UNIQLO has opened its very first store in Malaysia. Located at Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur. The largest Japan apparel or fashion in South East Asia was set to open on 4 November. Being the crazy shopper and the kiasuness; me took the initiative to crowd with everyone else. Without expecting the overwhelming response; was there at about 10.30am. Spotted the long queue in front of the main entrance of Fahrenheit 88. I actually haven see the outlook of UNIQLO shop. What I can see visibly were only the crowds.


Initially I thought those people were queuing for goodies. Then I was thinking; “ok..since I’m not aiming for any goodie bags or what..so, may be I can just wait till the clock ticks at 11am for the door to open”. Am wrong. Those long queues were actually to get into the outlet. WTH!!!! Quickly ran to the queue la…what else! The queue started from the outlet into center court of Fahrenheit 88’s mall. The queue were IN SWIRLS!! my goodness…

Waited patiently till 11am. “How come its moving so slow”?? I asked myself. Came to know later; It only allowed the customers to enter in batches. Waited waited….luckily I had my breakfast. Or else; I think I will faint there. One hour after another just past. Finally….my queue is nearer and I’m manage to actually see the entrance. It took me 3 hours to get into UNIQLO!!!!


I was happy when I got to step into UNIQLO. Felt like I’m queuing to meet a superstar! Jay Chou perhaps?? I did not get a chance to try any of the pants or jeans. Because the queue to fitting room was so long! Queue again? NO THANK YOU. You know lar…some people might take ages to try a few pieces of clothes. No doubt its very crowded; but the sales person still provide a good service & helpful though. Moreover I saved RM20x3(vouchers I received from the online game) of each receipt.  😀


The long queue inside & outside the mall


Finally…I’m done!


My hasil of the day. Excluding bro, sis & mom’s part.


Got this tote bag with every purchase of RM200


Conclusion: I’ve created a HISTORY for myself! By queuing for 3 hrs. **SALUTE**

6 thoughts on “UNIQLO’s CRAZE”

  1. Walau… really salute you!!!

    I was there on Sat, 13 Nov, the quene was not long as shown in your photos.. but still crowded.

    Now I know…hahah

    Is the price good??

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