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Lunch @ Pasta Zanmai, Midvalley Megamall

Last month we had a complete 5 jimui gathering. Myself, Ashley, Wanyi, Nic & Vivi. Nic suggested Pasta Zanmai which is located at 1st floor of Midvalley Megamall. Pasta Zanmai is the sister of Sushi Zanmai. It was my first time dining here, same goes to most of them. Therefore we went ahead with the plan. The name comes with the word ‘pasta’, true enough the menu mostly consist of pastas!

It was 12pm and its already lunch time. I see the restaurant is quite full. But no problem in getting a table for 5 of us.

These chopsticks come in a handy way. Since its a wooden chopstick, I assume it will be thrown after usage. ^^

After reading the menu and place our orders, then we would like to order Green Tea for our drink. *sweat* Didn’t know order green tea also can be so much of hassle. Here’s the conversation….

We : Would like to order a jug of green tea with 5 empty glass pls. Bcos there are 5 of us.

Waitress A : Sorry, we can only give 3 glasses for a jug of green tea. But the green tea is refillable.

We : But there are 5 of us! So, if a jug is for 3 person, how about we order a jug of green tea and another additional 2 cups of green tea?

Waitress A : Sorry, we don’t serve green tea in cup.

We : *started to get benggang already* Fine! Then just 1 jug of green tea.

Then we asked from another waiter who brought us the jug of tea, whether can he bring us another 2 empty cups. He then answered “I can’t do that. But I can bring 2 cups of plain water for you”. Well….at least he gave us a better option! Thank you.

Agedashi Tofu (sorry, forgot the price). Tofu was smooth but the gravy was quite salty!

The beautiful runny egg + teriyaki chicken + rice, stir well…it result was quite good.

The food above comes in a set of 2 items (serving size – average). There are several sets for you to choose. We chose 3 different sets to be shared among us. So sorry that I’ve forgotten the names. And I forgotten to keep the receipt. (Duno busy doing what oso @_@). But I do remember each set are price at RM25. The overall taste was not too bad la…but I minus marks due to the inconsistency spaghetti. Not well cooked. Some were still hard! Their pizza is the only thing I like. Thin and crispy crust. 😉

Time to feast! :-p

From left; Wanyi , Ashley , Vivi , Nic and Myself.

PASTA ZANMAI (Mid Valley Megamall)
(near Toys R Us)
Lot F-051, First Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

TEL : 03 – 2283 2160
FAX : 03 – 2282 6448


Vivi and Nic left earlier. Ashley, Wanyi and I felt thirsty later. So, we thought why not drop by Snowflake for a bowl of dessert and a drink. *As usual…the place was crowded! Need to grab a seat 😦

We tried Ocha’Ryo (RM7.90), new in their menu. The shaved ice (bottom) is made of green tea. It was quite smooth, feels as though I was having green tea ice cream. Topped with red beans, baby pearls and black sesame balls.

I also ordered a cup of Lime Jade Jelly Green Tea (RM5.50) for myself.

*why my face looks so tired here huh??*

Yeah…TGIF and long weekend! A toast to everyone! 😉

Off Topic: Understand that its going to be a long Raya break for most of the Malaysians…wish everyone Happy Holidays and Selamat Hari Raya. These few days while driving to and from work, I noticed there’s many road accidents on highway. Please remember to drive safely on road.

Dinner @ Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, Empire Shopping Gallery

Last month, during our Anniversary, Alex and I decided to have some Japanese food as a simple dinner celebration. We chose Rakuzen because my 1st experience at Rakuzen, GTower was good. Unfortunately the other day, Ashley was telling me her recent visits to Rakuzen, GTower, the food were lousy. Food arrived cold and service was poor. *Sigh* Why can’t something good maintain its quality and whatsoever?

There are total of 7 Rakuzen outlets over Klang Valley.

This time we went to the Rakuzen located at Empire Shopping Gallery. We were there at around 8+pm. To my surprise the place is already quite crowded. I never expect it could be so many people even on weekdays.  We did not make any reservation, therefore no nice feng sui seats T_T

How can Japanese food go without wasabi??

