Kopi + Cat

Kopi (Coffee) …my daily cuppa of the day…for me to stay awake.

Cat.. may look cute..but they can be sneaky too..BEWARE!

When both words are added together….it may sounds like ‘Copycat’.

I often seen photographer’s original sources were used or copied by some irresponsible users, without the permission of the owner. Same goes to food blogger’s photos and reviews were copied by other user/ writer though watermark is printed on each photos. People these days are brilliant. Simply by cropping the watermark or fading it…they claim the source belongs to them. There’s also another type of person. They like to sneak and read quietly…without leaving any footprints… But on the other hand, you can see there’s many similarity from your blog appears on his/her blog. The way the write, the way they comment, the sentence, the words.

Am wondering, can these people be categorized as plain lazy or they just can’t be a lil more creative and to write and put their own words.

So, to the copycats…please have some respect to the owner!

While for owners, be proud of yourself too…because you are being copied!

Good Day & Have a Pleasant Weekend Everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Kopi + Cat”

  1. Yo Yo, Whatsup!!! LMAO!!! Way to go Mel Mel!! *Clap clap clap*
    Geez…… I really don’t understand even blogging also want to copy other people’s style and words and phrases, even right up to the title!!!!!! Even the “adjective”!!! Gosh… don’t they have creativity and style??? Hmm…. Perhaps not. Hahahahahaha….. Ooopsie… am I copying someone right now? LOL!!! 😛 Oh wait, I’m copying myself. La la la…..
    I super like this, “They like to sneak and read quietly…without leaving any footprints…”
    Wuahahahahahaha 😛

  2. I dislike copycats… I think they have no respect for themselves as well as the original author. I always feel sakit hati when I see my blogs or photo kena “copy” elsewhere.

    1. Cheryl – At times there are things that you don’t need to say it so obvious & you’ll discover if wthr if that someone is copying or not de…hhmm…moreover I did not mention its me rite..hehe…

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