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Lunch @ Tenjin Japanese Cuisine, Grand Millennium KL

Each day I received daily feeds from Everyday, Groupon and much more, sent to our mailbox offering discounts and great deals. I am so spoiled with choices. Especially on food. Nevertheless, to ensure I’m picking on the right choice, I must think wisely before I click on the ‘BUY’ tab. I wouldn’t say every voucher I purchased, guarantees me a good meal too…

This round, together with my girlfriends, Ashley & Wanyi, we decided to buy this deal offered by Groupon. A 4-course Japanese Bento Set Lunch + Free-flow of Green Tea at Tenjin Japanese Cuisine, Grand Millennium, Kuala Lumpur for RM29. Japanese food in a 5-star hotel? Sounds good rite? Therefore we made plans and redeemed our coupon last Saturday.

Ashley, redeeming her coupon for 2nd time for this round, gave a solid thumb up to the Japanese food.

There were 5 choices of bento for us to choose.

  • Chirashi Sushi Zen (RM56 value)
    Assorted Seafood on Sushi Rice
  • Gindara Teriyaki Zen (RM58 value)
    Grilled Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Sushi & Tempura Zen (RM52 value)
    Assorted Sushi and Tempura Set
  • Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen (RM48 value)
    Sashimi & Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Makunouchi Bento (RM48 value) 
    Sashimi, Yakimono, Tempura

Tenjin Japanese Cuisine recently opened in Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur on Jun 3, 2011.

A medium size restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine.

An open kitchen where we able to witness the skillful chefs at work.

This young chef has his 100% concentration on the radish. Hmm…he must be preparing our food.

Started off with Tuna Salad

Gindara Teriyaki Zen
Grilled Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce

Check out this beautiful piece of grilled cod fish. This piece of cod fish is generally thick and its perfectly grilled. Tasty with some light and sweet teriyaki sauce.

Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen
Sashimi & Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce

A closer look of the thick slices Sashimi and Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sauce. I must say that the sashimi is very fresh, I couldn’t complain more. While for the grilled chicken I felt its abit bland to me.

Makunouchi Bento
Sashimi, Yakimono, Tempura

The nicely grilled fish has crisp skin while meat is tender and juicy. While for tempura, what else can you critic when its nicely battered and crispy.

Green Tea Ice Cream as dessert was refreshing. Hmm…this could be the best green tea ice cream I ever had. Its creamy while the taste of green tea wasn’t too strong. I like it this way.

Well, I guessed we’ve made a right choice! Though it was a discounted deal, I would say the service was good. Refilling your cup of green tea without a constant reminder and a phone call reminder to the guest 2 days before the reservation date.

Tenjin Japanese Cuisine
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, 160 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur 55100
Tel : 03-2143 9399
Business Hours: Lunch 1130am – 300pm / Dinner 600pm – 1030pm

Buffet Dinner @ Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel

“Dear reader, so sorry that this blog went hibernate for a week. Because the author was busy chasing dateline.”

I visited Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel two weeks ago.

Last 2 months, I managed to grab this good deal from Everyday. It attracts 5000 buyers with the value price of RM46/ person. Applicable for dinner from Friday – Sunday.

Thought it would be a great opportunity to use it during ma birthday.

Though the dinner begins at 6.30pm, I was rather surprised seeing a large number of diners queuing at the entrance of Eyuzu (located at first floor). What’s more surprising was that everyone was holding a printed copy of their coupon! Wonder do Eyuzu still serve quality food though knowing the fact that everyone came with coupons.

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine

Taking after the name of Japan’s rare and expensive fruit of mysterious provenance – /yuzu – /Eyuzu at the Eastin Hotel represents authenticity and exquisiteness. Recently awarded “*Best Asian Cuisines Restaurant*” and “*Best Asian Cuisine Chef*” by the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2005/2006, you will find haute cuisine such as sizzling teppanyaki, sukiyaki, crispy tender tempura and sumptuous sashimi.

My favorite corner. Of sushi & sashimi. They served varieties of fresh handmade sushi & fresh sashimi which I couldn’t resist. Oh ya, they replenish the sashimi pretty quick. So, don’t need to pile up your food till others can’t get their share lor..hehhe…

WOW…check out the fresh sashimi!! Each slice are equally thick. I was told that they served Grade A sashimi. SLURRRPPP….wanting more!

Enjoyed each and every piece of it.

Wide range of Sushi

Wide range of sushi

The prawns were very fresh too

Cold Crabs

Japanese Potato Salad

Cold Tofu

All were place in a small bowl. Look so pleasant and handy!