Ebi Tempura – RM26

Crispy battered tempura prawn. Prawns were fresh and crunchy.

Uhhh…my favorite dish of all!! Plate of fresh sashimi at RM60

Couldn’t find any fault on this plate of Stamina Maki – RM38. Sushi roll with thick slices of tasty unagi.

Wanna share some sushi? 😀

Collagen Nabe (S) – RM30

Hot pot using miso soup base. Fresh ingredients are vegetables, enoki mushroom, tofu, udon and oysters. The oysters were good and soup was tasty as well.

Alex is quite a rice person. So we ordered a bowl of Garlic Rice – RM9. This garlic rice is quite normal.

Alex said Shishamo at Rakuzen is good. So we ordered a plate of Shishamo which comes in 3pcs for RM10.

I then conclude my meal with a cuppa Yuzu Sherbet – RM6. The icy cold dessert is refreshing to have after meal. Moreover yuzu is helps to digest my food so that I can eat another round ^_^

Lot UG 17, Upper Ground Floor,

Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jln SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

TEL : 03 5635 0100 / 012 460 2320
FAX : 03 5635 8840

Daily 12.00pm – 3.00 & 6.00pm – 11.00pm


Dinner @ Restoran Uptown Japanese, Seremban 2

Taking a short break from my Bangkok post.

(Note : Dine here on beginning of May 2012).

Talking about Japanese food or Japanese Restaurants, there aren’t much choice in Seremban. Unlike in Klang Valley. Where you can spot one easily. (macam-macam nama pun ada) Recently, there’s a new restaurant serving Japanese food in Seremban 2. Near to my parent’s house again lor….hehe..

Dining in a new restaurant is like taking a risk on either you’ll be getting some good food or something that you wouldn’t bother to return again.

A simple and bring interior.

Flipping through the menu, just made me feel like its so similar to another Jap Restaurant which I’ve visited. The photo illustration is similar! *sigh* should have taken a photo to show you guys.

Chicken Teriyaki Zen – RM28

(grilled chicken coated with a sweet soy teriyaki sauce)

Chicken meat not very tasty. Only can taste the outer coating of teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Katsujyu Zen – RM28

(Japanese style fried chicken)

The average Chicken Katsujyu.

Salmon Sashimi Zen – RM30

The thinly sliced salmon.

Yakiniku Zen – RM36

(Japanese grilled beef)

Closer view of the beef stripes. This one is acceptable.

Verdict : Wasn’t much choice of dessert. Wanted to order green tea ice cream. Sadly it was not available! Green tea is served free. For the similar price but with better food quality and taste, I would prefer to go to Hokkaido IchibaRakuzen or pay slightly higher for Tenjin Japanese Cuisine.

Restoran Uptown Japanese
Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban.

(will update the full address soon)

Mochi Sweets @ The Gardens Mall

Mochi Sweets first landed on the sunny shores of Malaysia on 29 July 2011. Brought all the way from Japan. Made from glutinous rice flour, pure extraction of fruits, kidney bean and fresh cream.

My first purchase of Mochi Sweets was from the very first outlet in Tokyo Street, Pavilion. My curiosity made me bought 2 pieces (1 for myself and 1 for Alex) when I saw the big crowd making their purchase. I like mochi..but this is not those Chinese version punya mochi. (with grounded peanuts and sugar as filling). This is like those Japanese version punya mochi. In my opinion, this is the best mochi that I’ve tasted. (perhaps you may have tasted a better one?)

Before consume, please read the instruction. (so mafarn…eat oso need to read instructions!) *smack head* I’m warning you on this because…ME..did not read the instruction. (probably because I ate inside the car during night, dark2..wouldn’t bother to notice there’s an instruction sticker) . So, the texture was quite hard. And I even told come its like eating ‘ice cream’ de?? (but still taste nice oso lar) After I reached home only I saw the instruction sticker. *smack head*

“read instructions”

During the gals outing at MidValley & The Gardens Mall, I decided to get a box of Mochi Sweets. And I successfully ‘poisoned’ my other 3 buy too! Wahaha…

Note : Sorry photos below I curi borrow from Mochi Sweets FB page.

