Half Day Trip to Port Dickson (Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Wan Loong Chinese Temple & Pusat Ikan Hiasan)

The kids were longing to go to the beach.

When are we going to the beach, mummy?

Well, Port Dickson would be an ideal and nearest beach to go. It is just 30-40 minutes drive from Seremban. We decided to go early in the morning to have our breakfast at the beach. Yay!

1) Pantai Cahaya Negeri

There are many stops along Port Dickson beach. However I chose Pantai Cahaya Negeri because I felt it is cleaner and less crowd. Furthermore, there’s ample of parking lots here.

Despite cleaner beach, I also like that there’s a public toilet & bathroom here. It will be convenient for beach goers to wash up. There’s a fee of RM0.50 (for usage of toilet), RM1 (for usage of bathroom). I wouldn’t say its very clean, but still acceptable.


We were so lucky, that morning was quite cloudy after the heavy rain at dawn. Moreover the beach was really empty. Probably due to the fasting month. It was really nice to stroll along the beach with such nice weather.


Pantai Cahaya Negeri is a popular beachside destination between 5th and 6th mile of Port Dickson, served by a considerable number of resorts, hotels and apartments perched along its coastal strip. Some claim this to be PD’s best beach – balancing natural beauty, tranquility and public facilities. The sea waters here are also quite clean, reflecting bluish green with good visibility. Meanwhile, the soft, powdery sand here is notably inviting, gleaming white when lit by the afternoon sun. A recreational park occupies a small cape at the eastern edge, with panoramic views of sea along its perimeter, and a wooden bridge that leads to a small mangrove island (Pulau Burung) off the coast.

We chose a nice spot under the tree to have our picnic! 😀

Hahaha! We bought some packets of Nasi Lemak, Fried Bihun, Steamed Pao, Steamed Siew Mai and drinks before we head to the beach.

The kids were so excited about the picnic and play at the beach. Although this was not the first time, but it is a rare occasion.

Spending time with your child is what every parent should do. Because they grow up really fast without you realizing it.

We didn’t walk across the lengthy wooden bridge. But if you have spare time… why not?

Tip: If you go to the beach and you need to wash off the sand before getting into the car, use talcum powder. It washes off effectively. Ya…its faster than water too. 🙂

2) Wan Loong Chinese Temple

Kampung Teluk Kemang, 71050 Si Rusa, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

We left the beach as its getting hot. We head over to Wan Loong Chinese temple to pray. Wan Loong Chinese Temple is a Buddhist temple. It is nice temple located at a slope by the roadside. Visible from the roundabout.

Wan Loong Temple is located along the 7th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, just opposite the PD World Marina Resort. This Chinese temple, with its opulent architecture and imposing fortress walls, is hard to miss at left along the main road, if coming south towards Malacca from PD town. The temple name means ‘Dragon of the Clouds’, but it pays homage to several oriental deities, including Kuan Yi (goddess of mercy) and the Monkey King.

A pond filled with tortoises.

3) Pusat Ikan Hiasan Port Dickson

Jalan Kemang 8, Kampung Baharu, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Operation Hours:

8.30am – 4.30pm (Monday ~ Friday)

10am – 4pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Contact Number: 06-6621089

This research centre is now open for public viewing. Comprised of varieties colorful ocean fishes and corals that are well kept in tanks.

They recently set up this Turtle Conservation Centre.

Research on the turtle eggs hatching method.

This was the first time I get to see a real turtle. An up close one! As you know, the turtles are very precious. I was so thrilled 😀

Turtles of different ages and species are put in different water tubs.

Don’t you think that these baby turtles are so cute!! I believed there are people who cannot tahan the cuteness and start putting their hands in or probably catch it. I hope you would not do that ya.

The activities of reproduction and conservation of coral species from the sea (Port Dickson) is done here. I could see some beautiful corals, sea horse, clown fish (nemo).


This is a nice and educational place for children and adult. Although it is not big, but I like how well they maintained the place. “Protecting fisheries resources and ensuring national treasures are preserved for future generations”

Clown Fish (Nemo) is one of the popular fish here.

Visitors get the chance to touch starfish & sea cucumber too.

Pantai Cahaya Negeri → (5 min.) Wan Loong Chinese Temple → (5 min.) Pusat Ikan Hiasan PD, are all linked together in a same route. Therefore, it is quite convenient.

