1) Ah Chung Mee Suah

Located in Ximending. Its very popular in that area.

the shop

closer view of it

2) Taiwan Grilled Sausages

you can have your selection of sauce on the sausage. eg: black pepper, honey, BBQ, spicy, etc.


3) Smelly/ Stinky Tofu

Some people might find it very stinking,but to me its very delicious wor…its crispy on d outside & soft inside…because its deep fried. With the perfect combination of sauce; fuiyo…you will never resist it…

version 1: from ximending

version 2: from Danshui

4) Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice)

It’s very yummy. No doubt it look simple or plain. But the rice is very tasty.

version 1: from ximending


version 2: from jiufen


5) Ohh Jien (Fried Omelette with Oyster)

from ximeding


6) Tako

from Danshui

closer view


7) Ai Yu Ping (Jelly Drink)

from Shilin


8) YongHer Soya & You Tiao

the shop


warm soya &chicken floss wrapped with omelette


9) French Food at Jay Chou’s Restaurant


tasty & crispy garlic bread


tomato soup


curry rice with cheese


orange sauce spagetti


the shop name


10) Soup Noodles with duck meat



11) Beef Noodles



12) Pork Noodles & Porkball




13) Wrapped ice cream with peanut candy





14) Yu Yuan



15) Hotpot with Rice


Kimchi version



closer view of kimchi version


malat/spicy version

closer view

16) ColdStone Ice Cream

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