Sarikei is the hometown of my hb.

I remembered telling my friends that if i would to go there, I would bring back the photos of the food delicacies over there.

The most famous or popular noodles over there i would say its Mee Kolok & Mee Kampua.

Here are the photos:-

“Bien Nuik”(扁肉)

Kam Pua noodles” (干拌面)

keow teow with tomato

5 taste drink

(combination of red dates, winter melon sugar, green jelly, barley & longan)

Mee Kolok

another version of keow teow in tomato

“roti kahwin”

a traditional method of toast bread. toast over the hot charcoal

fried yellow noodles in soup

“Zhou Cai Hung Ngan” (糟菜粉干)

don’t know the name of this vege. but u can normally see it on your ‘pan mee’

pig’s liver soup

“Tian Miang Ngu”(鼎边糊)

Sarawak Laksa

stir fry midin (quite similar to pucuk paku)

3 Layers tea

(combination of milk tea, milk, wheat grass/brown sugar)

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