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Halloween Ghost House Dinner @Avillion Admiral Cove

Every year, on 31st October marks the actual day of Halloween. What is your plan today?

Over the centuries Halloween transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day of parties, costumes, jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating for kids and adults.

Halloween is celebrated in various and creative ways depending on each country’s cultural influences. The common yet popular among the children would be trick or treat and also dressing Halloween costumes.


This year, I am glad to be able to join a Halloween Theme Dinner.

In conjunction to this spooky celebration, Avillion Admiral Cove has organized a Ghost House Dinner which held at their Bourgainvillae Cafe.

Halloween Dinner2

Okay, I tried to put up the best in me… LOL!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Demon, Grim Reapor, Vampire and not forgetting a Hantu Pocong! 😀

Jet was initially feeling excited to go to the party, then repeatedly hide behind me upon seeing the team. He claimed they look scary. LOL!


Do they look scary?


Some of the guests took effort to wear costumes too.


Jet & Grandma


That evening, we began with spooky jungle walk.



Halloween Dinner

Gosh….the Jungle Walk was indeed creepy. Trails was slightly muddy, with scary features and eerie background music. Grrrr….


Pheww…luckily the ghostly path wasn’t that long. After the Jungle Walk, the guests were lead to the dining hall filled with ghostly props.


Halloween Dinner1



Much effort they put for the overall setup.



Halloween Dinner3

Halloween Dinner4

It was a buffet dinner. Guests were served with varies food from starters to main course then desserts.


Entertained by Live band performance during the dinner session.


The Halloween Ghost Team


The show did not end there. We even got a chance to watch a spectacular fire show by The Vampire Team! Everyone enjoyed applaud the show.

Watch the full video here.


All in all, it was a nice Halloween night. Wishing everyone Happy Halloween 2018!


5½ Mile, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson,
71050 Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Tel: +606 647 0888
Fax: +606 648 2444


Nostalgia Ramadan @Klana Resort Seremban

Indulge with all you can eat buffet during this coming Ramadan at Klana Resort Seremban with an affordable price of RM75 nett. While children and senior citizen priced at RM38 nett.

During the holy month in the Islamic calender known as Ramadan, Klana Resort Seremban invites you with your family and friends to partake in the celebrations.


Due to the overwhelming response they received last year, this year we will berbuka puasa in style and grandeur which will be held at the Grand Klana Ballroom with a ‘Nostalgia’ theme setting and some performances on stage.

Besides that, Klana Resort is bringing you with masakan kampung. Hence the highlight would be Masakan Tradisi Negeri Sembilan. As you know, masakan Negeri Sembilan is well influenced by the tradition of Minangkabau. Among the masakan Negeri Sembilan, masak lemak cili padi is one of my favorite dish.

So, during this Ramadan, you will be expecting some delicious local delicacies serve at Klana Resort Seremban.

There would be stalls or gerai makan comprising of appetisers, soups, main dishes, drinks and desserts specially prepared by Executive Chef, Abdul Razak and his team.

There are total of over 100 dishes throughout the Ramadan period. Chef also ensured that different dishes are served on every weekend.

The serving for this year’s Ramadan include Satay Kajang, Murtabak & Roti Canai, Roti John, Roasted Lamb with black pepper & mint yogurt sauce, Nasi Ayam, Char Kuey Teow, Pulut Panggang, Otak-Otak & Sata and assorted stir fry dishes.

Besides that, there are also kuih muih, assorted cut fruits, ABC & Cendol, Lempeng & Kirai, Bubur Koner – lambuk & manis, Air Balang.



Lemang Buluh

Beef Rendang

Telur Itik Masak Lemak

Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Satay Kajang with condiments and Grilled Prawns

Cheese Tart & Cakes

Varieties of kuih muih and cakes

Last but not least, Klana Resort is giving out free bubur lambuk on 19 May 2017 (Friday). The distribution will begin at 4pm.

So, lets gather family and friends to be part of this sensational buka puasa buffet from 27 May – 24 June 2017

Nostalgia Ramadan Buffet RM75 nett (adult), RM 38 nett (senior citizen & children)

Early bird vouchers are also available for purchase at RM60 nett (adult), RM 30 nett (senior citizen & children) ~ while stocks last.



Please do your early reservation.

For more information; kindly contact:-

Tel : 06-7667888 (ext. 3222/3181)

Address: PT 4388, Jalan Penghulu Cantik, Taman Tasik Seremban, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.


Haruta @d’Tempat Country Club, Seremban

Haruta is one of the F&B outlet located at d’Tempat Country Club, Seremban. Haruta been labeled as Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant. Hence its still very new in town. Started since beginning of year 2015.

