Happy Dumpling Festival

I was feeling excited to come back to my parent’s home today to celebrate Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie). Though I do come home every weekend….though one can still buy dumplings throughout the year, but to eat together with family it feels differently. That’s what I like about Chinese festival. Each festival is celebrated with different types of food! Although rice dumplings have became so commercialize and people has turned it to be something so luxury, yet I still preferred the ordinary ‘bak chang’ with small piece of pork,beans, mushroom, salted duck egg and chestnut nicely tied with a string.

I like to eat my rice dumpling with sambal belacan, made by my mom. It’s really nice. How about you? Do you eat your rice dumpling with any sauce or just as it is?

Yah, mummy did not make any but she bought these rice dumplings at RM3.20 per piece. Quite tasty too. So, how many rice dumplings have you eaten today?
Happy Dumpling Festival to everyone !! 😉


Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount), Bangkok

Majority of the Thais are Buddhist. Therefore in Bangkok, you can see there are many temples highlighted as the tourist attraction.

After we returned from Damonen Saduak Floating Market, while we were taking a break at the pier, Yew Kong started to use his iPhone to check the nearest temple. With the help from Yew Kong, doing some hand gesture(ayam & itik conversation) with our McD driver to bring us to the nearest temple (he simply point out 1 temple). With nodding from McD driver, he then drove us here, Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount).

Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan, usually short Wat Saket) is a Buddhist temple (Wat) in Pom Prap Sattru Phai district, Bangkok, Thailand. The temple dates back to Ayutthaya era, when it was called Wat Sakae. King Rama I renovated the temple and renamed it to Wat Saket. During the reign of King Rama III the Chedi Phu Khao Thong (Golden mountain) was added to the temple. It was finished under King Rama V and then named Suwannabanphot.

Wat Saket, The Golden Mount.

A small golden statue downhill to welcome us.

Plenty of steps to go uphill. Do you notice, that many temples are built on hills and requires alot of climbing?

Saw a beautiful cafe while we were half way up. (Actually we came here to pinjam their toilet) hehe….

It was a sunny day. All of us were walking under this burning sun. I was sweating all over. Luckily I got my cartoon handkerchief with me. =p

Prayer Bells

Alex hitting the big ‘gong’.

More steps. Love the bright and blue sky. One thing I like about the Sun is I can get a good result of photo.

I noticed some pots filled with water and water lily plant, placed along the stairs. Its very pretty!

The almost blooming water lily is nice too.

The steps lead us here! Look at the beautiful panoramic view of Bangkok roof top.

View #2.

More steps! Stairway to worship. Had a really good workout here. But it feels good.

I did ‘pai pai’ here. Did not ask for more (afraid I duno how to repay back..need to take flight). So, I wished for more peace and health! That’s more realistic right?

Most of the temples in BKK has the same roof design.

Sighted few monks.

While walking towards the parking area, I noticed something cute. Aren’t these little monks look adorable?

12 zodiacs were displayed here. I chose to pose next to the dog. Oppss…have I disclosed my age?? ^_^

Some informative site:-

Dinner @ Seoul Palace Korean BBQ, The 19 USJ CITY MALL

Redeemed a deal which I purchased earlier through Groupon.

A deal which consist of :-

Korean BBQ Pork / Chicken Set Meal. Includes Kimchi Jjigae + Dolsot Bibimbap + 10 Side Dishes + 1 Rice. Meal for 2 (RM43)

There are total of 4 outlets in Klang Valley. (Bandar Baru Klang, Bukit Tinggi Klang, Kuchai Lama & USJ). I chose the one located at USJ because its just 10 minutes drive from my house.

Nice and inviting entrance.

We were greeted and directed to our seat. I handed over my printed copy coupon. Confirmed our order and within minutes 10 side dishes were served while a waiter preparing our BBQ Pork. (not crowded because its on weekday therefore the service was good?)

I like the ambiance here. Its bright and well-arranged.  The dining area is separated into 2. The tatami style and the normal one. I like the tatami area. Feel as though I’m having a meal in Korea.

