Karaoke for a DAY

Karaoke for a day? Yea….that was one Saturday. Had 2 session of karaoke with friends. 2 different group of friends. The ‘day’ session was in Red Box, Gardens Mall. While the ‘night’ session was in Green Box, Sungei Wang.

Met Wanyi & Ashley for karaoke session. Unfortunately Vivian & Nicole couldn’t make it to come. The karaoke session was real good, released some of the stress from the hectic work. Now that I’ve missed the BSB’s “EVERYBODY” song. Really shout em loud…After the karaoke session, we had a simple photo shooting session to practice our so-called photography skill I would say =p. Then we head over to Cititel Hotel, Midvalley to do my checking in. Because Alex & I will be spending a night over there. Therefore, all of us lepak in my room after the room checking in. Before leaving, we had ice cream in “New Zealands Ice Cream” which I have not try before.

my sizzling noodles

wanyi & ashley’s lemon chicken chop

thanks Ashley for this piece

the making of “ashley woo”

(behind the scene)

for complete version of mine; pls visit:- ASHLEY WOO

the lenglui photographer

from left: Ashley, Wanyi & Myself

The night karaoke session was meant for ‘khong hean’ the host. Jimmy organized it to celebrate khong hean’s upcoming wedding. While Jimmy will be leaving to Shanghai for 2 months to attend training.

khong hean & wifey

Chip & Tat

Alex in action


5 thoughts on “Karaoke for a DAY”

  1. Everybody… YEAHhhh… Rock Your Boddyyyy… YYeahhh! Everybody.. Rock your Body Right… Backstreet’s Back.. ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Whahah! Missing that moment….

  2. Muahahha….. I played back the recorded “Everybody” to Andrew, i was laughing non-stop and he said “yyeerr…. why u all sang like sooo FLAT one… YEAHHHH…..” LOL!!!
    That song is really a good “shouter” lah! next time I wan to sing it again!

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