In conjunction to Malaysia’s Merdeka day, Haruta had a promotion of buffet lunch at price of RM58++ per person. It was held on 3 consecutive days 29th, 30th & 31st August 2015, during lunch hour from 12-2pm.

I decided to give it a try afterall its just a short driving distance from my home. Together with my family we head to Haruta to give it a try. Moreover it was Haruta’s first time to held a buffet.

At the entrance of Haruta

As you walk into the restaurant, you will be able to see these deco.

The restaurant look modern & classy. It does gives you the ‘Atas‘ feel.

We were quite punctual therefore you could see the restaurant look so vacant. But in real fact, it was fully booked.

The sashimi is a ‘MUST TRY’ item. It was very fresh. Look at the nice & thick cut of each slices.

(above are salmon & tuna)

Not sure if you fancy these…but its something everyone mustn’t miss. How can you not try sashimi when you are at a Japanese restaurant? 😀 😀

Stir Fry Vegetables, Fresh Salads, Stir fry Udon, Fried Rice are served here too.

Both black pepper udon & potato salad were quite nice.

Assorted Tempura

Grilled Scallops & Cold Tofu.

a close up of the grilled scallop. Not much was served and it was quite ‘laku’.

Choices of Nigiri / Sushi served.

The varieties of nigiri/sushi served was quite limited. Anyway….they did well on their nigiri/sushi.

A small section on sweet stuffs. They were Japanese Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Pudding. Sorry….don’t quite fancy the pumpkin pudding. Tasted rather bland.

Nevertheless, the green tea ice cream was a great hit. Was quite limited too. Creamy & nice green tea taste.

Chawanmushi wasn’t quite nice either.

The mussels & tamago was not bad.

Jet Jet was busy self feeding too.

Before I conclude…I would like to say that d’Tempat Country Club is a nice clubhouse located at Sendayan, Seremban. It is next to the Matrix International School. Equipped with facilities like, swimming pool, tennis court, ping pong court, games room. Only club members are allowed to use these facilities.

Back to the restaurant…..

My verdict: The restaurant has a nice environment. Modern & classy. The food quality was not too bad… food were fresh especially the seafood. However the food variation/choices were quite limited. I was expecting some fresh oysters, unagi, soba & mochi. Furthermore it took time for them to replenish the food. Understand that this was their first time doing buffet…therefore there are room for improvement.

Haruta ,d’Tempat Country Club

PT 12653, Jalan Pusat Dagangan Sendayan 1, 71950 Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, 71950 Seremban


*pork free*


Dine for 12-hours at Atrium Café, Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Atrium Café of Pyramid Tower Hotel introduces the first 12-hour Marathon Buffet. What are you expecting here? Multiple entry to Atrium Café from 11am to 11pm for a 12-Hour feast of the finest Pan-Asian cuisine. In another word, they named it as Marathon Buffet. Sounds interesting and feeling the excitement with ‘multiple entry’ throughout the day!  Imagine I can do my shopping at Sunway Pyramid, feeling hungry? Then returned to the dining hall to fill my stomach. So convenient right? (Sunway Pyramid linking to Atrium Cafe at 4th Floor)

Successfully grabbed this deal with the recommendation by Baby Sumo….for just paying RM55

Sparing and arranging my time will all the good deals coming around, finally I’m redeeming my coupon just before it expires. Traveled from Seremban, I reaches at 12pm. Regarding about the ‘multiple entry’, how do they identify their guests? Alex & I were, each were given a handwrist tag. (just like what you got went you visit theme parks. e.g: Sunway Lagoon). Therefore my all day long meals are settled here. My lunch, my tea break, my dinner. And if time permissible, I can continue with supper too! ^^

Atrium Cafe is located on the Lobby Level of the 4-star Pyramid Tower Hotel, adjacent to the 5-star Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

The long buffet spread!

Expecting some Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine? Well…you can get it all here.

The freshly bake bread.

Condiments to prepare your own version of sandwich.

I made myself a yummy croissant filled with egg-mayo, tuna & slices of tomato. The croissant was good. Fluffy and has nice taste of butter.

Assorted dressing for Salad


Individual stalls are set up, serving local cuisines.

Stall #1 – Serving Penang Fried Kuey Teow

Stall #2 – Serving Curry Noodles with condiments

Stall #3 – Assorted cut fruits

Stall #4 – Serving Congee/ Porridge with condiments

Stall #5 – Serving Hainanese Chicken Rice. Flavorful rice together with tender chicken meat. Unfortunately the chili sauce wasn’t good.

Stall #6 – Serving Roti Jala with Curry Chicken. Also Ayam Goreng Berempah. YUM! Love the fried chicken and curry chicken.