4) Restaurant Yit Hin

Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson
Jalan Pasar Lama, 71000 Port Dickson

Operation Hours: 10.30 am to 4.30 pm daily, closed on Tuesdays

For lunch, we drove to PD town (about 15 minutes drive from Pusat Ikan) for chicken rice which claimed to be best Hainan Chicken Rice in Port Dickson. I kinda agree on that. The fragrantful rice is abit oily but its fluffy. Steamed chicken is firm yet smooth. I like the ginger sauce to compliment the chicken and rice. Besides that, I felt the chili sauce is rather different from others. Apparently, they uses free range chicken or we usually called it ayam kampung.

The stall and dining place may not look appealing. But the chicken rice is good!


It was a well spent day. And what matters most are all the mentioned destination are free. No admission fee required. Isn’t that great!

Another destination that I would like to recommend is the Army Museum Port Dickson. Yes, it is free too. 🙂

*archived photo*


Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat, Selangor

Mom & I have not been to Tanjung Sepat before. Traveling to Tanjung Sepat from Seremban only requires about 1 hour driving journey, via Sepang route. I must thank the person who created ‘waze’. It really helps me to explore new places.

Since it is just an hour drive, therefore a day trip is doable. Furthermore Tanjung Sepat is just a small town.

Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia. To give you a brief idea on whereabout, it is actually in between Sepang and Pantai Morib. Tanjung Sepat is primarily a fishing town.

Printing out the Map would be helpful to anyone of us.

I assumed dragon fruits are grown widely at Tanjung Sepat because we saw some dragon fruits plantation farm on both directions of road as we were approaching the town. You can also visit the farm (Multi-rich Pitaya Dragon Fruit Farm).

We arrived Tanjung Sepat at 10+am for an early Bak Kut Teh. I was told that it could finished before 12 or sometimes by 11am.

1) Ah Hock Seafood Bak Kut Teh

Lot 2260, Jalan Besar, Lorong 7, Selangor, 45300 Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia.

Operation hours:- 8am – 12pm

Contact Number:- 012-682 6626

Ah Hock Seafood Bak Kut Teh is the wooden hut on the right of the photo. It is quite near the wet market. Roads are pretty narrow here although its a 2 way road. There is a small vacant lot for car park, but it was full. Therefore I parked slightly further, and walked over.

The restaurant was filled with patrons when we were there before 11am. However we managed to get a seat too. Food was served pretty fast too. I read that majority people recommended the Seafood Bak Kut Teh. It is their specialty. We were left with no choice pork (kut). We were told that pork has sold out when the staff was taking our order. Therefore our pot of bak kut teh is filled with seafood! 😀

A claypot bak kut teh filled with medium size prawns, squids and chunks of fish meat. The soup was flavorful and the seafood was really fresh, especially the prawns…that it jumped off my spoon and landed on the ground ….*dangggg…. 😀

Another dish we ordered was the Pig Innards & Fish Paste in Salted Mustard Soup. All of us actually enjoyed this pot of dish more than the bak kut teh. The hearty soup was rich in flavors and has generous ingredients in it.

We also had rice, a plate of stir fry vege and tea. Our total bill came up to be RM69, which I felt its quite reasonable.

Tanjung Sepat is a small town. And that day was so sunny! *hot die*

It was just a 2 minutes walk from Ah Hock Bak Kut Teh to Pau Hai Yew Heng. So, I thought may be we could buy some pau first and coffee powder.

2) Perniagaan Pau Hai Yew Heng

405, Jalan Pasar, Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat, 42800, Tanjong Sepat

Operation hours: 1pm – 6pm

Contact Number: +60 3-3197 4144

We arrived the pau shop about 12pm. This shop is famous for its homemade pau.

I read that you must not miss the Mui Choy (Preserved Mustard) Pao here.

In the making of pork pau. Price of these pau are at RM2.80 each.

Pau that are ready for steaming.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to buy any pau at 12pm, because I was told that the pau are not ready yet. I was told to come over to buy before leaving home. Furthermore I was told no need to place early order. And when I return at 4pm, most of the pau are sold out. My favorite peanut pau was sold out! Really disappointed lor… say lar if you don’t allowed customers to book. Attitude also more like…you buy what’s left lar. May be because fames edi kut 😦

The “mui choy’ pau is special, because it is not a common pau. However its not the best I’ve eaten so far.

Sis bought some roasted coffee from Kwo Zha B Coffee, which is just few doors away from the pau shop. They gave out some sampling too. Sis claimed that it tasted good.

These ol-skool Popsicles reminds me of school days! But price has grown 10 folds. Those days I bought it at RM0.10. Now, I’m buying it at RM1. Grrrr…..

Assam Boi flavor is one of the best seller. I remember I used to buy red bean, milo and assam boi flavor.

Jet enjoyed the ice popsicle that mummy used to buy during school days 🙂

Mom bought some fish cakes and bahulu from this friendly uncle, while I bought some passion fruits sold in packs.

