Breakfast @Restoran Melido 美丽都茶餐室, Seremban

I must admit that these days I hardly drive down town to explore food in Seremban. When working in Seremban, I usually bring my own lunch from home. Therefore I also don’t need to go out for lunch. On weekends…I often eat somewhere nearby or eat at home when mummy cooks. Why ar? Sometimes I also lazy to go out lar….Seremban is quite heavy traffic on weekends. But of course still can’t compare to KL. LOL! Its very different when you drive to Seremban town during the day and night. The town is like kinda deserted after 9pm.

All thanks to Ivy, of My Story for refreshing my memory about this place. I was reading her blog last week and noticed she wrote about what she had here at Restoran Melido 美丽都茶餐室, Seremban. I recalled this place! But forgotten what I had here before. LOL! *paiseh*

I got tempted to try the yong tau foo that she mentioned RM0.50/piece. Therefore I decided to come here for breakfast, last Saturday.

photo by

An old shop located near Pasar Besar Seremban. And if you are Serembanians…I’m sure you know where is the ‘old yellow bus stop’. This is where its located.

Very classic! Proud to see the younger generations (their children) helping their parent’s business.

Yong Tau Foo for RM0.50/piece. Really worth eating! Working non-stop on stuffing and frying them. Too bad the stuffed bittergourd was not available that day.

The fish cake was firm but not hard and nice. No strong fishy taste too. I also like the meatballs (mixture of pork+fish paste). Bouncy and tasty!

Mom had Mee Kicap with 3 pcs. of Yong Tau Foo for RM3.50.

Although the yong tau foo are priced RM0.50/piece…but the fish paste stuffing wasn’t stingy. Look at the stuffed beancurd.

I tried the Hakka Mee – RM3.80 from one of the stall there. It was alright. But agreed with what Ivy said, Tow Kee Hakka Mee is still my favorite pick.

I also ‘dapao’ a pack of Char Siew Rice (BBQ Pork Rice) – RM4.50 for my brother…

and also a pack of Siew Yuk Rice (Roast Pork Rice) – RM4.50 for my late lunch. Hehe….. The chili sauce wasn’t that good. But the rice was fragrantful and the meat were tasty and juicy!

Verdict : Food were served pretty quick. Although it may not be an air conditioned room…but who long as the food is good and affordable. Bring additional pack of tissue lo… :-p

Restoran Melido
1, Jalan Utam Singh,
70000 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan 

19 thoughts on “Breakfast @Restoran Melido 美丽都茶餐室, Seremban”

  1. ooo, i went back to malacca last weekend for a family thing, and i drove past seremban on my way back and forth, but i didn’t make the detour. maybe i should have come here to tar pau some of the tasty siew yuk rice! 😀

    1. Constance Ant – I too find it really cheap. They better not increase the price…haha…
      In fact some places in Seremban is selling YTF for RM1/piece le! Slightly bigger nia. RM1/piece how to eat oh! Expensive le…

    1. Baby Sumo…. Mayb you can drop by this place after buying the roast duck. I rmbr you said there’s a shop serving nice roast duck. This is is just at the other end only.

  2. 50cents for a piece?? so cheap… doubt we can ever get this here in KL and even so, our fish paste also not this… will bookmark this place down.. food looks good and so decent in price…

    1. Food Dreams- I hate those stuffed tofu…one bite, the whole piece of meat fall out. This one still detached.
      In Seremban many places already selling at RM0.80 – RM1/ piece edi. Really hope they still able to maintain at this price.

  3. gosh, you made me craving for the YTF oredi laarrr. need to wait til my next month oncall only can go after that. miss it so miuchie. the siu yoke oso not bad too. tapao-ed home 🙂

    1. Ai Wei – hehe….we made each other crave for it!
      Ohh…when you are on call oni you drop by Seremban ar? Nvm la…next month very fast de la….
      Yalor..the siu yoke oso not those fatty fatty type..

      1. i actually pass by seremban everyday
        but will only drop by for food when oncall, or if i particularly wanna tapao something home. haha

  4. We drove pass this place but the crowd was a put off when I was starving:P Will trya gain when I am not so hungry!

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