The crunchy Edamame

Crispy Seaweed, Salmon Skin, Prawn & Crabstick

Unagi was good. Unfortunately the chicken cutlet were quite lousy. Very bland….

Chicken Skewer – not nice. meat too dry.

Teppanyaki Section. Pick your choice of meat and get them to cook for you.

Baked Oyster

Chawan Mushi was awesome. Silky smooth egg with condiments beneath.

Shark Fin Soup – couldn’t find any shark fin though.

Customize your own udon or soba with some condiments. Delicious!

Yeahh…dessert time!

Types of cakes. But they were just average.

Japanese Pancakes were made fresh on the spot. I added honey and chocolate sauce on it. They were small, not too thick and very fluffy. NICE!

Mochi with fillings. (peanut, black sesame, red bean). They are my favorite.

How about some Hot Mochi? They are glutinous ball with fillings boiled in warm water then coated with peanuts. So, its served warm. Unfortunately I think its overcooked. So, it was kinda mushy.

Strawberry & Green Tea Ice Cream

The very laku slices of Melon. The natural sweetness and fragrant which tells me to return for more.

Though there were some not so nice dishes, but with that superb Sashimi I had…I will be happy enough!

EYUZU Japanese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel13 Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+603 – 7665 1111

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 12.00pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm


Oyaki, The Loaf @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Oyaki is a Japanese-Style bun. (looks like a pan-fried bun)

It was popular during Taisho period (1912-1925). The Oyaki dough was traditionally made from using local flour and water while the filling of the Oyaki was vegetables seasoned with Miso / Soy Sauce. Oyaki can be found in most of the bazaar in Japan and outside Japan during the Japan’s Festival celebration.

The Loaf has modified the traditional Oyaki to The Modern Taisho Oyaki by using Butter Roll Dough stuffed with more than 10 varieties of sweets and savories ingredients each to bake in oven instead of using the frying pan.

Other than Oyaki, The Loaf also offer the Japanese moist and creamy Roll Cakes such as Caramel Maple Syrup, Mixed Fruits, Green Tea, Red Bean and etc.

Located at 6th Floor of Pavilion. (at Tokyo Street)

Just a small shop. Suitable for take-away.

Today, there were more choices. Unlike during my first visit on the first weekend after it was newly launched.

There are 12 flavors shown on the menu. But not all available that day. Currently they are having this promotion of Buy 6 pcs for the price of 5!! Promotion ends on 31st August 2011. Ohh ya..the price per piece is at RM2.90.

Therefore I dapao back home to enjoy it with my family. It was nicely packed!

Above are types of Oyaki I chose and a cut section of each. The bun are quite soft. But I reheat them before consuming. I prefer it to be warm…as it will be nicer that way.

Sausage Cheese – Melted cheese on top with sausage filling. (good)

Chicken Mushroom – This is a deep fried type I suppose. Seeing the outer part coated with breadcrumbs (if I’m not mistaken). Filled with bite size mushrooms and cream. (good)

Bolognaise – Taste like the bolognaise spaghetti (good)

German Potato – Mashed potato filling with taste of peppercorns (not nice)

Chocolate Banana – Filled with taste of chocolate & banana. (good)

Kaya – Filled with kaya (coconut jam) (normal)

Last but not least. Before leaving, I got myself this lil rabbit from Zakka, Tokyo Street. Her name is FiFi…she’s quite shy…She sleeps with me every night.  Hb is getting jealous. He claimed that my bed is filled with soft toys. Soon, its going to be fully occupied by them. Wanyi, if you are reading here, this is your favorite bitbit!

Oyaki, The Loaf
P6.35.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Join their Facebook page

Dinner @ Rakuzen, GTower

After meeting the GALS on Saturday at Pavilion ; I head to GTower as Alex’s friends were waiting for us there for dinner. “Somebody” misses Japanese so much therefore we chose Rakuzen at GTower.  I admit that I love Japanese food also. Since we were there early, getting seats wouldn’t be any problem. Ya…we even gotten a private room too. Guessed the staff knew it much earlier that this group of people would be NOISY!  Hmm…I certainly agreed. **Kawan kawan sekalian, sila perlahankan suara anda…jangan ketawa kuat sangat**

Rakuzen offers quality & authentic Japanese food. I noticed the expanding Japanese food over places in KL. Rakuzen, Hokkaido Ichiba, Zen and Kura they are all under the same management (Super Dining) offering different range of Japanese food.

I like the interior. Bright and cosy. The menu is pretty impressive too. Offers an extensive selection from starter to appetizer and dessert.

The complementary Green Tea & Hot Towel

Shishamo – RM10 (3 pcs)

It may sound abit pricey. But you must try it to ensure the price is worth to pay. Because it taste different & much better compared to Sushi King’s.