3) Qiao Local Products Shop

(nearby the lover’s bridge)

At this local product shop which is just nearby the Tanjung Sepat Lover’s bridge, there are many deco here which worth taking photos.

a wishing well

This street has the Chinese New Year atmosphere. With oldies song played loudly from the shop.

hahahaha! The copy, print and paste version of Penang’s wall mural.

Stacking up the traditional wine jars to form a Twin Tower. Tanjung Sepat Twin Tower I suppose 🙂

There are varieties of dried ingredients sold at this local product shop. Mom bought some anchovies, dried scallops, dried oysters and keropok. Price wise doesn’t differ much from our town. But it looks fresher here.

Quench our thirst on a sunny day with a cup of cold sugar cane drink.

4) Tanjung Sepat Lovers Bridge

Tanjung Sepat Lovers Bridge once captured many visitors heart. Many visitor came over for this bridge. Why is it called lover’s bridge? Apparently its called lovers bridge because many couples seem to come to the bridge to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately part of the bridge which made of wood collapsed sometime ago since year 2013.

Before this, visitors can still walk stand on part of the bridge (the concrete part). However it is totally closed now 😦

This is the scene at the Lovers Bridge.

5) Ganofarm Homestay

700, Jalan Laut Membiru, Taman Pelangi, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Number: 03-3197 2393
(GanoFarm is not open for public during weekdays.)

It was just some 4 minutes drive from Lovers Bridge to Ganofarm.

GanoFarm Homestay provides more than just accommodation, it is also an important Malaysian based mushroom research company that cultivates, researches and develops, manufactures, markets fresh mushrooms and mushroom- based products. Oyster Mushroom, Monkey Head Mushroom, Lingzhi Mushroom, Black Jelly Mushroom. For those who are interested in learning more about the mushroom, GanoFarm is a good choice! You can read up quite a lot information about different types of mushrooms in the mushroom viewing and briefing corridor, resting corridor and a mushroom product gallery.

The Multipurpose Hall

Mushroom viewing & briefing corridor.

Mushroom-based Product Gallery

We bought some ‘black jelly mushroom’ home to cook. Eventually it tasted quite nice.

These are Ling Zhi drinks in bottle. I was reluctant to try. I think it tasted bitter? Anyone tried before?

We saw this bridge behind Ganofarm. There were also benches. You can sit down to enjoy the view and listen to the sound of waves.

6) Kuan Wellness Eco Park

408, Tanjung Layang, Kampung Batu Lapan, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation hours: 9am – 5pm

Contact Number: 03-3148 1126

From Ganofarm to Kuan Wellness Eco Park took us about 12 minutes to reach. It was around 10km in distance.

The ecology park consists of a 3½ storey swiftlet house and a visitor centre, surrounded by palm oil plantations and tropical fruit farms which provide plenty of insects, the swiftlet’s favourite food source.

There’s a smoke free cafe here. One can savor the bird nest drinks here. We didn’t bother to try any. Because my reason to be here is to bring the kids to the mini zoo. 😀

Admission is at RM5 per person as a token of donation to the park.

You can buy the packet carrots or fish food at price of RM2 and RM3.

Hello lil cutie. 🙂

Rabbits are allowed to hoop freely behind the fence.

You can feed these fishes with the purchased fish pallets. I noticed there were few different fish species in the tank. Oh ya…there’s Empurau too. 😀

Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed feeding the animals and fishes. I think we spent around 45 minutes here.

7) Lover Bridge Restaurant

At about 2+pm, we had our late lunch here. We only ordered some simple dishes here to fill our tummy 🙂

Fried Bihun with Clams (Lala) was tasty with some good wok hei in it. Although the lala was quite tiny but the quantity was quite okay.

Fried Omelet with Oysters. Jet called this as ‘pizza’. HAHAHA! Unfortunately the oysters were very small. Otherwise it could taste better.

Seafood Beancurd soup in claypot was a comfort dish. Added some black vinegar to the soup to enhance the flavor.

The price was quite affordable.

This was our dining view. Blue sky and dust. HAHA! Apparently this was our final meal here. 😦

I was sadden by the recent news that the local council has demolished both the restaurants here to give way for development. *Sigh* 😦

8) Mr. Black

No. 7 , Jalan Bawal, Taman Mutiara, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor.

Operation hours: 10am – 6pm

While on our way home, we drove pass Mr. Black. It is another handmade pau. Without hesitation, we made a pitstop to purchase some of the pau here.