The best part about Korean food is the side dishes (Banchan). Here are the 10 refillable side dishes.

The staff working on our pork. Doing the grilling and cutting on the stove right next to our table. Yes, we chose pork over chicken.

Samgyeop-sal (Sliced pork Belly). The perfectly done BBQ Pork Belly that you hardly feel the fats. They are cut into pieces so that its easier for people to consume.

With the green lettuce, miso sauce and bbq pork belly…we wrapped them with rice.

A bowl of piping hot Kimchi-Jjigae (Kimchi stew pork & tofu) was served pretty quick! The hot and flavorful soup is tasty and quite salty. Tasty and salty, went home feeling thirsty too!

Dolsot-Bibimbap, our final dish. Bibimbap is rice in hot pot topped with sauteed vegetables and chili paste. An egg will be cracked on the rice. Then mix and stir everything before eating. (photo above shows before and after mixing)

Overall, Samgyeop-sal (BBQ Sliced pork Belly) is the one I like most. The rest are just normal. Next I’m interested to try their Samgae-Tang (Ginseng chicken soup) because I love Korean Ginseng soup!

Seoul Palace (19 USJ City Mall)
1st Floor, Lot F31, The 19 USJ City Mall, Jalan Kewajipan, USJ 19, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Phone: 03-8025 9805 (Call 11am – 10.30pm daily)

Dinner @ Restoran Uptown Japanese, Seremban 2

Taking a short break from my Bangkok post.

(Note : Dine here on beginning of May 2012).

Talking about Japanese food or Japanese Restaurants, there aren’t much choice in Seremban. Unlike in Klang Valley. Where you can spot one easily. (macam-macam nama pun ada) Recently, there’s a new restaurant serving Japanese food in Seremban 2. Near to my parent’s house again lor….hehe..

Dining in a new restaurant is like taking a risk on either you’ll be getting some good food or something that you wouldn’t bother to return again.

A simple and bring interior.

Flipping through the menu, just made me feel like its so similar to another Jap Restaurant which I’ve visited. The photo illustration is similar! *sigh* should have taken a photo to show you guys.

Chicken Teriyaki Zen – RM28

(grilled chicken coated with a sweet soy teriyaki sauce)

Chicken meat not very tasty. Only can taste the outer coating of teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Katsujyu Zen – RM28

(Japanese style fried chicken)

The average Chicken Katsujyu.

Salmon Sashimi Zen – RM30

The thinly sliced salmon.

Yakiniku Zen – RM36

(Japanese grilled beef)

Closer view of the beef stripes. This one is acceptable.

Verdict : Wasn’t much choice of dessert. Wanted to order green tea ice cream. Sadly it was not available! Green tea is served free. For the similar price but with better food quality and taste, I would prefer to go to Hokkaido IchibaRakuzen or pay slightly higher for Tenjin Japanese Cuisine.

Restoran Uptown Japanese
Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban.

(will update the full address soon)

Coconut Sugar Farm & Damonen Saduak Floating Market

Continuing from my previous post of Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok, we head over to Damonen Saduak Floating Market. There are few floating markets in Bangkok. But I think Damonen Saduak Floating Market is the popular one. Moreover this place is often published in Travel magazine. From Railway Market, McD driver send us to the jetty which took about 10-15 minutes drive.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is located at Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, about 105 kms (65 miles) from Bangkok. According to history around 1866 King Rama IV ordered that a 32 kms long canal be dug at Damnoen Saduak. This canal would connect the Mae Klong River with the Tachine River.

At the pier, we waited for our chartered long tail boat with engine to ferry us to the floating market. While waiting..we were served with Thai Coconut drink. (Wahh…good hospitality wor)-all inclusive in that 3000 baht we paid earlier.

a group photo with my gfs.

a simple briefing by angmo uncle on our location the places we’ll be visiting next.

Passing by some narrow parts of river/canal with wooden houses side by side plus the discharge just make me feel disgusted with the smell (smelly) and dirty. I tried to avoid whenever there are splashes from the water.

Luckily our ‘motor boat’ has ‘bumbung’. Else I’ll become roasted Mel later. Moreover the seats are with cushion!