Price for box of 6 and 12. (price may vary if you decided to choose your own flavors in a box. )

These mochi’s size are approximately 5-6cm diameter. And the filling is generous too!

The menu. Price range from RM3.50 to RM4. They’ve now introduced a new flavor. “Black Sesame”.

Good news! With every purchase of are entitle to get a piece of Black Sesame Mochi for free. Erm…still got 3 more days for you to grab this deal before it ends rite? ^^

See…told you rite? Each with their happy & satisfied purchase! haha..

My box of treasure. I like the gooey and not hard texture. Of course with the generous amount of fillings. Each flavor taste differently. To me..all the flavors are good! RM3.50-4 may sound not cheap for a piece of mochi. But I think its worth trying. ♥♥♥  😉

• Tokyo Street @ Pavilion (Lot No. P6.15.00, Level 6)
• The Gardens Mall (Lot S-K01, 2nd Floor)
• 1 Utama (Lot GK-102, Ground Floor)
• Sunway Pyramid (Lot F1-100C, 1st Floor, Orange Atrium)

Dinner @ Hokkaido Ramen Santouka @ Pavilion KL

I’ve read many positive reviews about this place. And I’m sure many of you have tried and also blogged about this place. Each time I pass by this place..I often sees the long queue. Customers waited to be seated.

One day…when Alex and I were at Pavilion, we decided to try and see whether is it really that good. Since we were quite early around 6+pm…therefore the queue wasn’t too long and we waited for about 10 minutes to get our seat. While waiting to be seated…we read through the menu to choose what to order. And that saves some time too. (BTW…the menu has only few pages) ^^

I felt that ‘Ramen’ is gaining its popularity these days. Many places seems to be serving ramen and there are more new ramen restaurants too. Will it be like ‘Bubble Milktea Fever’?? Hehe….

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is located at 6th floor…in Tokyo Street. In Ramen Santouka, the ramen are served in 3 different sizes. Small, Medium and Large. I like it that way…so that you won’t waste food. If its only 1 standard size..and if the portion is can’t finish, that would be a waste rite? 😉

Info about Hokkaido Ramen Santouka soup.

The Perfect Temperature for Delicious Soup

To make our mild, pearl-colored Tonkotsu soup, we take the time about 20 hours to simmer the pork bones before adding our vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients.

The soup is maintain at its optimal temperature to best be enjoyed by everyone.

We strictly maintain the exact same cooking standards as the other Ramen Santouka restaurant around the world.

Miso Ramen (Small) – RM22.50

What’s in the bowl? Crunchy bamboo shoot (no weird taste..not to worry), jelly ear, Cha-Shu (tender 3 layers pork from certain part of pork back ribs) in flavorful miso (soy bean) + pork broth.

I like their thin, springy and crunchy ramen!

Kara-Miso Ramen (Medium) – RM27.00

The ingredients are similar to the one above. The difference it that, Kara-Miso has some spiciness for the ‘lat-jiu’ people. I preferred Miso Ramen…the soup has stronger and flavorful taste.

Gorgeous looking bowl of ramen.

Komi Tamago (Flavored Boiled Egg) – RM 2

Complete your bowl of ramen with this egg. Its not hard nor too soft…with the beautiful semi runny yolk.

Aburi Toroniku (Roasted Pork Cheek) – RM17

Pork Cheek??? *While touching my own cheek* Must be very lean and smooth like mine rite… Oppss…

These thinly sliced (in fact too thin I felt) pork cheek indeed lean and tender! Each pieces of glossy pork cheeks are lay on a piece of mesh with a lit candle below. DELICIOUS!


Looks like I don’t need to spend an expensive fare to Japan for a nice bowl of Ramen. I can still get it in KL!!  😉

Food : 8/10

Price : 6/10

Ambiance : 6/10

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
6.24.03, Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion KL, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2143 8878

Lunch @ WATAMI Japanese Casual Restaurant , Pavilion KL

When I was browsing through Pavilion’s FB Page…I saw they posted about WATAMI Japanese Casual Restaurant. Well..since I’ll be meeting the gals at Pavilion, KL…so I suggested to lunch at WATAMI. A new place for us to dine…so, why not give it a try.

“Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is a new type of tavern that concentrates on providing food with less emphasis on alcohol at affordable prices. It serves delicious Japanese food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere. The dining environment is good for causal gathering and family.”

Why do they name it ‘casual’?? I see it as quite ‘class’ also ler…

The Interior & also the nice wall deco. *Creative idea.

Looking through the ala-carte and set menu, we were more interested on the set menu. We’ll be able to try more types of dishes.

We took the order of ‘Value Set for 2 at RM100++’.

Though it says Set for 2…But the amount and types of food in this set able to eat for 3 person. Ashley, Wanyi & I…we were struggling to finish the food!

Wafu Pizza. Very thin crisp pizza topped with Teriyaki Chicken. A savory dish! My first time seeing pizza served in a Japanese restaurant.

Ashley working on the pizza.

Onsen Tamago Caeser Salad. Fresh lettuce, cherry tomato, onions, hot spring egg, tasty chicken slices and lastly sprinkled with cheese powder and cream sauce. It was a good salad!

Wanyi working on the pizza.

How bout me le? Working on what? Think Think…Oh ya…I worked on the ‘Hot Pot’. hahah…

2 plates of Ni Hotate Sushi. Cooked scallop sushi. Not sure why both plates don’t taste the same. 1 was fine…while the other plate..the scallops were rather rubbery. *Chew chew chew*

Crispy Chicken & Potato. Deep fried chicken with french fries. I like the fried chicken very much. The meat was juicy and tender with real crispy batter…hmm…not sure what secret ingredient they uses lar…But I tasted the hint of ‘nam yee’ (fermented red bean cube).

Shio Chanko Nabe. Something like sukiyaki. Tofu, vege, enoki & shitaki mushrooms, egg with tasty and delicious broth.

You can choose 1 of 3 types of rice noodles. Udon, Ramen and Gohan. So we chose Udon.

(From Left to Right) Green Citrus Yuzu Marmalade Soda, Green Citrus Soda. I preferred Green Citrus Yuzu Marmalade Soda!!

Goma Ice Cream(Sesame Ice Cream) & Matcha Ice Cream(Green Tea Ice Cream). Here, I find that their sesame ice cream is smooth and creamy.

Food : 8/10

Price : 7/10

Service : 7/10

Watami Malaysia @ Pavilion KL
C4.04.00, Level 4, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2141 6671

Dinner @ Sumo Japanese Restaurant, USJ 9

On Valentine day……

Alex and I decided to dine out.

I was worried about the jam on road, therefore I tried to get a place which is not too far from our home. Then, I asked Wanyi for suggestion since she’s more familiar to places in Subang. I told her I wanted Japanese food. So, she suggested  Sumo Japanese Restaurant located at USJ 9, opposite Taipan Subang. She claimed that the food is nice and price is affordable too. Great! That would be around 15 minutes drive from my home.

The restaurant, owned by husband and wife team Paul Foong and Joanne Ong.

Though the restaurant is not very spacious, but we able to have our meal comfortably too. There’s a section where you can have more privacy. Probably for functions.

The working chef and his assistant. It was really a busy night for them. Customers were coming in and out of the restaurant. And I observed quite a number of them are the regular customers. Probably because the owner is friendly or the food is good??

The prices shown on the menu is quite reasonable too.

We were served Miso Soup each. (Included in the set we ordered)

Shishamo – RM9.90

**The boat is about to sail** Don’t you think these Sashimi looks pretty? Good presentation too.

Sashimi Mix Deluxe – RM46

The raw fish were fresh and I have no complain on this.

Chicken Teriyaki Sizzling – RM22.90

This dish is served with a bowl of rice. The portion was quite big. Somehow I felt it tasted a lil too sweet for me.

Special Bento (set) – RM31

Comes with sushi, tempura and chawanmushi. However both chawanmushi & tempura were just average only.