Chawanmushi – RM10

The egg was very smooth. Extra credits to the crabstick, shitake mushroom, chicken meat and prawns hidden beneath.

Agedashi Tofu – RM12

Sorry, it was suppose to be 4 pieces. After eaten only I remember I forgotten to take a photo of it. For tofu lovers, you will like this. The tofu is very smooth with lightly crisp skin.

Nameko Soba – RM18

I wanted something light. Therefore I ordered this. The serving was so big that I couldn’t finish (dunno what’s wrong with my stomach that day). This wheat noodle was nicely cooked with flavorful soup.

Tenjyu – RM26

Japanese steamed rice topped with assorted tempura.

Sake Oyako Don – RM23

Japanese steamed rice topped with fresh salmon slices.

Teppanyaki Zen – RM38/set

Comes with a bowl of fragrant garlic fried rice, miso soup, steamed pumpkin, teppanyaki beef and some cut fruits.

Yakiniku Zen – RM36/set

Comes with a bowl steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, steamed pumpkin,  beef  slices and some cut fruits. The thinly sliced beef were nicely cook. The meat are tender and tasty!

Food : 8/10

Service : Good

Price : Affordable

Rakuzen @ G Tower
LG 05 & 06
G Tower
199, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2161 4800

Opens Daily 12.00pm – 3.00 & 6.00pm – 11.00pm



Dinner @ MATSU Japanese Restaurant, Seremban

I recently fall in love with Sashimi (raw fish) especially on Salmon.<—-My latest Affection!!

Once again I would like to emphasize, in Seremban there aren’t much choices of Japanese Restaurant. (Sushi King is not counted). An authentic ones I shall say. This restaurant happens to be located near my house and has been operating for few years. Business is quite good too…(like wise I said not much choices ma).

My first visit was years back (wahhh….sounded so long ler). And this was my second visit. Wanting to try some sashimi lor…salmon perhaps.  *wink*

Located in the middle of  a row of 2-storey shops.

Simple interior deco

warm lighting with some Japs feel (style)

Chef at work! The open kitchen concept. newspaper cuttings from local news publications..

We took sometime to study the menu as they offers extensive menu.

Itacho Omakase Sashimi – RM110 (Chef’s Recommendation*)

This plate of sashimi embedded with  julienne white radish recommended by chef for serving of 2. The price gave me a shock. However, I wouldn’t deny that the raw fish are indeed very fresh . (still missing it). – satisfied the hungry woman.

Tori Teppanyaki – RM19.80 (recommended)

The pieces of chicken meat were nicely pan-fried. Taste good & the meat are tender too. Served together with some bean sprout. I recalled the bean sprout fat and crunchy.

Garlic Fried Rice – RM7.80 (recommended)

A simple fried rice with egg and light soya sauce. Garnished with chopped golden brown garlic and spring onion. Couldn’t resist the nice fragrant of the rice. Served warm!

Asari Miso Shiru – RM7

Miso soup with clams. I find that the soup more on the salty side.

Chawa Mushi – RM5.80

A normal chawa mushi(steamed egg) with slices of mushroom.

Food :  4/5

Service : 4/5

Price : I find it quite expensive ler….

MATSU Japanese Restaurant

No.40, Jalan S2/ B18,

Biz Avenue, Seremban 2,

70300 Seremban, N.S.D.K.

Tel: 06-601 7332

Dinner @ Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion

Was waiting for Alex to fetch me after his work. Was still at Pavilion though. Being lazy to drive elsewhere; therefore without any doubts we had our dinner at Pavilion. Decisions were hardly made. I was too tired to think. Despite I handed all the decisions to Alex. Yet he still asking “what cuisine would you prefer?” Japanese ke? Chinese ke? Western ke? Arghhh….I’m blank darling. Please help me decide. Finally Alex made this; Ichiban Boshi as his choice.

KL really do has ample of Japanese Restaurants Perhaps I really do need alot of time to try most of it. Speaking of Ichiban Boshi; I felt that its quite similar to Sushi Zanmai. There’s another outlet too, located at Sunway Giza. Ohh ya…the main similarity to Sushi Zanmai is, often sees crowded!!!

Bright and cosy.

Alex concentrating on the menu

The usual display. Wasabi & pickled ginger.

I usually prefers to sit the area with kaiten belt, strolling all the sushis.

Sushi from the kaiten belt are priced at RM 2 (beige plate), RM 4 (red plate) and RM 6 (brown plate).

