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Dinner @ SIL RO AM, traditional Korea Restaurant

Me and my family loves Korea food. So does Alex.

Saw some brochures about this restaurant opening its second brand in Era Walk. Therefore we decided to give it a try. We went for dinner instead of lunch. This Korea restaurant actually runs by Korean. The business was really good on weekend. Night to be precise. Business was good –> Insufficient staff –> Poor service. We were so hungry by then.  It took us 1/2 hour  for our dish to arrive. Moreover with the smell of bak kut teh ;just next to the restaurant makes me even hungrier. (Can’t blame the owner. May be he did not expect it was that crowded.) After all; the food was good.

Studying the Menu. Got the waiter to assist us upon the orders.

The wrapped cutlery

Assorted Korea side dishes. Not allowed to refill. Only kimchi is refillable.

Doi Sok Bi Bim Bap – RM20

Boiled rice with assorted mixture in a stone pot. Well; its taste good.

Sam Gae Tong – RM25

Young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice cooked in ginseng soup. An ideal one to order during cold weather. The soup is very tasty too.

Ber Sek Bok Geum – RM25

Assorted mushroom cooked with vegetable. For mushroom lover; you gotto try this.

Sam Gyup Sal – RM25

Sliced Pork Bacon with fresh salad & sauce.

Grill the pork, cut into smaller pieces, place it on a piece of lettuce, add a small amount of rice, finally some sauce. Roll it and then consume it.

Taa Daah…this is how it looks. Ready to eat lah…

FOOD : 3.5/5



Korean Restaurant Traditional Sil Ro Am
Era Walk No.30, Seremban
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-677 7516