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Hairstyle : Braided Bun Tutorial

Ladies….do you have long hair and often ran out of idea on how to style your hair? Especially when you need to attend functions or an important date. You wouldn’t want to look bored by just letting your hair down all the time, although that’s the simplest way.

If I would to have sufficient time , I’ll try to style my hair before I attend a wedding dinner. I came across this website which gave me ideas on hairstyles with some steps, using photos as tutorial. Some of them are kinda tough or complicated, I felt. I want something that is quick and easy to follow.

Last weekend, I attended Alex’s cousin wedding. So, I decided to try this Braided Bun.

Can you understand the steps by looking at the above photo? Its quite easy… The main key is the knowledge of braiding. Which I assume most of you ladies can do it 😉

All you need to have is rubber band and these hair pins to secure your hair. I got these hair pins from Sinma for only RM5.

The backview. So, how does it look? Okay ma? A lil messy cos of my layered hair. ^_^

How much time I spent on this hair? Can’t remember the exact duration…may be around 10 minutes.

Do I look good?

Black Lacey Dress – Bought from Tri fandy fashion Valley
Make Up – Using assorted rojak brands
Hairstyle – Myself (Braided Bun)

Hope to experiment more hairstyle from

Five Makeup No – Nos – CloveTWO

Five Makeup No – Nos – CloveTWO.

Sharing 5 makeup NO-NOs to all ladies out there.

You want to look pretty? You want to impress you man? You want to be more confident?

Why not have a glance of yourself on the mirror before leaving home rather than scaring people. Looking natural and not overdo is the best!

Zero knowledge on make up? Why not spare sometime to view some makeup clips shared on youtube.


Remove Your Make Up within A Minute

No longer the ordinary cleansing oil, eye & lip remover.  In this new era; time is very precious. Everything must be done fast. Recently I discovered this new product by Biore. With just 1 product; it works for the whole face.

Its Biore Cleansing Oil – In Cotton Wipes Box.


Of cause there are several other brands sold in market. I did tried from Simple, Elianto. Somehow I felt that Biore works best on me. It cleanses effectively.




A box with 48 wipes. Its refillable. Priced at RM32.

Got My Eye Brow Trimmed

After lunching with Jessie & Wei Chi; we went to Empro of Midvalley.

Because Jessie wanted to get an eyeliner. Therefore Wei Chi recommended Empro to Jessie. While checking on the other products displayed; I noticed that there were quite a number of customers at the kiosk. Upon making payment of Jessie’s purchase; we stumbled upon this eye brow trimming or shaping for just RM10. Hmm…sounds good though. Jessie & I got attracted to it. Hence it was quite sometime since the last time we got our eye brow trimmed. They do offers package of 12 sessions with the price of RM120 valid for a year. Which means you can save up to RM20. Besides trimming of eye brow; they do offer services like; tattooing of eye brow, eyelash perming.



Check out the excellent job!