Mr. Black offers better service. The pau content is quite unique unlike the common pau that we usually eat. We tried the Salted Fish Pau & Yellow Wine Chicken Pau. Surprisingly both of it tasted good! The pau dough is nice too.


Last but not least, we also bought some dragon fruit as we were leaving Tanjung Sepat. RM10 for 3. Price may varies according to sizes. I wouldn’t say it is cheaper here. But the fruit is fresh, sweet and juicy.


Lunch @Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant, Midvalley Megamall


Jai Jinesseyo.

~translated as “Hello. How are you?”

I like eating Korean food. Especially Kimchi! Also the irresistible Kimchi Jigae. Just like how much I can’t say no to Tom Yam soup 😉

I thought its a good buy when I saw livingsocial was offering;

Dolsot Bibimbab (6 choices) + 3 Side Dishes + Free Flow Green Tea

for just RM10.

I grabbed 5 coupons and went together with my family over the weekend.

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Midvalley Megamall- the cinema floor. There’s a staircase to walk up to the restaurant which is above Taiwan Recipe.

I also noticed part of the customers here were redeeming their coupon. I suppose its a good deal that you should not miss?

There were 6 choices of bibimbap(stone pot mixed rice) for us to choose from.

– Fried Beef
– Spicy Octopus
– Kimchi Chicken
– Spicy Squid
– Curry Chicken
– Curry Beef

Refillable iced green tea to quench your thirst before food is served.

I chose Kimchi Chicken Bibimbap. Korean rice served in hot stone topped with lettuce, generous amount of kimchi chicken and a beautiful sunny yolk.

3 side dishes varies daily. We got here were kimchi, water crest vegetable and radish.

This is what it look after mixing everything in the bowl. The hot stone bowl able to keep my rice warm till my last spoon. I would prefer it to be spicier…more hot sauce perhaps. hehe…..

Mummy and Marcus had Curry Chicken Bibimbap. The curry taste wasn’t tad strong..and its not spicy either. If you can’t take spicy food….no worries about their curry chicken 😉

Alex had their Curry Beef Bibimbap. The beef were thinly slice. Not tough but tasty.

Stirring the ingredients thoroughly before eating.

Michele had Spicy Octopus Bibimbap. Becos octopus is her favorite! 😉

I also added an additional Grilled Pork Platter (RM39.90). I asked the waiter to do the grilling job. hehe…..

How to eat these grilled pork? Wrapped with fresh lettuce leaves, with rice, thinly sliced garlic, ssamjang (a mixture of gochujang and dwenjang).

Whole table filled with food!!

Verdict : Overall a decent and satisfied Korean food. The only downside I felt was the restaurant abit cramp and warm.

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant
T-049, Third Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2282 1112


(Random photo of the day). Today’s quote: “There’s two days in every week you can’t worry about. YESTERDAY & TOMORROW. You can’t change what happened yesterday and can’t control what will happen tomorrow. SO LIVE FOR TODAY!” By Anonymous

S2 Hill Park is a new attraction

There is now a new park at Seremban 2…alternative to City Park.

It is located at S2 Heights, an extension of Seremban 2.

The existing City Park is still goodl, for outdoor activities like jogging, badminton, basketball, kite flying. However the children playground is kinda small with minimal numbers of playground equipments.

Unlike here at Hill Park, they provide more playground equipments. Children will love this place. Its a nice place for family outing and also exercise.

On one fine evening, I decided to bring my lovely niece here. Another reason was because I want to go see dinosaurs. Ya…..I’m serious and I meant dinosaurs 😀

Reason why I said this is a good exercising place. All cars are required to park their vehicle down hill and walk all the way up the hill. Quite far also le…If I’m not mistaken I think we took about 15 minutes to reach the park. Luckily my niece did not complain. *phew…

Probably on special cases like you come together with senior citizens..is excusable to drive up I guess.

While we were walking…..saw a partial rainbow on the sky. Not really visible though. *sings* somewhere over the rainbow…way up high…

Yay! We finally reach the park la….*deep breath*

This park has opened for almost 2 months. So, the place is still clean and everything is still in good condition. Hope they will maintain the place.

Well Malaysians attitude…never bother to take good care of public stuffs.

Families of all races having a good time here.

1st stop. Dunno why my niece loves cars so much. If we were to go to an amusement park, she actually requested to play Daytona car racing game. @_@

Spacious park with tall trees.

Right or Left?

Look how my niece walks. Like a ‘tai ka jeh’ (big sister).. haha…

She had fun!

They also provide ‘flying fox’ for children above 12 years old. But my 4 year old niece telling her mummy she wants to play too…. @_@

Ta Daahhh….These are the dinosaurs that I mentioned lah…Haha..

