum. We did not have any hot spring soaks .

no kidding. this is a library. saw it on our way to museum.

remove your shoes before entering. slippers are provided there.

OK. We are indeed just faking it…. LOL whenever i recall it again.

Now the guy’s turn….

From the museum, we walked back to the MRT station to board on the red line all the way to Dan Shui. Our destination was to Dan Shui old street (淡水老街).

All of sudden the weather changed to cold & windy. Everyone was shivering.

Dan Shui old street (淡水老街)

similar to “TAKO-TAO” that we used to buy from Malaysia

smelly tofu for Day 2 – from Dan Shui

all about dogs and clothes. you can get one for your dog. its very cheap there.

MOS Burger in Taipei.

It was already about 8pm. Hence we still want to carry on with the next destination, as the night is still early. Therefore we decided to go to Shilin Night Market (士林夜市). Take the MRT Red line to get to the Jian Tan station (剑潭). Shilin is just across the road. A huge night market with incredible full crowd.

NOTE: Ashley’s Blog as reference :-)

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