Mummy’s Birthday @XINJIANG COURT

Mom is celebrating her 51st birthday this year. We held the celebration a few days earlier from the actual date. It was on Sunday, where everyone will be at home.


Mom decided to try Klana Resort’s All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum Buffet Lunch.(Mummy loves dim sum very much!)

*It was highly recommended by Baby Sumo.*

THANKS to her I would say.

They serves HALAL Dim Sum. So there wouldn’t be any porkie yea…

The price is RM30++/ person. (12-2.30pm). With the price you are paying; I felt that its very worthy. You can dine in a hotel, the dim sum are served upon your order (even though its buffet)- so its still warm.


pick your choice of dim sum from the list


A complimentary bowl of shark fin’s soup

Not much of shark fin & tasted abit fishy.


Porridge with Peanuts – very smooth & tasty




puffs & tarts




fruit konnyaku jelly


assorted mini cakes


Jelly & Pudding




Prawn Triangle with Salad Cream – Crispy Skin with big fresh prawns. (yummy)


Deep Fried Mango Seaweed Roll – Its yummy. But I hardly taste any Mango.


Steamed Scallop Dumpling – Huge scallop underneath


Steamed Prawn Dumpling – The prawns are big & fresh



Steamed Prawn Rolled with Rice Flour (Chee Cheong Fun) – The skin is very smooth & thin


Steamed Chicken Rolled with Rice Flour (Chee Cheong Fun)


Steamed Chicken Dumpling with Crab Roe


Steamed Chicken Feet with ‘Gui Lin’ Style – This one so so only


Stir Fried Raddish Cake – I like this very much. The raddish cake aren’t too hard. Not too oily & its tasty.


Sang Har Min(Yee Mee in Cantonese Style) – Cooked with huge fresh prawns. The noodles are well cooked and tasty.


Steamed Hong Kong sweet corn custard bun – the custard content too little & abit dry


Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun – skin too thick, content too little


Sis suggested to buy a cake from “The Bakers” (just 1 floor below). Too bad..there aren’t any whole cake that time (12.30pm). However they are so nice to tell my sis to please wait for 1+ hour, they will bake the cake immediately. Since we are dining just upstairs; no harm for us to wait for an hour plus. At about 1.30pm the waiter brought the cake & candles to our table. Mom got surprised!! I guess she’s feeling happy as well  ^^

All of us likes the cake very much(Black & White Chocolate Mousse). Its freshly bake you know…  hahahah…





FOOD : 3.5/5

PRICE : 4/5


Xinjiang Court
Klana Resort Seremban, PT4388, Jalan Penghulu Cantik, Taman Tasik Seremban, 70100 Seremban.
Tel: 06 – 766 7888

Yuri Japanese Restaurant, Seremban

Yuri Japanese Restaurant has been well established for more than 10 years. Brought my family to Yuri Japanese Restaurant in Klana Resort Seremban on Sunday for their lunch buffet. With an affordable price of RM48++ (price has revised. its now RM50++ for adult & RM34++ for kids) we gotto enjoy the good Japanese food in Seremban. The restaurant, despite its relatively small but cosy interior, allowed seats of 85 pax and has three traditional tatami rooms for those who prefer privacy.

It comprised 80 varieties of Japanese salad along with fresh sashimi, tempura, unagi,  chicken and beef sukiyaki , variety of tepanyaki, prawn, scallop, fresh oysters, grilled crab, California roll, sushis and chawanmushi. The buffet is only available on Sundays from 11.30am-2.30pm. Kindly make your reservation. Luckily I made my reservation a day before it, as it was full!

the teppanyaki corner.

yes! These are from teppanyaki corner. unagi & salmon.

For Unagi lovers; you can eat as much as you can.

you can have fried rice too…

tempura corner.

the prawn tempura is good! prawns are fresh though…

cold noodles

cold soba noodles

cooked mussels.

very fresh & yummy!

grilled prawns


fresh cooked squids in mayonnaise with sprinkles of roes

Miso soup

udon soup

sukiyaki chicken/ beef

dessert corner.

with assorted cakes, puddings, fruits & ice cream. too bad; there aren’t any green tea ice cream 😦

an array of food

the striking color of kiwi

the colorful sushi

along with wasabi & soy sauce


chawanmushi (steamed egg)

-taste is ok, but I felt that the egg ain’t smooth enough-

fresh oysters which got snapped up within minutes. Indeed very fresh!!

Vernice enjoying her meal too

Apart from that; it was such a coincident to bump on Yin Yee and Pei Ling, both are my high schoolmates. (as though it was a planned gathering). Yin Yee; whom I have not met for a decade…am so delighted to meet her in person. Moreover her baby gal is so CUTE! Look so much like mummy. Yea; Pei Ling and her lil Issac boy, whom always looked adorable & his ‘good’ signature.

Yin Yee & her baby Hayley

Myself, Pei Ling & lil Issac

Myself & Pei Ling

Overall we had a satisfying meal. Everyone enjoyed it pretty much. Valued for money.


Yuri Japanese Restaurant,

Klana Resort Seremban,

PT4388, Jalan Penghulu Cantik,

Taman Tasik Seremban,

70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06 – 766 7888

Happy 2nd ROM Anniversary

My ROM date marked on 14 June. This year should be counted as 2nd year. We did not really celebrate the 1st one, as we both were busy preparing our wedding on last September. So, this round also we had a simple one only though since we just return from Korea trip (pocket kena refill sikit). Thought of getting some nice hotels to spend a night. But the nice ones are so costly. ie; Sunway Resort, Traders Hotel, etc. With the price of around RM500 per night(just to tidur); I’ll rather spend a lil bit more extra on the Legend International Water Home with private swimming pool lagi best! Hor….Alex hor…**I’ve hinted liao….next trip yea…yea??**

Our last resort; booked CITITEL Midvalley (superior room)-good location with affordable price , booked buffet dinner over Sun & Surf Cafe of Sunway Resort-recommended by Wanyi.


the cakes section

1 whole lamb

my plate (YUMMY)

Alex’s plate

meat for grilling or BBQ

the grilled food (the sausages are nice. the rest, abit too cooked)

tepanyaki chicken (so so only)

fresh oysters (very fresh & nice)
**thumbs up**

fresh prawns & oysters

fresh crabs

curry noodles (taste bad… =(

chicken kebab roll (not bad)

assorted caked (so so only)

desserts (clockwise; chocolate, pandan, mango)


ABC (very bad, cos the crushed ice aren’t fine enough)

chocolate fountain strawberry(good!)

hb ate pao pao liao…

Mel also ate pao pao liao…

Some snapshots taken at the poolside after the heavy meal

back to hotel room. finally a photo of both of us with ‘Ms. Teddy’

Ohh yea…not to forget; our anniversary gifts.

a diamond ring as promised by Alex last year

a watch from Mel