Above are Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

Are you afraid of T Rex and Albertosaurus? Don’t worry…they are all fenced up. You can’t get close to them either.

How about Brachiosaurus?

A mini Jurassic Park! ^_^

They also provide spacious pondok (hut). So, you can have picnic here lor?

My niece. She is very talkative and bright kid.

Other than the hilltop view, breezy air… you can also view the beautiful sunset here.

A new and nice place to spend with family and friends on weekends.

Picnic at Port Dickson

Last weekend I spent some time with my family at Port Dickson beach. We planned to go picnic there. And the weather was all good. Not really sunny and did not rain. Port Dickson is just half an hour drive from Seremban. Therefore, the idea of getting there for a family day isn’t tough.

Port Dickson is developing now. Finally there’s a McD!! Located at PD Waterfront  (near town). Unfortunately there are still many abandoned resorts which is an eye sore. Whenever I sees an abandoned building…my mind will start to imagine some spooky stuff… =p

Nice weather with people strolling along the beach.

I chose this part of beach which is located next to Avilion Resort. (Not so crowded & quite clean). But you will need to walk further if you need to go to toilet.

There are tables and benches provided for people who planned to picnic there.

Mummy prepared some light food. Otak-Otak Samosa (bought from supermarket and self deep fried it) ,Fried Chicken (marinated overnight with kunyit) and Apple+Water Chesnut drink. The fried chicken was ‘finger licking good!’ ^^

visitors having fun at beach. There are people doing fishing there too.

guess this couple were having fun at beach too.

Do you like the sandy beach?

Alex abandoned his slipper here. *kesian…

my slipper and a dead coral.

Sis brought some toys for Vernice to play there.

She has yet to get used to the beach. She kept saying dirty @_@.

Vernice : YiYi…tissue please….

Yea..this was the purpose of asking tissue from me. Busy wipping her feet! =p

Finally! Braving herself to lift her ‘heavy’ feet from the mat. hahaha…

Everybody getting their hands on the sand.

Mummy was happy too…

The result. A rejected ‘sand castle’ and a cacat feet! Hahaha….

Mel with Alex ^_^

Alex : Aiyohhh….so heavy lah! Can’t carry. My bones are cracking!!

Mel : Kahwin time can carry…Why now can’t edi?

Alex : Last time was light, and now so heavy!

Mel : @_@ KNS!!

Water sports; banana boat, water scooter or a boat ride with some charges.

Have a nice day! ♥

We celebrated Vernice’s Birthday @The Manhattan Fish Market, Seremban

It was Vernice, my beloved niece’s birthday.

Vernice turns 3 on 25th of March.

Her mom, my sis decided to celebrate Vernice’s birthday at The Manhattan Fish Market, Seremban. The Manhattan Fish Market is currently offering great savings set meals called “Greatest Hits From the Ocean” starts from 1st March to 29th April 2012. 

We chose ‘Chart Highlight’.

With every purchase of  “Greatest Hits From the Ocean” , you are entitle to purchase these starters (shown above) with a discount of 50%.

We decided to get 1 Fried Country Mushroom. Crispy battered button mushrooms served with Cajun Honey Mustard.

We also add on Cream of Mushroom Soup.

 ‘Chart Highlight’ comprised of 1 Caeser Salad

1 Grilled Catch of the Day – Dory (Light)

1 Small Grill (Flaming prawns served with grilled squids, fish fillet, Chips, garlic herb rice with broccoli and carrots on the side )

1 Giant Fried Platter (Chips, fried fish nuggets, shrimps, calamari, fried country mushrooms, embedded with garlic herb rice)

See how my niece pose (ok la…I admit..she learnt from me..the poser yiyi)

Some said their standard of quality has deteriorate. However the food I had that day were all good. The seafood were quite fresh, especially the prawns. I specifically love the flavorful Garlic Herb Rice very much. 

MFM Jusco Seremban 2
Jusco Seremban 2, Shopping Centre
No G.41 Ground Floor
112, Persiaran S2B1
Seremban 2
70300 Seremban
Tel/ Fax : +606-6011707 
Business Hours : 11am – 10pm

Sis ordered a beautiful set of cupcakes for Vernice. One of her favorite cartoon character, Angry Birds! The thoughtful baker was creative to make them sort of more girlish after she knew its an order for a GIRL.

Details are so neat. The chocolate flavor cupcakes were moist and the fondant was not too sweet either. Check out her FB page (Thecupcakelicious – Couture Cakes & Gifts). Her name is Leni…..a very pretty baker.

Ello piggy~~~~

Yeah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Clapssssss….

