Kidzoona is now opened at Aeon Mall Seremban 2

The Journey of Junior AM

Malaysia weather is often sunny or rain. Instead of playing at home, sometimes I just want Jet to spend some time outdoor. Other than going to the parks, I would like to bring him to indoor playgrounds. Where it is fully air conditioned. hehe…..Don’t have to worry it is rain or shine.


Kidzoona at Aeon Seremban 2 is opened on 29 April 2017.
At the moment, indoor playgrounds we have in Seremban are lollipop, at NSK and now the newest Kidzoona. Kidzoona has several outlets in KL.

IMG_20170512_142420 I got a voucher during their mascot walkabout day. Offering 50% discount to children age between 3-5 years old. Making use of the voucher, I brought Jet here early in the morning after his Kindermusik class. Jet was so happy and excited. But we made a deal, that we must leave when mummy said so, okay? Jet replied ok without hesitation. We often…

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2 thoughts on “Kidzoona is now opened at Aeon Mall Seremban 2”

  1. The attitude of the workers here are rude towards the children. Children are so young they don’t know anything ; however , the workers here did not able to manage their attitude

    1. Ohhh dear. So sorry to hear about your bad experience with the staff’s attitude. You should write the matter to the management so they will look into it. Sometimes people bring their emotions to work, there are also people who doesn’t work with passion…that’s how it end up like that 😦

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