My Part Time Model…..

I got my age 2.5 years old niece as my part time model. I must say that I made her got used to pose naturally in front of the camera. And now whenever she sees I held my camera, she will insist me to take a photo of her. Nevertheless, she is a quick learner. She picks up pretty fast. Simple instructions like; look more to the left or to the right, she can grasp that easily. Or I’ll just show her how you should pose, then she really did able to follow accordingly. Well, obviously practice makes perfect.

My sis is a fulltime housewife taking care of my niece and giving her fullest attention most of the time. I’m so proud of my sis. 2 weeks ago, when my sis and BIL went for an overseas vacation for a week, my niece was left with us (under the care of my mom). I was the one who was so worry that my niece may not be able to cope or misses her mom (my sis) very very much. To my surprise, she only cried awhile on 1st night. The following days, not only she did not look for her mummy…but she was playing her toys, doing coloring by herself, watch tv (with us lied to her that mummy has gone to work/office…duhh…wonder she knows what is ‘office’) without being cranky as well. At that moment…I felt that she’s so grown up and I’m so proud of her. Hence, my sis did make some phone calls back to talk to her. Listening to her ‘everyday also same conversation’ was funny though. (mummy…today I went buy jelly ohh…I go where and where..afterwards you buy chocolate ahhh…)

My beloved niece, Vernice

My first swimsuit photo shoot.

Can play with water…very fun and she likes it very much.

I so want to LOL each time I look back to this photo.

A recent photo taken at the playground…Vernice loves to spend her evening here….

She likes the slide very much. Will often tell her mummy; “don’t say last one ahhh”…..

And this is the latest photo…where I request to put her hand on the face with a slight head tilting.

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