Vernice : Hmm…let me rip off this angry bird. Chomp…Chomp…Chomp…

Happy Birthday Vernice! ♥♥♥ you!!!

Better be a good gal ya…& don’t kek sei your mummy =p

Places I Visited at Cameron Highlands – Part 2 (EQ Strawberry Farm, Boh Tea Center)

After the vegetable market, we continued our journey…within the short distance by road, we made another stop at a Strawberry farm which is located just beside Equatorial Hotel. Guess, strawberry farm is a MUST VISIT place in Cameron. – since its grown widely here, due to the weather. Takkan keep eating and buying strawberries..but never know how its grown & how it looks right??

Knowing that time is precious, (as we do not want to reach KL too late) I must say that we did not waste a lot of time on every destination. Each stop were within 1/2 to 1 hour.

4) EQ Strawberry Farm

There are so many Strawberry Farm here. Somehow we just choose  randomly. A friend of mine suggested ‘Big Red Strawberry Farm’. Unfortunately I missed that place. Since EQ Strawberry Farm is just a short distance from vegetable farm, therefore we went for it. Its Free Entry here. At  EQ Strawberry Farm, you may experience self pluck strawberry. Price is determined by the weight of strawberries you plucked. If I’m not mistaken its RM20/kg. Nahh….we did not go for that..just plain visit.

It’s pretty visible along the road.

Other than self pluck strawberry…there are also souvenirs and light snacks sold here. (ice cream, strawberry dip inn chocolate).

Hmm…looks like Strawberries are planted on pots.

strolling at the fenced up farm. It’s fenced, so that people won’t curi the strawberries…. ^^ Moreover the place looks quite neat too.

The ripe and the non-ripe strawberry.

EQ Strawberry Farm
78, Jalan Kuari, Brinchang, 39100 Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05-4911759

5) Boh Tea Center (open daily 9am-4.30pm closed on Mondays)

There are several tea plantations/ farm in Cameron Highlands. My friend recommended Boh Tea Center located at Sg. Palas. Not just that, she also warned me about the narrow & winding road (which fits only 1 car at certain part) all the way up hill. Ohh My…I’m so worried and terrified.  Keeping myself alert all the way up..constantly reminding Alex to move drive slow slow….careful on the sharp bend…

Saw these colorful houses when we were about to reach the designated place.

pheww…reached here safely… walking on the trails to the top for a nice view!

Well, I can see a nice and rather unique building on top hill.

I’m at midway…Don’t worry. It’s not a tough climb anyway…

still climbing for a scenic panorama view

yeah….I’m up here now! Look at the magnificent view…really worth it.

Boh is the largest tea plantation in Cameron Highlands.

The largest producer of tea in Malaysia, Boh was established by JA Russell, an English businessman in the very early nineties. Noting the mineral-rich soil, high rainfall and cooling climate of Cameron Highlands, Russell saw the potential for growing tea – high in demand at that time despite an economic depression. He purchased a tract of land in Habu and set out to produce a robust tea with a distinct flavour, straight from the ground up. Since then, Boh has expanded into a corporate franchise sponsoring nature conservation efforts, producing intense media campaigns, and marketing its products sold across Southeast Asia.

View downhill..foot trail , blue houses & also a school for the villagers here. The villagers are usually the people who works at the tea plantation.

At Boh Tea Center, you can learn about Boh’s operating history, shop for its products, dine at its cafe and view its factory. By the way…the boxes of tea sold here ain’t alot cheaper than supermarket lor…

After we had our tea break at the scenic cafe, we walked downhill by the premix road. Here, you can shoot at different angle.

OK…ending my post with a photo of Me & Alex. ^^

Will write about the Cafe at Boh Tea Center on my next post. Stay tune….

For excellent series of photos…please view this blogger:- ARDEN KHOO

Places I Visited at Cameron Highlands – Part 1 (Brinchang Night Market, Cactus Point, Vegetable Market)

Since we arrived Cameron quite late, therefore we did not have much time to visit any plantations. On first day, after a satisfying steamboat dinner we went to Brinchang Night Market. It was a wet evening. Luckily the rain stopped just on time for us to have a brisk walk at the night market.

1) Brinchang Night Market

Brinchang is a town located in Cameron Highlands in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It is the second tourist town in Pahang after Tanah Rata. One of its attractions is the night market available during Friday, Saturday night and everyday on Malaysian school holidays. Brinchang night market offers a wide variety of products. Apart from vegetables, fruits, flowers, souvenirs and clothes, the main attraction here is their great variety of local street foods. Other than the representative Cameron food like fresh strawberry stick with honey/chocolate cream, steamed sweet potato or sweet corn, fried sweet potato ball, fried fresh mushroom or vegetables, the night market also serves a lot of common foods like pancake, roasted chicken, fried chicken, ice-cream, cake, fried meat ball, Murtabab, Kebab and others.

