My so-called dream design

A so-called design that I would like to have in my house. Why do I named it so-called design?? Well…if you would to see the photos I am posting here…you might be thinking…”ahem…not so grand oso lorrr”…yealo…don’t need so grand want..after all I am not a millionaire oso ma….LOL..

The external of the house is very important, because the first look might give people a very good impression. Nevertheless the interior of the house does play an important role as well. Because you wouldn’t want your house to look like a worker hostel right?

BRAVO!! Now is the moment where all the ‘kaching kaching” $$$$$ comes in.

What to do…want nice thing sure need to spend some money & effort lor.. I would like to have kitchen, bedrooms or living hall to be something like these:-

*got the ideas from here:-


choice 1

choice 2

choice 3


simple & nice



this will only happen if i would to get a huge house with huge bathroom T_T


every girl’s dream i suppose….

2 thoughts on “My so-called dream design”

  1. Wow!! U are great.. I love those house designs which u have posted out! How much i wish my closet would be that too! Can buy more clothes 😉 Hee hee.. U plan well n im sure Ur DREAMS will cme true~~ GambateH!!

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