Pedicure & Manicure Experience @The Color Shop, Palm Mall Seremban

The Color Shop at Palm Mall Seremban is now more than just a hair saloon. Recently they’ve added Nail Care & Design (Nail Saloon) into their premise. Meaning to say, ladies and gentlemen can have a nice hairdo plus nail care under the same roof. Kill two birds with one stone! 😀

Located at Level 2, the same floor as GSC cinema.

Ever since I became a mother, time is really precious to me. I rarely have time to indulge myself in hairdo, body massage or nails. One week ago, I pay a visit here for a good self pampering to groom my nails. Our nails are just like our face, body and hair which requires good care too. Hence, I must really enjoy the session.

Ling, the friendly Manicurist here has several years of working experience back in New York.

I sat on the comfortable couch, then Ling explained the nail services that are available here.

For your info, Ling uses mostly products are of OPI brand. Only the nail color, there’s a choice of OPI and BANDI. Both are already a well known brand in nail care line.

I started off with a good foot spa then followed by pedicure.

I was told to sit on this sofa. Little did I know, its not just a sitting sofa, but also a massaging chair. Wow…this is really a bonus to customers! During the whole process, you can enjoy a good back massage. Sit back, relax and leave the rest to the professional.

Ling added sea salt into the foot spa tub which was filled with warm water. Sea salt are known to be a natural cleansing agent.

She begin with applying a later of OPI ‘mask’ onto my leg, then cling wrapped my legs and finally wrapped with warm towel. This is the ‘steaming’ process. This step took approximately 20 minutes.

Then Ling started shaping my toe nails.

This foot spa tub device works like a Jacuzzi. Just soak your feet in. Bubbles and heat provide soothing relief to the soles of your feet, it also includes soft-touch massager.

Next, Ling proceed with removing cuticles and dead skin. Cuticle oil was also added during this step.

Then, removed the warm towels and cling wrap. Ling applied OPI scrub for exfoliating.

Using the foot file, Ling removes dead skin from my foot and especially heels. (Foot Scrub)

Lastly, towel dry the leg then applied moisturizer. I can feel that my legs are much smoother now.

The whole session also includes an additional 10 minutes of foot massage by the skillful Manicurist.

Ling handed over the color palate. Choosing which color suits my toe nails. Varies from pastels to bold colors.

If you fancy some studs or bling bling stuffs on your nails.

Ling applied a layer of ‘base coat’ before proceeding to the actual selected color.

I chose a pastel pink for my toes. Ling commented that my nails are so short. LOL 😀

The above is Gel Nail Polish.

What is the difference between a gel nail polish and a traditional nail enamel?
Gel nail polishes are formulated differently from traditional nail color and cure under artificial light, so they dry faster and last longer. Gel nail polish lasts up to two weeks without chipping or peeling, and retains its shine as well. 

After application, we need to cure the nail polish. The curing stage requires a special nail drying light. The curing process took 30 seconds.

Lastly, top coat is applied to protects nails while giving them the strength to take on your daily activities, without chipping, peeling or looking scratched.

The above process took approximately 1.5 hours.

Pedicure – RM40

Foot Spa (inclusive of 10 minutes foot massage) – RM80

After beautifying my toe nails, next we proceed with Manicure. Ling proposed French Nail because I told her I just want a simple one.

Trimming ,shaping and buffer my nails before applying the gel color polish.

Ling ensured that she always sterilized her tools.

Ling was very detailed when she did my nails. She applied polish away from my cuticles.

My simple dimple looking nails. They looked very presentable and its still in good condition over almost 2 weeks.

(To protect your fingernails, use your fingers when you type on keyboard instead of finger tip)

Manicure – RM30

Gel Color – RM50

French – RM10

photo by Ling

Besides nail services, hair removal service (hand, leng, underarm) is also available here. Above are the photos showing before and after hair removal. For more info, you can give them a call.

The Color Shop

Lot L2-37,Level 2,Palm Mall,Jalan Sungai Ujong, Seremban

Contact Number: 06-765 6151 / 019-2239828

Business Hour: 10am – 10pm.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. Its time to pan leng leng. Give them a call to make an appointment.

I’ve already done my reservation to give my nails a new look for this Chinese New Year 🙂

**Latest update – 11 February 2018. Done my manicure and pedicure with gel polish on my nails. Love the natural colors on my fingers that suits all occasions and clothing too. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Was looking for a manipedi place in seremban and a quick Google search later here I am thanks to your post. 😀

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