Getting a car park may be quite hectic here…I would suggest you to pay RM2 to park opposite Hill Garden Lodge Apartment/ Guardian Pharmacy or opposite the police station.

Blogs to refer :-

Strawberries at night market is so cheap..3 boxes for RM20. Its big and juicy. Mixed of sweet and sourish. Not forgetting ‘ais krim potong’ filled with strawberry extract is just RM1.

2) Cactus Point

The following day, after checking out from Strawberry Park Resort, we decided to traveled towards Simpang Pulai exit. The route back to KL. Our first stop was at Cactus Point. You can make any stops along the main road…because most of the tourist attraction (places to visit) are located along the main road.

Free Entry at Cactus Point

How well do you know about cactus? Or probably have you seen cactus before (the younger generations) Here, you can see varieties of cactus. There were so unique ones, ugly ones, beautiful ones, different ages… You can also purchase the cactus with an affordable price.

Different sizes and shapes…

How about some colorful and odd shapes?

Red vs Yellow?

Waahhh….cactus too has so nice flowers?

Not just cactus can be found here…you can also get flowers and plants. What do you think about the pricing? Not bad huh… My mom bought some potted plants back home too…

Do you like Gerbera Daisy?? I like it! I personally feel that Gerbera Daisy gives me the fresh and girlish feeling. ♥♥♥♥

HELLO to Gerbera?

Cameron Highlands Cactus Point
39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

TEL:   + 605-4914180 / 0192550068


3) Vegetable Market

Better known as the ‘morning market’. Located at Kea Farm, is one of most popular shopping destinations in Cameron Highlands, located 3km after Brinchang town. While mostly an agricultural district, the center of activity lies in a day market next to the main road, just before Equatorial Resort. Every morning till evening, traders and farmers sell their crops here to visitors and locals alike. Flowers, ornamental plants, souvenirs and handicrafts are other products sold in the market besides fruits and vegetables. On holiday weekends and national festivals, the road that leads past Kea Farm Market may be cluttered with cars parked (or parking) along the sides, causing a massive jam that stretches all the way to town.

You can see shoppers crowding this place, getting goods with the best price.

assorted fresh vegetables sold here. Some are hardly seen in KL.

However Mummy claimed that the Cauliflowers are quite expensive.

These vege looks so fresh and nice too…

Have you seen these in KL? Preserved Guava with Apple flavor. Price are depending on size too..For the size above, each pack is priced at RM8. 2 packs for RM15.

Flowers here are sold at cheap price. Roses here are sold at only RM10/ bouquet. (approximately 10 stalks-bear with the torn..because its still intact with the stem)

Fresh corns are priced depending on the size.

How about grilled corn. A lil char on the outer part, yet the juiciness & crunchiness is still there. However I think I much prefer the steam version. RM3 for a corn, I would say its not cheap.

Varieties of Strawberry souvenirs.

Mummy was so happy seeing all the fresh vegetables..She made huge purchase of vegetables. Big and small bags with happy face.

For more tips & info about vegetable farms & market in Cameron Highlands,

please click HERE

Dinner @ Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ, Seremban

I seldom travel downtown because I can get almost everything in Seremban 2 (another part of Seremban). There’s one night as Alex and I decided to head to Seremban town. We passed by this Kampung style restaurant located kinda off-sight, slightly below the road with many diners. Somehow, we did not have any thoughts to make a stop there. Until one day I saw a friend of mine posted the dish on his Facebook, saying “good Thai Food here”. All this while I thought its  just an ordinary Malay restaurant serving Malay food (nasi goreng kampung, mee goreng, nasi paprik, mee bandung). One day, I told my colleague about this place. She went and returned the next day showing me a “thumb up”.

WOW….seems like I mustn’t miss this place. Moreover I love spicy food, especially Tom Yam, my favorite!!.

The Kampung Style Restaurant serving Thai Food. Good ventilation.

I noticed most of the diners are Chinese. Worry not…this is a HALAL restaurant.

Though it was crowded, but the food served were pretty quick!

Dun play play….got WiFi summore….

As I was busy shooting…my cheeky niece insisted me to take a photograph of her too… *her signature post*

Fresh Botak Coconut – RM5/ each

BBQ Cockles – RM8 (recommended)

The clams are fresh and not overdo. Lightly dip the bbq clams in the sauce. Both sauces were good. Very spicy too….

