Hello Kitty was in Town — We went crazy…..

In conjunction to Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Pavilion had it all PINK! The all PINK city…..

The campaign was held at Pavilion from 14th – 16th October 2011. A campaign filled with fun activities, mechanize for sale, complimentary breast checks, fashion shows, exhibitions and also makeup & skincare services. This campaign was mainly to collect funds and also to deliver an important message towards breast cancer to both females and males.

**testing testing** was testing on the lighting..

Yeah….both the lengluis; Ah Yi & Ashley

OK…my turn to pose…. ^^

The beautiful facade of Pavilion

Distributing leftlets and merchandise for sale. i.e; T-Shirts, Luxury Crackers. What’s important is that, 100% of the sale will proceed to the Breast Cancer Awareness 2011 Fund.

A beautiful pot of Pink Lily

Pink Ribbons – please take one

The pink stage with booths participating in the campaign. i.e; Estee Lauder, Origins, & etc.

There were a dance performance going on. Able to spot audiences using iPad for video recording? Cool wey…..

Ah Yi’s bag matches the PINK campaign le…But she wasn’t too happy lor…because she automatically became the “Ah 4”. Kekekeke…..

Hong Leong Bank was one of the participating brand.

Yi vs. Mel imitating Hello Kitty’s wink wink face

Open a new Hong Leong Savings or Current Account and stand a chance to win this adorable PINK Hello Kitty Suzuki Swift. Wow…I’m dreaming myself driving this car on the road. So girley & cute lor……Too bad its a debit card. I wish its a credit card instead. *guess what happen next*

Ta Daahhh….Hello Kitty in town!!! It draws most attention….(I’m one of them). Seeing hello kitty in town, made me feel overjoyed and excited. Hardly got the chance to see Hello Kitty in KL ma…..

After the Toy Story thing, which was 1 year ago…now we decided to go crazy for this. Simply contribute RM20 to have a snapshot with Hello Kitty. A copy of 4R photo will be given for free. Oh ya, the RM20 will solely proceed to Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2011 Fund. Lets do it!!

TOGETHER? Yes…all 3 of us together with Hello Kitty.

Waiting for our photo to be printed by the pink pink crews.

Erm…a topsy turvy photo?

Alright, this is better…. well-balanced =p

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty was in Town — We went crazy…..”

  1. *ahem ahem* Leng Lui Ashley *winks winks* I love the last photo neh. Thank u Mel Mel. πŸ˜€
    Next year we go for another type of cartoon! Kakakaka πŸ˜›

    1. Ash – No doubt are leng luis ma…hehehe… sure u love the last photo…bcos the process of capturing was sibeh funny…. aiyo…no thank la.. yea..more cartoon character & we shall make a compilation! πŸ˜‰

      1. aiyoo, the process…. don’t remind me leh… now i really LOL! “left a bit… left lah… no lah.. ashley lah… left left… what? my left or ur left lah???” LMAO

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