TAIWAN DAY 6 (Jiu Fen 九分)

Second day in Jiufen. Everyone got ready and had a brisk walk to Mr. Hsu cafe house for our breakfast. Its a daily breakfast provided to all guests & made fresh daily.

a set of yummy & healthy sandwich

comes with a cup of drink, choice of milk-tea or coffee

After the breakfast; we went to the Jiufen old street. AGAIN? yea…again. Not kidding; its quite big actually. Yesterday haven done shopping & buying yet ma….  :-p

Look at the photos below on…


Peanut Roll with Ice Cream. A special combination of grounded peanut, malt sugar, ice cream and celery leaves. It tasted quite good!!

assorted flower tea.

Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake. Another extremely popular store in Jiufen, so be prepared to queue up. Its very tangy & yummy!

assorted dried shrimps

grilled snails

wooden postcards

fish ball with pork filling

My favorite braised pork rice along with a plate of vege for our lunch. Braised pork rice is very popular in Taiwan. You can get it in most of the restaurants.

cute handphone hangers

from left: Phoebe, Ashley, Myself, Wanyi

night at Jiufen

There goes a day in Jiufen. Can you imagine, we spent the entire Day 6 only in Jiufen. Really unbelievable!!  Hahaha….

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