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Lunch at Boston又一城

The usual Saturday; as we will normally dine out. Because my mom will not cook on Saturdays. It was 2 weeks back; brother’s (Marcus) first week in college & returned home on weekends. Marcus suggested to lunch at Jusco Seremban 2.

Mel: What to eat over there ler??

Marcus : Today eat from Boston又一城 lor.

Mel : Ohhh…ok lar…can oso.

Actually this wasn’t my first time dining there; just that its my first time blogging it with photos as well. Hope to share with the viewers also ma…. *wink*

Sis’s order – Spicy Vegetable Rice

Its tasty. But sis claimed its a lil dry. They should have include a small bowl of soup perhaps.

Spicy House Noodles

I like this noodles. I ordered for ‘kuey teow’. The soup is abit spicy with assorted fish cakes, chicken meat, bean sprout.

Kai Si Hor Fun (Kuey Teow with Shredded Chicken)

If you like something soupy & clear….this would be the best choice!

The soup is very tasty & not too oily.

wat tan hor

This is equally good. The gravy ain’t too thick nor watery. Just fine enough.

must not miss out the flaming hot ‘cili padi’

from left:  milk-tea(nai cha), cham (tea+coffee+milk), jasmine tea

wall deco

deco 2

Boston又一城 (Jusco Seremban 2 – Seremban, N.Sembilan)
Lot G51, Ground Floor, Jusco Seremban 2 Shopping Centre, 70000 Seremban, NSDK
Tel / Fax : 06-601 5375


Everyone’s favorite Crabs @ Restoran Sin Yit Sing, Seremban

Ashley & Wanyi really love the ‘siew hai’ or ‘marmite grilled crabs’ here. Especially Ashley.  After the fruitful day; its time for dinner.

Awww…that was fast!!  We reached the restaurant at around 6.40pm. It was already 50% of customers dining there. Wow…so early la those people…

We made our order while waiting for Alex to join us at around 7.10pm. We ordered simple dishes to eat with rice. Because our main motive was to eat crabs! Therefore we only ordered; 1 stir-fry vege(yau mak), minced pork japanese tofu , 1 coconut chicken soup & 1 KG marmite grilled crabs.

this soup is real tasty. boiled with some light herbs & chicken meat

the stir-fry vege

minced pork cooked with japanese tofu – we felt that its a lil too salty

dipping sauce for the crabs

1 KG of marmite grilled crabs with alot of crabs roe price at RM55/kg.

1 kg approximately 2-3 crabs depending on the size.

this restaurant is famous for this marmite grilled crab

check out the crab roe

Ahaa…finally there’s someone(Alex) to take a picture of 3 of us – take 1

take 2

Dinner has come to an end…. it was already 8.30pm. Without even realizing the time. Sent A&W to the train station and there goes the whole day….  😀

Restoran Sin Yit Sing
103, Taman A.S.T.,
Jalan Labu Lama,
70000 Seremban
Tel: 012-602 0122/ 012-678 0968


“YI POH” Lou Shu Fun & “SIEW PAU”

After I fetched Ashley & Wanyi from the train station; I drove them here:-

“Restoran Yi Poh” for the famous ‘lou shu fun’. We ordered 2 big bowls of noodles to be shared among the 3 of us. Why sharing?? Because I told them after the noodles; we gotto head over for cendol & rojak. Besides lou shu fun, the restaurant has other type of noodles & side orders as well. (ps: the drinks are lousy.unless you order the canned drinks).

Its the konlou lou shu fun with minced pork & char siew(bbq pork)

mix it well

you need to add these chilies into the noodles for the extra ‘kick’

ok ok….don’t gaduh yea…everyone has the same portion :-p

After the ‘lou shu fun’; we went over to the ‘seremban siew pau’ which is located just opposite this restaurant.

the name of the shop

assorted bakery

freshly bake siew pau

Wanyi’s purchase.

Ashley claimed that the siew pau from “Empayer Siew Pau” is more nicer. However Wanyi’s family felt that the one from here is nice. Therefore; I think it depends on individual’s preference.

Ahaaa….this is nice. Wanyi finished the whole pack  😀

Restoran Yi Poh

Address : 26GR, Jalan Seng Meng Lee, Off Jalan Temiang, 70200, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact No : 016-612 2711
Business Hour : 7.30am to 6.00pm

Kedai Siew Pau Asia

26GR, Jalan Seng Meng Lee,
Off Jalan Temiang,
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Hokkien Mee at ‘Restoran Mei Yen’

Sent my brother back to his college on Sunday.

We decided to have our dinner near Taman Paramount. Dad told us there’s a popular & nice hokkien mee in that area. Therefore we decided to try, since mom loves hokkien mee alot. But because hokkien mee is very high in cholesterol; she seldom takes it now.

It was around 7pm. The restaurant was about 3/4 occupied with customers. Besides hokkien mee, there’s also ‘loh mee’, khau yuk mee hoon, wat tan hor, stir fry vege, LALAs, and Ohh Chien. By 8pm; more and more customers come in…and FULLed by then.

We ordered hokkien mee, khau yuk mee hoon, yau mak, Ohh Chien(oyster) & siong tong LaLa (LaLa in soup).

hokkien mee’s best companion. SAMBAL BELACAN… must have!

hokkien mee for 2 eaters

yum yum…. the noodles is wet enough & tasty. what’s inside? lard, sotong & choy sum

However Alex & Mom prefers the one from “Petaling Street”. Probably they prefered it to be dryer I guess. :-p

‘khau yuk mee hoon’…I like this very much actually. Its very tasty & not too dry.

yau mak

‘siong tong LALA’ (LALA in soup).

