Mom’s version of PORK BURGER

I got tempted on Baby Sumo’s Burger.

Therefore I made a suggestion to Mom; why not we try making own patties & Burger for dinner. Mom was delighted with my suggestion! She uses her own method of making it(the pork patties) from scratch.



As Above


– 500g minced pork (able to make 3-4 patties)

– burger bun

– sliced tomatoes

– lettuce



1) Marinate all the minced pork with salt & pepper.

2) Refrigerate the meat for 30 minutes




Mold the meat into you desired size or thickness to form a patty. Fry the pork patties under the hot oil with a moderate flame. Cover the pan while you are frying it; to retain the meat’s moisture.


The outcome


Place the tomatoes, lettuce, patties & sauce as per your choice. Top with burger bun.


Nom Nom Nom….Mmmmm….So Yummy! SO kenyang after had it all.

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