I’ve tried food in Lot 10 Hutong

After watching the food programme which aired on Astro; visited by the popular ‘Choi Lan’….being longing to try the food here; at Lot 10 Hutong. Hutong means lane or alley in Chinese. But it also represents a form of community that exists only in China, particularly in Beijing. Here is a food court with total of 27 food stalls; well known all over the country.That’s the pros of it. You can get all the famous food from different states under one roof.

There were so many food that we wanted to try. Unfortunately we are unable to do so, since there’s only 4 of us. Bear in mind, the prices are rather high compared to hawker stalls though they are mainly hawker food. Wanted to try the famous Mo Sang Kor’s bak kut teh; but its sold out by the time we were dining there….6+pm. So sad…  😦

the famous hokkien mee from Petaling Street (RM8.90+)

yes! its tasty & yummy…the most crowded stall

roast duck. the plate on top right (RM23+)

meat are juicy & tender, but expensive to eat

Oh Chien/ Fried Oysters (RM9.90+), Singapore Hokkien noodles(RM7.90+)

I felt that both of these are fine. Acceptable.

Original Lam Mee (RM8.80+)

noodles and gravy combines well. GOOD!

satay 6 stick (RM20.80+)

the meat are juicy & tender, very lean without any fats. but very expensive

mua chi (family pack with 4 flavors) – RM7+

the flavors are unique, taste fine too…

Hutong food court
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang


4 thoughts on “I’ve tried food in Lot 10 Hutong”

  1. Hehe, we also tried the food at Lot 10 Hutong 3 weeks ago, but I still dont have time to blog about it yet…

    We also like the Hokkien Mee but my favorite is the Hor Weng Kee’s wantan mee.

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