At The Noodle Section, one should not miss this Prawn Wanton Mee! The springy noodle goes well with the flavorful soup. Additional credit to the plump & crunchy prawn wanton.

A bed of fresh seafood (mussels, crabs, prawns).

The best Malay cuisine. SATAY! Together with peanut sauce, cucumber, onions and nasi impit. Satay was surprisingly good and its not overdone!

My “not so good” Fettuccine  Marinara, from the Pasta Section =(

Assorted Nyonya kuih.

Dessert Time! Dessert section for people who has sweet tooth….

Cakes & Puddings

Cakes & Tarts. (love the dark chocolate cup) *slurp

Ice Cream Section with condiments.

Assorted condiments for the local favorite. Ice Kacang or known as ABC.

The overall dining experience was average. I was expecting them to serve different types of food between lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, what I see mostly are repeated food. There were about 70% similarity. Abit disappointed lo..imagine eating the same thing throughout the day.

Pyramid Tower Hotel at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +603 7492 8000

Buffet Dinner @ Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel

“Dear reader, so sorry that this blog went hibernate for a week. Because the author was busy chasing dateline.”

I visited Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel two weeks ago.

Last 2 months, I managed to grab this good deal from Everyday. It attracts 5000 buyers with the value price of RM46/ person. Applicable for dinner from Friday – Sunday.

Thought it would be a great opportunity to use it during ma birthday.

Though the dinner begins at 6.30pm, I was rather surprised seeing a large number of diners queuing at the entrance of Eyuzu (located at first floor). What’s more surprising was that everyone was holding a printed copy of their coupon! Wonder do Eyuzu still serve quality food though knowing the fact that everyone came with coupons.

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine

Taking after the name of Japan’s rare and expensive fruit of mysterious provenance – /yuzu – /Eyuzu at the Eastin Hotel represents authenticity and exquisiteness. Recently awarded “*Best Asian Cuisines Restaurant*” and “*Best Asian Cuisine Chef*” by the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2005/2006, you will find haute cuisine such as sizzling teppanyaki, sukiyaki, crispy tender tempura and sumptuous sashimi.

My favorite corner. Of sushi & sashimi. They served varieties of fresh handmade sushi & fresh sashimi which I couldn’t resist. Oh ya, they replenish the sashimi pretty quick. So, don’t need to pile up your food till others can’t get their share lor..hehhe…

WOW…check out the fresh sashimi!! Each slice are equally thick. I was told that they served Grade A sashimi. SLURRRPPP….wanting more!

Enjoyed each and every piece of it.

Wide range of Sushi

Wide range of sushi

The prawns were very fresh too

Cold Crabs

Japanese Potato Salad

Cold Tofu

All were place in a small bowl. Look so pleasant and handy!

The crunchy Edamame

Crispy Seaweed, Salmon Skin, Prawn & Crabstick

Unagi was good. Unfortunately the chicken cutlet were quite lousy. Very bland….

Chicken Skewer – not nice. meat too dry.

Teppanyaki Section. Pick your choice of meat and get them to cook for you.

Baked Oyster

Chawan Mushi was awesome. Silky smooth egg with condiments beneath.

Shark Fin Soup – couldn’t find any shark fin though.

Customize your own udon or soba with some condiments. Delicious!

Yeahh…dessert time!

Types of cakes. But they were just average.

Japanese Pancakes were made fresh on the spot. I added honey and chocolate sauce on it. They were small, not too thick and very fluffy. NICE!

Mochi with fillings. (peanut, black sesame, red bean). They are my favorite.

How about some Hot Mochi? They are glutinous ball with fillings boiled in warm water then coated with peanuts. So, its served warm. Unfortunately I think its overcooked. So, it was kinda mushy.

Strawberry & Green Tea Ice Cream

The very laku slices of Melon. The natural sweetness and fragrant which tells me to return for more.

Though there were some not so nice dishes, but with that superb Sashimi I had…I will be happy enough!

EYUZU Japanese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel13 Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+603 – 7665 1111

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 12.00pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm


Buffet @ The Mill, Grand Millennium KL

With an irresistible deal offered by Everyday (a website that constantly offers great deals) for only RM39.90 we were able to enjoy an international buffet in a 5 Star Hotel. What a steal!! All thanks to Christine whom enlightened us about this deal!! Initially we wanted to use this as a reason to have a small gathering among the MB members. However within 2 days… with an overwhelming response…its SOLD OUT! They managed to sell about a thousand over coupons. Such a good deal, who doesn’t want wor…Me myself managed to grab few for my family.