We ordered some ala-carte dish from the menu. Before the food arrives; we picked some sushi from kaiten belt which look pretty attractive!

half portion(mini) curry udon – RM10.90

Good portion, best suits small eater. The curry taste good too! Ain’t too spicy though.

Chicken Suki Gozen – RM19.90

(a complete meal with an affordable price)

a pot of delicious soup with mushrooms & tofu. Unfortunately it took ages to boil. The chicken fillets yet to cook, but it has ran out of flame. Therefore kena request the waiter to re-lit the flame.

Chicken fillets to cook in the pot.

Food : 3.5/5

Price : 3.5/5

Ambiance : 3.5/5

Service : 3.5/5

Ichiban Boshi 

near food court area.
Lot 1.14, Pavilion,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
tel : +60321416621        fax : +60321416641

Lunch @ Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Ichiba; The Garden Mall

This lunch was planned as a meet up before Wanyi left for work to Singapore. I wouldn’t say its a farewell, after all she will still return and we can still meet. Midvalley and The Gardens  will normally be our meeting point as its more like a center point between us. Should be more convenient I guess. Trying to figure out what should we eat or try this time. Each time we would try different food. I wonder when only we can finish trying all the food from both Midvalley & The Gardens ^^


Initially Ashley suggested Yogi Tree. Couldn’t remember how the plan changed. Lately I really craved for Japanese food ever since I watched this drama; The Rippling Blossom showing on Astro on Demand. Therefore; I would say this restaurant has fulfilled my wish!!


Nic and Mel arrived earlier then came Ashley and Wanyi. Lucky it was still early (at 12pm), therefore we don’t need to queue long.

Facing directly in front of the center escalator


The interior


We were directed to our seat. And was given 4 booklets of menu which comprises of set lunch, ala-carte, ice cream/dessert & the last one I have forgotten. Oppss


While studying the menu, Ashley said the menu is kinda similar to Rakuzen. The answer to your question; (I got it from a blogger) —-> Kita No Zen (the restaurant) and Hokkaido Ichiba (the adjoining ice cream/ dessert lounge) were opened by the people behind Rakuzen and Sushi/Pasta Zanmai.

Hot towels & Green Tea are served to guests for free of charge.


All of us decided to go for set lunch.

Nic ordered Yakiniku Zen(Grilled Beef Set)- RM28

Based on Nic, Ashley & Wanyi‘s interpretation; the meat is tender and juicy. While the gravy is tasty too.


Ash ordered Unagi Kabayaki Zen (Roasted Eel Set) – RM30

The size of unagi will not disappoint you. Apart from that, the unagi taste good too.


Mel ordered Nabeyaki Udon to Salmon Don Zen (Claypot Udon & Salmon Rice Set) – RM32

This set is good! Especially the slices of salmon. Its very fresh.


There was a moral lesson to learn here. Please read up the whole description of food before ordering. I somehow missed the word ‘rice’. Therefore it surprises me with 1 bowl of noodle & 1 bowl of rice. How can I finish all??  So, I scooped some noodle for Wanyi.

There you go, Wanyi’s Set. (No name)


All of us very bersungguh-sungguh to clear everything.


We requested for desserts to serve after meal.

Wanyi ordered Macha Ice no Hokkaido Milk Parfait (RM8.80)

Green Tea Ice Cream served in Hokkaido Milk with Glutinous Rice Ball & Green Tea Jelly, topped with Hokkaido Red Bean.


Macha Waffle (RM9.80)

Waffle with Green Tea Ice Cream topped with Green Tea Sauce & Hokkaido Red Bean


Sesame Indulgence (RM8.80)


The above desserts; only the green tea ice cream is good. Not applicable to the waffles. Because both types of waffles are so-so only.


Just 4 of us


We were at Hokkaido!!!


Love this cheeky pose of us!! (Wanyi, Ashley, Mel, Nic)


**Definitely will re-visit. Hinting it on Hubby now ^^

Food : 4/5

Ambiance : 4/5

Price : Worth the price. Big portion of food.


Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Iciba
T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-612 1060 / 03-2283 3060

Dinner@Sushi Zanmai

Last Saturday I was at Sunway Pyramid. Thinking of what should I have for dinner. First thing that came across my mind was “Sushi Zanmai”. I’ve tried the food there 3 times at the same place. So far; it does not disappoint me. Honestly this is much better than Sushi King.


Unfortunately a friend of mine whom dine at Sushi Zanmai of The Garden Mall; left her with bad impression. She had a bad experienced. Dirty cutlery; poor presentation on food.


Bear in mind; please be prepared for the queue. Expected duration at least 15 minutes to be seated.