Kangkung Belacan – RM8 (recommended)

Kangkung or Water Spinach stir-fry with belacan (shrimp paste). A must have dish in a Thai restaurant! Anyway, this was good though.

Kailan with Salted Fish – RM8

Though the kailan wasn’t overcooked, but too bad don’t have much taste of the salted fish.

Basil Leaf Thai Style Chicken – RM10

We requested this to be cooked without chili. So that Vernice can eat. And she enjoyed it. If you dislike the taste of basil leaf, don’t worry because the flavor of basil leaves did not overpowered the taste of chicken and other marination.

Steam “Kang Som” Fish (Siakap) – RM53 (recommended)

The price of this fish is kinda expensive. However lets ignore the price and enjoy the dish. The fish was fresh. While the soup is spicy and has alil sourish taste. Served under the burning charcoal (underneath the tray). You may enjoy eating the HOT & SPICY fish, including the soup till last piece. Beware, the soup/ gravy is darn spicy. I needed a fire extinguisher!!!

Seafood Tom Yam – RM16 (M) (recommended)

A pot of hot & spicy tom yam, yet not too sour filled with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, crab, squids, prawns.

Green Curry – RM18 (L)

A literally sweet curry in Thai cuisine. Its is less spicy. What’s in the hot pot? There are eggplants, basil and chicken. Somehow I preferred the curry to be more concentrated.

Deep Fried Sotong with Garlic & Pepper – RM12 (recommended)

Deep fried squids was not bad. Not too dry or hard and they are crispy. With a light taste of garlic and pepper. Dip in the Thai chili sauce and pop into your mouth.

Pandan Chicken – RM7.50 (3 pcs) (recommended)

Boneless chicken are well marinated with seasonings and spices then wrapped with Pandan leaves before frying them. Wrapping with Pandan leaves able to enhance a sweet aroma towards the chicken.

The size of meat per piece was quite big.  Moreover its tender and flavorful. Thumbs up!

Thab Thim Krob – RM3.50

Its a popular Thai dessert. Those red rubies like thing are actually chestnuts coated in tapioca flour. So, you will have the effect of chewy outside and crunchy inside. Served in the form of ice-shaved coconut milk together with slices of nangka(jack fruit).

Food : 4/5
Price : Affordable
Service : 4/5
Kampung Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ
(next to Petronas)
No. 2388, Jalan Manickavasagam,
70200 Seremban, N.S.
Tel : 06-7612184

Dinner @ Canton-i, Sunway Pyramid

Papa suggested to have dinner here. Canton-i; the Hong Kong cuisine – ain’t my first visit. My previous visit; we had some different dishes from this round. I do admit that it has nice ambiance. (simple Chinese style deco with white tables and chairs). Nevertheless; the price are indeed more pricey if you compare the same wanton noodle with those at hawker stalls. Yet during peak hours, its quite crowded too. People here are willing to pay more for better environment and comfort.

Braised Peanuts – RM2/ plate

(I thought this was given free~~~) But it taste nice and the nuts are soft enough.

Jasmine Flower Tea – RM5

3 Combination (Roasted Chicken+Roasted Pork+BBQ Pork) – RM32 (recommended)

Roasted Chicken – Meat are tender and tasty.

BBQ Pork – BBQ to perfection. Nice sauce coated on the lean and juicy pork.

Roasted Pork – Ain’t too fatty…I like it. Meat are tender and most important is the skin are crispy!

Braised Garoupa Belly with Garlic and Pork Belly – RM32

Taste ok but nothing special. Not worth it!

Steamed Egg with Minced Pork – RM13.80

Though it look simple…taste wise is not bad. The steamed egg was very smooth.

Sauteed Scallops with Broccoli – RM32

Nothing special either.

Amaranth(Bayam) with Century Egg & Salted Egg in Superior Soup – RM16.80

The picture on menu looks nicer. I think the ‘tai chaw’ restaurant makes better.

Dried Scallop & Squash Superior Soup – RM28

This soup is tasty & yummy. Boiled with pork ribs and each sliced of squash were stuffed with dried scallop. However it looks alil oily.

Egg Tarts – RM9.60 (recommended)

This is my favorite egg tart. The freshly bake egg tarts with flaky crust and creamy warm egg custard which I adore most.

Double Boiled Hasma with Red Dates – RM12/bowl

I want to look youthful..I want to have flawless skin…So I must eat more….*slurping down my throat*

**I felt the food above not worth it. I much prefer their noodles and congee  is the best!! **


Lot G1.112, G1.113

Ground Floor Blue Atrium

No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15

Bandar Sunway

46150 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603-5636 2888