Short trip to Melaka

Mel persuaded Alex to bring her for a short trip to Melaka on Sunday. Alex agreed; and Mel jumps up happily. Hoooray…Hooray…Therefore; Mel decided to bring along mummy & siblings as well.

Went for our lunch at around 12pm in City Park; Seremban. Returned home to get our stuff ready for the trip. HOORAY…HOORAY….(again) hahaha….

Started our journey at around 2pm. Was worrying that it might rain in the afternoon or evening. phew….luckily the weather was fine throughout the day. Instead it was flaming HOT!! Reached Ayer Keroh Toll Exit at around 3pm. (thanks hubby for driving. I know its tough to drive under the glaring sun. make people feel sleepy too….never got good assistant here….she will try to keep you awake. kept talking like a parrot. sure awake one) :-p

Our first destination was to Taman Buaya. yea…I know..I know…sounds awkward to visit there right. Never mind lar….heard that they did some improvement on it already. So, try to check out and see lor…YES; Indeed! They did improvise the place. More nicer cages/aquariums for the crocs, cleaner area, new place for the reptiles. I recalled this park was often a visiting place during school days. The entrance fee without the water park; is RM8.

sis & Vernice

the miniature A Famosa

the miniature twin tower & penang bridge

mini Tugu Malaysia

mini Sepang Circuit

mini Putrajaya

this croc  is unique. THE TAILLESS CROCODILE

Mel trying to pose

the Reptile Corner


the sleeping PYTHON

duno what lizard




spotted a monkey on the tree

At around 4.30pm; headed over to our next destination. SATAY CELUP!! Its a famous food in Melaka.Capitol Satay Celup.

After the satisfying and kenyang meal; we drove over to Jonker Street. Jonker Street is like a ‘pasar malam/ night market’. Selling various items from food to clothing, collections, souvenirs, accessories. It is located at Jalan Hang Jebat. The stalls/traders only operates on weekend. While the shops there open daily.

Left jonker street and return home at around 8pm. SELAMAT TINGGAL!!

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