My 1st Experience at Beanie Plex (TGV Setiawalk Puchong)

I don’t usually go for movies in cinemas. Unless there are some particular movies that I’m really interested (thrillers or action movie). Often, Alex is the one who suggested to go for movie. Hehehe….

Recently, TGV Cinemas being the first has introduced the ‘Beanieplex’ movie hall. The first location was at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang. What is ‘Beanieplex’? A cinema hall featuring bean bag seats instead of the common seats that we often sees.

Now, you can experience ‘Beanieplex’ not only at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang, but also at TGV Bukit Indah, TGV Ipoh, TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Tebrau City, TGV 1 Utama and not forgetting the latest one at Setiawalk Puchong. I’m glad they have it here. Why? Shorter traveling time for me ahh… 😉


Clean and spacious hall at TGV Setiawalk Puchong.

20121225_180449Bean Seats are meant to accommodate 2 person. If you want to go alone also can…more spacious lor…You can occupy the whole seat. The seats design..really space ship or airplane look. Obviously this is more comfortable then our low cost flight lah! We paid RM44/ bean seat. Means RM22/person. Comparing to the normal price tickets..of course we are paying almost double the price. But once in awhile to chillax…okay lar..

20121225_180548Huh?! Alex has fall asleep? But still holding tight on the handphone?

20121225_180756The bean seat was quite firm. You need to smack abit to adjust your butt and sit comfortably on it. It was a good experience. I like lor… Seat is spacious and quite comfy. No barrier in between ma. Moreover I can sit cross leg la…sit side way la…anyway also can la…as long as you don’t block people’s view. LOL! BTW…We were here to watch CZ12..the only show that has bean bag then.

*sorry for the poor resolution photos. Very dark lar*

TGV Setiawalk Puchong is new and very nice. Very cold too…Go experience it yourself lar… 😉

22 thoughts on “My 1st Experience at Beanie Plex (TGV Setiawalk Puchong)”

  1. waaaaah, this looks so comfortable! i could almost imagine falling asleep if the movie is slow, heheh. i’m definitely hoping to try this, hopefully they’ll bring this concept to tgv klcc, the mall closest to me 😀

    1. SP – teruk la u…summore tell me u often go Setiawalk. Chey…
      There got one mall..Inside the mall there. But that mall is still vacant. Only got on fitness centre.

  2. So comfortable. I think I will fall asleep… But so many different people sitting…ummmm…I don’t think I would want to sleep on those, thank you. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

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