It end up just myself, Ashley and Christine went for the buffet. A reservation was made few days before we were there. (advisable to do so to avoid disappointment). The Mill, Grand Millennium KL is strategically located next to Pavilion Shopping Centre and directly opposite Fahrenheit 88. The Mill served International Fusion cuisines with a comfy ambiance. I was quite impressed with the varieties of food they served.

Smoked Delicacies

Parmesan Cheese Wheel – To create an extra flavor to your salad.

Assorted Cheese

Christine claimed that the buns are very nice.

Mini buns with chicken floss & slices of cucumber

The Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese Cuisine : The freshly made sushi

The Japanese Cuisine :  The absolutely fresh sashimi. Salmon is my favorite!!

The Chinese Cuisine : Siew Mai & Mini Pao (The siew mai are very meaty & yummy)

Fried Rice & Fried Koay Teow (don’t look nice…but was surprised with the taste. Because taste yummy)

The Chinese Cuisine : Assorted condiments for porridge

Tauhu Sumbat

The yummylicous satay which I returned for more. By the way, the chicken satay taste better than the beef satay.

Pizzas with thin crust.

The Indian Cuisine: Nasi Briyani and Curry Massala

The Indian Cuisine:  Naan & Curry

Specially made Cheese Naan with Lamb Curry which were truly awesome.

Fresh Seafood : Mussels, Prawns, Scallops

Fresh Prawns, Oysters, Crabs. We noticed that they replenished the seafood continuously which is good.

Assorted Mini Cakes & Nyonya Kuihs

Chocolate Cakes

Pies & Cakes

Puddings & Jellies

Chocolate Fondue & Marshmallows are perfect match!

There were some other food which I may have missed out here. All 3 of us  happily filled our tummies with these yummy and quality food. Definitely we would revisit. Apparently this place was the best buffet I had so far.

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur 
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
MalaysiaT: +60 3 2117 4888
F: +60 3 2142 1441


BBQ Dinner @ Trader’s Food Shop, Avillion Admiral Cove

As promised earlier; I will blog about my dinner treat at Avillion Admiral Cove.  That night,we decided to try its BBQ Buffet. Its a nice location. Because you may enjoy the nice view of marina while enjoying your meal. But during buffet, how often lar you will go enjoy the scenary…*LOL!* Moreover you hardly choose to sit outdoor…not scared digigit nyamuk meh..

The weekends buffet dinner begins at 6pm. Price is at RM60++

I preferred to be seated indoor (with air condition). Which is more comfortable.

The Salad Line

Pickles and Salad Dressing. Waa…I spotted cincalok. Do you like it?

Salted Fish / Ikan Masin

Wanted to warm up my stomach, I took a bowl of soup noodles served with bean sprout, fish cakes, slices of chicken and some spring onions. Too bad the soup was not warm enough for me. & tasted abit bland too.

Alex eagerly went to get some satay. Which has the longest queue. Worth the queue. Because it really taste good. Juicy and tender chicken meat. Not much fats either. We went second round for this satay.

Grill Sambal Sting Ray

BBQ Chicken Wings & Sausages

The wings have good aroma. Just that it would taste better if they could adjust the salt level. The flesh tasted abit bland.

The Grilled Lamb was good. Tender and tasty. I like it to be covered up with black pepper sauce. You may also choose mushroom sauce.

Sweet & Spicy Grilled Crab

Grilled Prawns – Prawns are fresh!

Porridge with Condiments. I like the combi! The porridge is smooth.

Tom Yam Seafood – Was not pleased with the soup.

Gosh…I wasn’t aware! Its almost half gone. Luckily Chef Ignatius, the Executive Chef was kind enough. He replenished this bowl of fresh mussel just for me to capture another nice shot! A friendly chef indeed. He is very cautious. He seems to check the food on the buffet line every now and then.

replenishing in progress……

Fresh Mussels (After its replenished)

Chef thought me how to differentiate between both colors of mussels. The white and orange ones. Apparently, the ‘white’ is male. While the ‘orange’ is female.

Tosai with Dhal Curry & Sambal

In buffets; the most anticipated part for me would be cakes and desserts. Unfortunately over here the choices are limited.

Traders’ Food Shop
Avillion Admiral Cove
Batu 5 1/2, Jalan Pantai,
71050 Si Rusa, Port Dickson.
Tel: 06-647 0888

Hi Tea @ SELERA Coffee House, Klana Resort Seremban

In Seremban, there isn’t much choice or places to enjoy a decent hi-tea buffet. Normally we would either go to Klana Resort Seremban or Royale Bintang Seremban. Marcus’s birthday falls on 6th June, therefore we decided to celebrate his birthday a day earlier. In order to avoid any disappointment, we made our reservation with SELERA Coffee House.  We arrived there at about 12.30pm.