We have personal driver too. And he’s good at doing cornering too! ‘phiu yi’

Pit Stop at Coconut Sugar Farm – to see how the locals make coconut sugar.

The place for making coconut sugar. Where it involves boiling and heating.

sample some coconut sugar for free?hmm…ok la..but I feel that our ‘gula Melaka’ taste nicer 😉

For more info, you may refer HERE

We have reached Damonen Saduak Floating Market

Various goods are sold here, along the canal. Food, spices, fruits, cooked food, souvenirs and imitation bags. It requires some bargaining. But since this is a tourist place..I don’t really feel the price is cheap.

The result of getting there during weekend. *Traffic Jam*!

Wanyi bought a pack of ‘Jambu Air’ which is very sweet.

Our time spent on Damonen Saduak Floating Market was quite short. We did not purchase anything pun. Hahahaha…..

Do I Damonen Saduak Floating Market?? I would say its a good experience to see the culture of a rural place. But don’t think I will re-visit. Or there are other better floating market? You suggest.

How To Get There : 

GPS Location :  N 13.517462   E 99.952862
Travel from Bangkok via Thonburi-Paktoh Highway to Samut Songkhram Town. Follow the sign to Damnoen Saduak (Highway No.325).

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Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok

Initially we planned to take risk on engaging a 1 day ground tour when we arrives Bangkok (we did not pre-book any in advanced). And to our surprise, located at Bangkok City Hotel, right near to the hotel lift lobby, there’s a local tour agency by the name of ‘Chen Family Tour’. We planned to go Damonen Saduak Floating Market. And we knew about the traveling distance from our hotel to the floating market is not near. It takes an hour journey on road. Thus, with all the hassle free, we decided to inquire about the fare. We were offered with the price of 3000 baht – Travel by Van to Damonen Saduak Floating Market with additional stop at Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok (petrol and toll fee are all included). Everyone of us agreed with the charges and go ahead with the plan. Since there were 6 of us, so approximately about RM50/person.

We depart as early as 7.30am from Hotel. I would say its not really a tour, more like we chartered a Van to send us to the designated place. Reason was that, there were no tour guide and our driver doesn’t speak English. I doubt he understands English too.

Though our driver is such a nice guy…and I would name him the McD driver. Because he smiles all the time. Just like Ronald. *smile*

We were told to be early because the journey will take an hour (located at south west of Bangkok). Just at the right time to watch the train passes through the market. Have you heard about Maeklong Railway Market?? I’ve not! Therefore I’m curious about it. Maeklong Railway Market or known as Train Market its like a ‘pasar tani’ where all the vendors selling assorted goods (local fruits, seafood and vegetables) along the railway track (side to side). You may walk along the track. Its fun to witness them when the train approaches, all the vendors will be busy pulling back their canopy. Some may still be leaving their fruits on the side of the track. Makes me wonder…aren’t they tired of doing that 8 times per day? Anyhow, out of curiosity it attracts tourist to go there! The train leaves four times and it arrives four times. The track is not part of the national network. It only runs between Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkram.

We arrived at the town of Samut Songkhram.

Everyone seems to get excited and got ready with their camera when the train arrives.

Train has arrived at the station. Departed in another 1/2 hour, if I wasn’t wrong.

So tired! Where’s my train leh?? Where’s McD uncle?? He left us here and disappeared??

Vendors doing their daily business.

My travel mates decided to buy some durian from this aunty.

Unfortunately the Durian doesn’t taste good. The texture is like those semi ripe durian. I think our Malaysia’s durian taste better. Ahh…finally there’s is something I can feel proud! 😀

Squeezing to the side. This guy is getting ready on his phone’s camera? Looks like the train is coming soon.

*dong dong dong* train is alarming everyone. Some are getting ready for some exercising…some are still doing their shopping!

All cleared!

Look! Its so near! Train and stalls.

Train passing by the stalls where the durian was below it. hahaha…

Its an amazing place to visit! Next, we moved on to Damonen Saduak Floating Market.

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