Louis turn 1 today!

It was Baby Louis birthday on 1st May 2010.

Yeah….Louis is now 1 year old lu…big big boy lor….

Elaine invited me to Louis’s birthday party in Regeant Seremban.

I brought Alex along to accompany me.hehe…..I think it was a good date….because the whole restaurant was full with different celebration/occasion, ie: weddings, birthdays. I was there at almost 7pm. Since it has not started yet, so I have a chat with Elaine…because Louis was still asleep at that time. The dinner was a buffet style. I recalled the dishes all were not bad, very tasty. They provide us with fried rice(yong chow fried rice), fried mee hoon, curry chicken, braised pork knuckle in vinegar, stir-fry broccoli, fried wantan, fried spring roll, sweet sour fish fillet, fried shrimp, fruits & some nyonya kuih. Elaine mom is so geng….she can even make 2 types of kuih & cooked the ‘wine chicken’.

I waited till the cake cutting session. Wow….the cake was so nice & cute!!

Elaine put so much effort to have a ‘moo moo theme’.

p/s: Elaine, thanks for the invitation & nice to meet BB Louis. Luckily I managed to carry him awhile before he cries…

Elaine & Mel

Mel & Alex

(not yet start….test camera first lor)

cake cutting session

very lovely & cute cake

yeah….finally able to get Louis for a snapshot

got this suit of clothing for Louis

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