SELERA Coffee House with a capacity of 270 seats


Salad counter

Rojak Mamak


Spring Rolls

Waffles with jams

Mini Pao

Porridge Counter

Mee Hoon Soup counter

The mee hoon & porridge was quite good

Colorful Jellies

Assorted mini cakes

Too bad there weren’t any cheese cakes served that day. Otherwise their cheesecakes are quite nice!

Assorted Malay kuihs

Black Glutinous tong sui…..very creamy & tasty

Not forgetting the ice cream and self made ais kacang which I did not include here.

baskets of cut fruits

they served nice teh tarik too….

Vernice enjoyed her meal…she had rice, pao, mee hoon and cakes

A formal pose versus a crazy pose…(as requested by me!)

Chocolate Truffle Cake (Cake of the Month). We purchased from “The Bakers” of Klana Resort with a special price of RM40++/kg. Value for money!

Happy Birthday to Marcus! ^^

Price : RM30++

Food : 6/10 (I wouldn’t say its too good. But can be consider as above average)

Ambiance : 7/10

PT 4388, Jalan Penghulu Cantik,
Taman Tasik Seremban,
70100 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan,

+606 – 766 7888

Location Map

Buffet Dinner @ Awana Porto Malai Langkawi

After spending some time at Pantai Cenang in the evening, we then headed to Awana Porto Malai Langkawi for sight seeing. This hotel certainly not strict to strangers getting into their premises. Unlike “The Datai Langkawi”, where we got questioned by the security guard before we could enter the resort. I wouldn’t blame them for the tight security. I suppose, its a luxury resort.

As I know, Awana Porto Malai Langkawi has many Yachts parked around its sea. That would make it a nice sea scenery to me.  Ooppss….I wouldn’t say sea, it should be Lagoon. Anyway, a couple of nice shots would be prefect for me. A quiet and cosy resort too. Apart from enjoying the nice view, we decided to have our dinner there at Boardwalk Cafe.

Too bad..ain’t any sunset shots here.. Perhaps, I need should a night here and wake up much earlier to view the sun rise.

The night view. The tall white tower is the light house.

photo stolen from Hung

The Starters. Of salads and dressing.

An array of food trays.

Fried Yellow Mee

Long Beans

Fried Chili Fish Fillet – best dish!

***My deepest apology to you..for forgetting all the names for the dishes above***

DESSERT TIME! Unfortunately, there were not much choices. *sigh*

Chocolate Brownie with Walnut.

Chocolate Cake

Food : 2.5/5 (The food selections and taste did not satisfied me. Food are pretty normal too)

Service : 3/5

Ambiance : 3.5/5

Awana Porto Malai Langkawi
Tanjung Malai,
07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Telephone: (604) 955 5111
Facsimile: (604) 955 5222

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Shabu Shabu, Seremban

It was Christmas eve. No turkeys, no western food. Instead we went for Shabu Shabu which newly opened in Seremban. It would be something new for Seremban’s residents. The 1st shabu shabu I had was at Puchong.

What is Shabu Shabu? Refer here:- Shabu Shabu


Since its Christmas Eve; we may as well play save. Made reservation in advanced. Mom gave hints to dine there when she first saw the advert printed on the advertising magazine.


What I like most above it; is that it has individual soup pot. Moreover the stove for each soup pot has an adjustable flame controller. They have a few types of soup. Herbal Soup, Malat Soup, Tom Yum, Tomato Soup, ABC Soup, Chicken Stock Soup. The Chicken soup will be free of charge. However the rest will have an additional surcharge of RM2. All the soup are refillable.


The ambiance


Herbal Eggs


Assorted Noodles & Vegetables





Fresh Mussels & Scallops


Ice Cream. (the normal ones)


Assorted dipping sauce


My pot of tom yam soup. We chose herbal soup, chicken soup, malat soup and tom yum. Eventually all the soup that we’ve picked are nice.


Cook everything in the pot


The fried chicken is very nice!


Price : RM24.60/ person (Free of charge for the birthday boy/girl). I felt that the price is rather abit high for Seremban standard.


Ambiance : Looks cosy & nice. But the ventilation is kinda poor. I went home with smelly hair =_=



Shabu Shabu Buffet

No. 11-1, Matrix Court,

Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasagam,

70200 Seremban. (opposite SRJK(C) Chan Wa)

Tel: 06-761 5359

Sunday-Thursday 5pm-12.30am

Friday, Saturday & Holiday 5pm-1.30am

OFF on Tuesdays