It was Alex’s company trip. I told Alex; I want to follow..bawa saya jugak larr…

Keke…(my tactic sudah menang :-p) So, Alex registered me for the trip as well…gigi gaga gugu 😀

The trip was on October 2009. We traveled by Air Asia Airline. The total occupants from their company was around 100 person. Can you imagine it…it was like they booked the whole flight….Because it was not a peak season period. This is the first time we travelled to Medan. There’s a famous place over there named Lake Toba.

Day 1

Checked in to the hotel; Hotel Niagara. Its located uphill,so its abit cold.

Hotel Niagara

the view from our room

sunset view from our room

watched the cultural dance & performance

Day 2

A boat trip across the lovely Lake Toba cut through the crystal clear water of Lake Toba to Samosir Island. Tomok a village of Batak Tobanese, to see their distinctive traditional peak roofed houses. Observed their way of life and also the ancient tomb to their king Sidabutar. Ambarita here you can see the chairs and tables made of pure stone which were used during the meeting of the king and his court house when discussing the important matters concerning the government.

we are in the middle of the huge lake

tomok village with peak roofed.

can you see the stone chairs & tables?

there was where the meeting took place.

this was where the execution of criminal took place

they believed in christian/jesus.

the 8 circles represents 4 pairs of boobs(women/wives)

they do believed that lizards brings them luck.

After had lunch, then made a stop at Sipiso-piso water fall, a splender stream of water falling from a great height in Karo Highland.

spotted a unique tree

shops over there

Night, we checked in to Mikie Hotel, Brastagi

Day 3

our hotel room

it was a rainy morning

After breakfast, head over to fruit market.

want a horse ride?

passion fruit…very sweet

the juicy, sweet & cheap mango

durian feast. Malaysia’s kampung durian also can compete!!

Head over to the crocodile farm

the croc is so huge!! omg…

so many!! guess what will remain if one has fallen into the pond.

pond filled with many many crocs…*scary*

Palace of Sultan Deli

Checked in to the last hotel of the trip. “Grand Swiss Bell Hotel”. Located i the town of Medan. The best of hotel of the trip!!

Day 4

Some shopping & lunch then balik time….


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