I like this soup very much too! Its best served on rainy days. The soup is warm, a lil taste of white wine, minced ginger & sprinkles of coriander leaves. Nevertheless, the clams size are acceptable too….aren’t those tiny little ones~~~

“Ohh Chien” (fried oysters in egg)

This is nice though. At least you can find the oysters easily….Don’t need to do any treasure hunt on it…You get what I meant? Moreover its not starchy. This plate cost RM8.

check out the oyster.

FOOD = 4.5 / 5




39 Jalan 20/7 Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: Daily, 7pm-2am. Closed twice a month
Phone: 019-229 8566 (call after noon)


Chili Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen

I have been to longing to try this chili pan mee ever since I got tempted through the food program shown on television. But each time also couldn’t find a chance to get there. Finally; tried it on last 2 weekend. I was told that there are a few branch at different areas; Kuala Lumpur & SS2. The one I’m trying here is located in Taipan, USJ. (same row as CIMB Bank).

The business is doing good! By 8pm; you can see that the restaurant is already full.

Other than the famous chili pan mee; they also have all sorts of pan mee (dry version lar, soup version lar..) and other side orders as well.

the menu

herbal drink

‘kat jai suen mui’

the chili flakes

the ordinary pan mee(soup version) – NOT SO GOOD

ta dah!! the chili pan mee. comes with a bowl of soup

how you shall eat:-  if you can tahan spicy; add about 4 small spoons of chili flakes into the noodles. Break the egg yolk(the egg yolk is not 100% cooked), mix it well with the chili flakes, the noodles, the minced meat, the fried anchovies. Make sure the yolk is well coated on the noodles before consume.

this is the look of the noodles after stirring it all. If you feel that the noodles is too dry; you may add some soup. But to me its just fine; not too dry though.

I like it very much. Will find chance to eat again. 🙂

FOOD = 4/5



PRICE = I would say RM5.50 is abit expensive for a bowl of pan mee. But thats the standard of living in KL right? :-p


Taipan Business Centre, USJ 10 (Taipan), USJ (UEP Subang Jaya), Selangor

Lunch at “Ah Chong Seafood Restaurant”

Ah Chong Seafood Restaurant aka “Kantin Ah Chong” is located at Pantai Bersih of Butterworth.

Can you imagine that we were here after an hour break from our dim sum breakfast.

We are proven the great eater I suppose! After checking out from our lodging place in Sungai Petani, we drove there and reached at about 30 minutes later.

This restaurant has good view, because it is facing the sea. You can admire the beautiful sea view while enjoying your meal. As we came in a big group, therefore we sat on 2 separate tables. While the rest were busy ordering the food; lets have some photo shoot first. Common why want to waste the good scenes right

this shot was taken after we got our car parked here

the calm sea with sampans

Alex & Chip

Daphne & Ginny

Ginny & Mel

Mel in action

Alright. Its time to get back to our food!

the restaurant name

fried stuffed ‘taufu pok’ (taste good in dipping sauce)

chili prawns (very creamy gravy)

spicy fried asparagus (acceptable)

spicy LALA/ clams (it would taste better if the clams were to be bigger)

claypot fish maw & cuttlefish (yummy)

fried mantis prawn (hardly taste the prawn)

steamed Garoupa Fish in Teo Chew Style (very fresh & tasty)

FOOD = 4/5




No 2, Pantai Bersih, Bagan Ajam, 12300 Butterworth.

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 11:00pm (7 days a week)

Contact: 012-476 7021, 012-402 3418


Dim Sum at “Dai You Bin”

The following morning after Khong Hean’s wedding; all of us get ready by 10am and went for a light breakfast (kononya light, but from the photos you’ll see later, you will doubt that). This place was suggested by Daphne. Knowing me..for sure everything also feel like trying or order. Moreover went there with an empty stomach. :-p

I wasn’t quite sure whether is the popular ones or not. Judging from the amount of crowd in the restaurant it looks as though its good and popular. After trying it; I felt SO-SO only. Not every item is nice.

porridge with century egg and minced pork (this is good)

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun with char siew (nice!)

trays of dim sum

Har Kau (shrimp)

cantonese styled braised noodles (this is good!)

freshly bake egg tarts-selling fast (very nice)

malai kou (not so good)

the juicy char siew pau. serves warm & tasty

wu kok (yam with char siew filling) – not so good. the char siew has burned taste

list of dim sum

FOOD = 3/5




No.8, Bangunan Kedai Lebuh Intan,

Taman Intan,

08000 Sungai Petani,

Kedah Darul Aman


Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

I have been noticing this restaurant each time I go to The Gardens Mall.

Its always full with crowd. Therefore this time Alex suggested that we should try the food over there. We were there at around 1pm. Unexpectedly the restaurant was full. The waitress gave us a number (43) and asked us to wait to be call. I was like; “huh….macam bank pulak,kena ambil nombor”. But luckily we waited for about 10 minutes, then our number was called.

They have a wide range of food in their menu. The minimum price for each dish will be around RM10. We ordered ‘smoked duck noodles(myself), BBQ pork rice set, ohh jien (fried oyster with egg), apple yogurt drink & COKE.

Our bill came up to be RM75. Quite expensive also hor…

Overall i would rate them as:-

FOOD = 4/5




I do not like their table seating for 2 person. The tables are so close to each other. Its like I’m sharing table with strangers.

Alex just couldn’t make up his mind

the menu

fried oyster with egg