Lunch @ IKEA Restaurant

Each time I visit IKEA, I noticed the crowd over this area. Knowing that its IKEA Restaurant, surely people taking their breaks or meals during their shopping there. Yet I did not have a chance to try any of the food. After seeing the place is so crowded, I decided not to enter.

Last Saturday, I made a trip down to IKEA to check out the latest price and furniture so that I could workout my price list. Hence, this round I made a stop at the Restaurant for my lunch. Why so? Hmm….told myself no matter how, this round I gotto try their food. Anyway, its a self service restaurant.

How to order your meal:-

1) Get a food trolley (advisable if you are ordering more than 1 item). Queue in line.

2) Place your food trays on the trolley.

3) Move towards the food counter, place your order. Food will be delivered on the spot.

4) Move towards the cashier to pay your food.

Swedish Meatball (5 pcs) – RM5 (recommended)

It comes with fries. Moreover there are 3 different serving size. 5 pieces, 10 pieces and 15 pieces. Well, lets get 5 pieces for a try. Beef meatballs are served with cream sauce and lingonberry jam. Together with fries they lump everything in a plate. I know it does look awful right? Unlike what you seen on the menu. So neat and clean.

Coat the meatballs with cream sauce and lingonberry jam, Oh la la. Cream sauce was tasty and a lil sourish plus sweet taste of jam makes a slight twist in flavor. A perfect combi. Moreover the meat is so dense.

Baked Salmon with potatoes & vegetables – RM14.90

Salmon was lightly baked. Not overcooked nor salty. Sauce did not taste strong. Not much flavor though. Unfortunately the potatoes were very hard. Or should I say raw?

Chicken Whole Leg with Swedish Spice & Lemon Sauce – RM9.90

The lemon sauce was not really my liking. Potatoes and carrots were raw too…as in quite raw. However I would say that the chicken meat was good. A healthy food I suppose.

**Apart from the food, we ordered soft drinks for RM1.59 each – free flow. I was also told that the Chicken Wings were good. Wanted to take away(dapao), but was not allowed. Because they do not provide any take away box…too bad. Will try it some other time.

Food :  6/10

Price : Affordable (imposed 6% government tax)

Ambiance : 5/10

Ikea Restaurant
No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: 603 – 7726 7777

9 thoughts on “Lunch @ IKEA Restaurant”

  1. Whenever I saw the crowd, I wonder if it is so nice, never wanted to try oso since it is always so packed. hahahahaha….. Eh, mel mel, I like the hotdog opposite the check-out counter ler… kakakakaka.. and the ice-cream too!!!

      1. the Q is always long lah my dear, but very fast de. There’s actually 2 Q’s. Every time i go Ikea, for SURE will eat the ice-cream, without fail! Kakakakaka….

  2. Actually the ice cream counter queue move very fast one… wont have to wait long if u wan to get that.

    I also love the meatballs here… think its the combination of the sauce and lingonberry jam.

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