TAIWAN DAY 5 (Jiu Fen 九分, Jin Gua Shi 金瓜石, Gold Ecological Park)

A well planned day….

As usual; had our breakfast provided by the hotel. Packed our 3 days clothes; left our luggage(big items) on the hotel lobby; supervised by the hotel. Because we will be leaving to Jiufen which is away from Taipei for 3 Days. Actually we planed for Sun Moon Lake as well. Somehow we dropped the idea last minute; as the journey to and fro will take alot of time. Ended up stayed in Jiufen for 3 Days. Really a relaxing place I would say.

To get to Jiufen; if you are at Taipei, take train to north to Rueifang station, then in Rueifang, take Keelung transit bus across the station. But we have skipped the bus traveling part. Because the lodging area that we’ve booked, the owner arranged a transport to pick us all up from the train station. So nice of Mr. Hsu. I remembered it was a rainy day. The road to Jiufen all way up were quite narrow & steep. It took us about 1.5 hour to reach the destination.

while waiting for train….

the arrangement of houses in Jiufen

an overview of the cafe owned by Mr. & Mrs. Hsu

a welcome drink…. flower tea

beautiful landscape as background

a temple situated in Jiufen

Left our bags at the cafe; and headed to Jiufen old street to hunt for food. A strongly recommended beef noodles there. Since I can’t take beef; therefore I ordered for a different thing. The rest of them claimed that the beef noodles is really good!

from left: beef noodle; pork noodle

After the satisfying lunch; we took Keelung bus from Jiufen to Jin Gua Shi 金瓜石 and Gold Ecological Park with the entrance fee of  NT100. It sort of a park cum museum; where you can get to know about ‘gold digging’.

at the entrance.

beautiful scenery

of mountain & water

a fine & proper pose take 1

when the gila-ness strike post

The sky gets dark early. By 5pm, its already dark. Felt as though its so late. Back to Jiufen old street to walk & shop. Selling all sorts of food & crafts. Try to avoid to go on weekends & public holidays, as it will be crowded.

view of Jiufen oldstreet

the place where we had our dinner. Each of us ordered the “hot pot” set from the menu. Which comes with a bowl of rice, with the price of NT190.

Alex’s order. Kimchi flavor soup base

My order. The “Malat/spicy” soup base

After our dinner….its already about 8pm. Quickly we rushed to the stall selling Taiwan’s famous dessert “yu yuan”. Because by 9pm; Jiufen’s old street will turn into a dead street; I meant all the shops closed by then. You may order the cold or hot version. I personally prefer the cold one! 阿柑姨芋圓 Ah Gan Yee Taro Balls is one of the popular dessert shop in Jiufen. You can eat the yam ball soup while enjoying a great view of Jiufen here.

After a tiring day of workout; finally we got back to our room. You may browse through this link for the info:-  Windsor B & B

The room is really unique.

We booked 2 rooms to share among 7 of us on the first night.

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