At the entrance


They claimed it as “The genuine conveyor-belt sushi Restaurant”.


Sauces & Wasabi


An adequate amount of wasabi & sauce


Pickled Ginger


A cup of green tea


The workplace for assorted sushi.


The sushi are priced according to the color of the plates.

Blue = RM2.80

Pink = RM3.80

Black = RM4.80

Red = RM6.00

The eye-catching conveyor belt with assorted sushi. They constantly refill the conveyor belt. Don’t seem to have any empty slots. Of course not every sushi is displayed. You may order them from the menu, and they will serve it.



Tamago sushi.


Inari Kanimayo Yaki – Crabmeat with mayonnaise


Please forgive me for not knowing the name. However it is recommended. Fresh Sliced salmon wrapping the rice along with seaweed sheet.




Unatama Don (S) RM15.80 – Roasted eel simmered with egg on rice


Kaki Kimuchi Nabe (with udon) RM18.80 (recommended)

Fresh oysters & vegetables hot pot with kimuchi based soup


Price = Fair. Worth to eat.

Service = 3/5

Food = 4/5


First Floor, Japanese Street,
Oasis Boulevard 2,
Sunway Pyramid,
46150 Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

TEL 03 – 7492 3080
FAX 03 – 7492 3090
MOBILE 012 – 989 3080

12.00 noon – 11.00 pm


Yuri Japanese Restaurant, Seremban

Yuri Japanese Restaurant has been well established for more than 10 years. Brought my family to Yuri Japanese Restaurant in Klana Resort Seremban on Sunday for their lunch buffet. With an affordable price of RM48++ (price has revised. its now RM50++ for adult & RM34++ for kids) we gotto enjoy the good Japanese food in Seremban. The restaurant, despite its relatively small but cosy interior, allowed seats of 85 pax and has three traditional tatami rooms for those who prefer privacy.

It comprised 80 varieties of Japanese salad along with fresh sashimi, tempura, unagi,  chicken and beef sukiyaki , variety of tepanyaki, prawn, scallop, fresh oysters, grilled crab, California roll, sushis and chawanmushi. The buffet is only available on Sundays from 11.30am-2.30pm. Kindly make your reservation. Luckily I made my reservation a day before it, as it was full!

the teppanyaki corner.

yes! These are from teppanyaki corner. unagi & salmon.

For Unagi lovers; you can eat as much as you can.

you can have fried rice too…

tempura corner.

the prawn tempura is good! prawns are fresh though…

cold noodles

cold soba noodles

cooked mussels.

very fresh & yummy!

grilled prawns


fresh cooked squids in mayonnaise with sprinkles of roes

Miso soup

udon soup

sukiyaki chicken/ beef

dessert corner.

with assorted cakes, puddings, fruits & ice cream. too bad; there aren’t any green tea ice cream 😦

an array of food

the striking color of kiwi

the colorful sushi

along with wasabi & soy sauce


chawanmushi (steamed egg)

-taste is ok, but I felt that the egg ain’t smooth enough-

fresh oysters which got snapped up within minutes. Indeed very fresh!!

Vernice enjoying her meal too

Apart from that; it was such a coincident to bump on Yin Yee and Pei Ling, both are my high schoolmates. (as though it was a planned gathering). Yin Yee; whom I have not met for a decade…am so delighted to meet her in person. Moreover her baby gal is so CUTE! Look so much like mummy. Yea; Pei Ling and her lil Issac boy, whom always looked adorable & his ‘good’ signature.

Yin Yee & her baby Hayley

Myself, Pei Ling & lil Issac

Myself & Pei Ling

Overall we had a satisfying meal. Everyone enjoyed it pretty much. Valued for money.


Yuri Japanese Restaurant,

Klana Resort Seremban,

PT4388, Jalan Penghulu Cantik,

Taman Tasik Seremban,

70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06 – 766 7888

Loving DON

Sushi King is having Donburi Promotion from 1-31 July 2010.

It comes with few choices. Since I’m dining over there; so why not have a try then.

The loving donburi set comes in a combination of rice & noodles. With the choices of Tori Mitso Katsu Don Set, Salmon Don Set and Sappari Don Set. (served in 140g rice)

While the mini don choices are Tori Mini Don, Tori Miso Katsu Mini Don and Saba Piri Piri Mini Don. (served in 60g rice)

You may view the choice from the advertorial photos here.

Donburi Set

photo courtesy of sushi king

Donburi Mini Set

Here are the real photos of it:-

Tori Miso Katsu Mini Don.(worth for the price)

Tori Mitso Katsu Don Set (nice set! the chicken meat especially!!)

SHISHAMO (Alex’s favorite)