Different Color Tone – Nippon Paint

My house is currently on renovation. I decided to repaint the whole house (interior + exterior) using Nippon. I was quite confident and convinced with this well known paint, Nippon. With all these Go-Green campaign, I decided to choose Nippon Paint Green Choice Series – Nippon Odour-Less Aircare. If you hate the strong paint smell after painting your walls, Nippon Odour-Less Aircare is a good choice!

The benefits of Nippon Odour-Less Aircare.

Subsequently, I decided to use different colors on each room. This idea is good(to look nice), but you will end up using a lot of paint. I engaged painter to do the job. Somehow, something just went not right……

Initially I was advised(by the dealer) that a can of 5 liter is sufficient for my bedroom 2. Apparently to cover the existing color (which is green), it requires more coating. Then hubby re-purchase another can of 1liter from a nearby hardware shop (1st and 2nd can of paint purchased from 2 different hardware shop) to do some final touch-ups on the wall. After that, we discovered 2 different color tone on the wall. Though we uses the same code, same name, same range of paint. In resultant, hubby repurchase another can of 5 liter paint (same code) to repaint the whole room again. Can you imagine, 1 small room…we are using all together 11 liters of paint!!!!

I chose “Clear Blue 442”. Nice right??

Notice the different color tone?

Few days later, I decided to send an email to Nippon regarding this matter.

With the prompt reply, Nippon’s technical department rang me up. Here’s the brief conversation.

Nippon : I understand that you made a report regarding about the paint.

ME : Yea…

Nippon : Are you requesting us to send our technicians over to do a test?

ME : (huh….there’s such service?) NO…Sorry, I can’t wait for your technicians to come over. I’ve already repainted the whole room. As, I’ll be moving in next week. I’m just curious to know what are the causes. And I thought using the same code ..I shall be getting the same color.

Nippon : Here; you mentioned that you purchase it from 2 different shops.

ME : Yea.

Nippon : Hmm…I suspect their paint ‘machine head’ not clean. So, when they blend the color…it appear slightly different. That’s why we usually advise our dealer to do cleaning on daily basis.

ME : (gum dou dak)…… ???? OOhhh….icic

Nippon : So sorry about that. We’ll take note on this and inform the dealer (the 2 shops where I purchased the paint) about this matter.

Though its nothing major, but I wish to highlight this to my fellow readers…try your best to purchase from the same dealer/ shop. In order to avoid this kind of ‘wastage’.

6 thoughts on “Different Color Tone – Nippon Paint”

  1. Hi,

    I just stumbled onto your blog. May I know why you chose Nippon Odour-less AirCare instead of the other Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 or other Nippon products? There’s so many options its confusing me~

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