A closer look on the sushi. The sushi were not bad. While the rice are firm and won’t fall easily.

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean – RM7.50

Last but not least…to end the meal with a satisfying dessert. Though I’m not really a great fan of green tea ice cream, but I do think that their green tea ice cream is good! Very creamy, smooth and has a good taste of green tea. It goes well with the red bean paste which is not too sweet.

My not so romantic HB surprised me with a bouquet of red roses.

Happy Valentine Day & Love you, Darling ^^

Food : 6.5/10

Price : 7/10

Ambiance : 7/10

48, Jalan USJ 9/5P,
Subang Business Centre,
Subang Jaya,
47620 Selangor.
(Tel: 03-8023 1163).
Business hours: Tues to Sun; 11.30am to 3pm (lunch), 5.30pm to 10pm (dinner). Closed on Mon.

Lunch @ Tokyo Don, Pavilion KL

Located at Level 6, nestled in Tokyo Street….I found this small restaurant named Tokyo Don.

Tokyo Don
Specializing in Donburi (general term for ‘bowl’), Tokyo Don serves the popular Japanese ‘rice in a bowl’ with varied dishes served on top. Diners can choose from a list of options which include Oyakodon (simmered chicken, egg and onion on rice), and Gyudon (beef and onion on rice), among others. Situated beside its sister restaurant, Tokyo Teppan, cross-ordering can also be made between both outlets.

A menu is displayed at the entrance.

The Interior.

The simple menu consist around 20 over types of food. A quick one, Alex & I ordered from the Set Menu.

From the Set we both ordered, Alex was served with a bowl of salad while mine was served a bowl of tofu. I recalled the dense block of cold tofu was good. It has nice taste of soy milk.

Hokkai-Don – RM28

A bowl of Japanese Rice topped with fresh slices of Salmon and also fresh Salmon roe. (pop pop)….*thumbs up*

*a closer look. Are you drooling??

Edo (Seafood) – RM38

A set of teppanyaki meal. Inclusive of a bowl of fragrant garlic rice, vege(bean sprout & cabbage), miso soup and the perfectly grilled salmon, scallop & prawns.

*look closely* fresh and succulent seafood!!

Chawanmushi – RM12

Though the price is a lil on higher side for an ordinary size of chawanmushi, but trust me this chawanmushi is really good! Super smooth! Yummy~~~~

Food : 8/10

Ambiance : 6/10

Price : 6/10

Tokyo Don
6.24.1C, Level 6,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
(168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Lunch @ Goku Raku Ramen, Midvalley

Cracking our heads to choose an eating place for our lunch seems tough. There are so many choices when you are at a shopping mall. I must admit that Malaysians are spoil with tonnes of food choices. Therefore to make it quick, we look through the ‘list of restaurants’ of Midvalley and finally we decided to choose Goku Raku Ramen. I’ve read several positive reviews from food bloggers whom wrote about this place. No doubt, its indeed a choice and you should try it yourself.

At Goku Raku Ramen, the Ramen Haven serving you authentic Japanese Ramen. The ramen here are made fresh everyday, using the ramen machine. While broth are simmered to perfection for 48 hours to bring out its exquisite taste. If you dislike ramen, well you can still have another choice. You may choose to have rice.

An informative menu…provides simple description on each dish.

Never knew that there are steps to enjoy a bowl of ramen. All I know is just pick up a pair of chopstick and makan! ^^

Hhmm….looks like Wanyi is studying really hard….on the menu.

Ashley was busy texting….

Minutes later, these 2 gals were busy cam-whoring….

The refillable Green Tea – RM2

Plain Water with Lemon Slice – RM2

A blogger wrote, “Chef Kanai San explained that the lemon infused water would clear our palettes better than green tea.

Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen – RM20.90

Tonkotsu Broth Noodles topped with Char Siew, Flavoured Egg, Black Fungus, Spring Onion, Leek, Bamboo Shoot, Seaweed and Fragrant Garlic Oil.

