Durian Cendol @ Lao Qian Ice Cafe

During my recent trip to Melaka; we had the chicken rice ball as our lunch(previous post). After the nice lunch; I suggested to Alex for a durian cendol inside the San Shu Gong building named Lao Qian Ice Cafe.

I think it belongs to San Shu Gong. San Shu Gong; is the latest landmark situated at Jonker’s Street, Melaka. If you are durian lover; you must not miss this!

the 4-storey building

The menu.

Not only serving cendol, but there are other drinks & snacks too.

Step 1 – Made an order

Step 2 – Opened the lid & scoop scoop

Step 3 – Dug out the treasure beneath the container

Step 4 – Dig till saw the durian concentrate

Step 5 – Stir everything before popping into your mouth

what can you get? (durian paste, red bean, atap chee, cendol(greeny thg), nata de coco, sufficient gula Melaka mixed with crushed ice)

face of satisfaction!

varieties of local products sold in San Shu Gong

view of Jonker’s Street from 1st floor.

Lao Qian Ice Cafe (inside San Shu Gong Building)
33 Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka
Tel : 06-282 8381

4 thoughts on “Durian Cendol @ Lao Qian Ice Cafe”

  1. Dear Sir
    I heard that you have lovely chendol. But what I am looking for is where can I buy gula melaka in Melacca?
    thank you

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