If you are a first timer to ramen, I would suggest you to choose Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen. The broth is on mild side yet tasty. While the ramen is springy.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen – RM17.90

Spicy Tonkotsu Broth Noodles topped with Char Siew, Black Fungus, Spring Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Bean Sprout and Seaweed.

If you like something spicy, Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen is definitely a good choice! The spicy broth gives you the ‘kick’. Meanwhile, the bamboo shoot is crunchy yet doesn’t have that ‘weird’ taste.

Goku Raku Miso Ramen – RM20.90

Miso in Tonkotsu Broth Noodles topped with Cabbage, Minced Pork and Fragrant Garlic Oil.

Minced pork were delicious and tasty. Miso Ramen has stronger flavor broth…. However, I find it a lil too oily.

Flavored Egg

I almost forgotten about this egg that I’ve ordered, after I place it aside. Then the gals pointed on the egg, only I remembered. What an old lady I am…. ^^

This egg was good. A slight taste of soy sauce on the outer part. Moreover the egg texture was good too…not too hard or overcooked.

getting ready to eat….

An advertorial for Goku Raku Ramen?? Will it pass?? Hahah….

Goku Raku Ramen
Lot S25 and S26, Level 2 Mid Valley City.,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone No.: 03-2282 3924
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm
Remark: This restaurant has closed down. Thank you.

Dinner @ Sakae Sushi, Fahrenheit88 KL

Sakae Sushi, the well established Japanese cuisine exists over countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, China and Vietnam. Sakae Sushi provides wide range of Japanese food with an affordable price. Guess, Sakae Sushi is not any stranger to my dear readers here.

Why is it named ‘Sakae’ sushi?

‘Sakae’, pronounced as ‘Sa – ka – ae”, the word “Sakae” means growth in Japanese.  It is also chosen as it sounds like ‘Sake’, the traditional Japanese wine well loved by many in the world.

A cup of green tea with a teabag for RM2. Its refillable with just adding on hot water.

Sushi on conveyor belt are price from RM1.90 to  RM5.90(for premium red plates). The environment here is quite good, clean and not messy. Suitable to dine with friends and also family.

Browsing the menu and also place your orders through this touch screen interactive menu is so hi-tech. This flat screen monitor is placed on every tables. It enables to speed up the ordering progress. With just a single tab, I’m able to make and add orders anytime. And my orders will straight sent to the kitchen through system without making errors. An easy and fun way.  Yeap, the above pic, Vernice was making her ‘ice cream’ order.

Pink Plate sushi priced at RM3.99

Kani Mayo – RM1.99

Sashimi Mori Zen – RM49.90 – scallop, sweet shrimp, tuna, yellowtail, octopus, salmon roe and salmon sashimi. The fish slices were just average However I like the salmon roe, it was big and has the “pop” effect. Unfortunately the prawns weren’t that fresh.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura – RM 13.90. The lightly battered soft shell crab were crispy yet not too oily.

Spicy Hotate Kimuchi Soup – RM16.90, definitely a good choice of spicy soup. Delicious kimchi soup filled with juicy scallops was so appetizing.

Kimuchi Tofu – RM5.90,  too bad that the sauce was quite salty

Ikura Chawanmushi – RM5.99

smooth silky steamed egg topped with crunchy salmon roe.

Unagi Kabayaki – RM22.90, just an ordinary unagi with teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki Don – RM 10.90

Tasty chicken teriyaki chicken which Vernice claimed it was ‘good’.

Curry Udon – RM10.90

Katsuno Udon – RM10.90

Teriyaki Chicken Ramen – RM12.90. The noodle portion was quite big and the merky soup has nice fragrant of fried garlic, but I find it a lil bland. While the ramen was springy and perfectly cooked.

Peach Jelly – RM3.90

Chokoreto Parfait – RM12.90, rich milk flavor ice cream with layers of chocolate sauce, peanuts and also cornflakes. I quite like it….

Food : 6.5/10

Ambiance : 7/10

Price : Affordable

Sakae Sushi, Fahrenheit88
Lot 1-27 (03) & 1-27 (04)
Tingkat 1, Fahrenheit88
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2145 1163
Fax: 03-2145 2198