Kampua Noodle @Restoran Strawberry Puchong, Bdr. Puteri Puchong

There are many nice Sarawak food that I couldn’t get it handy in Klang Valley. Needless to say at Seremban. Langsung tak ada! Huhuhu…Some common ones that you may have a higher chance to sight are kolok mee, kampua noodle and Sarawak Laksa. Unfortunately to get an authentic or somewhat taste similar is sometimes not easy. I’ve tried a nice Sarawak Laksa at Ming Tien Cafe Sunway. (Introduced by my Sarawakian Hb)

Talking about Suituapui’s Blog; visiting this cikgu’s blog often made me miss those Sarawak’s food that I hardly get it here. Especially those dishes/noodles that I like. Hurmmmm….. @_@ Within a week, he can post several bowls of kampua noodle from varies places in Sibu. (I believed he is a Kampua Hunter. hehe…) Made me have constant cravings for kampua noodles. huhuhu…… drools in front of my monitor. T_T *wipe wipe*

There’s this place, a hawker centre at Bandar Puteri Puchong named “Restoran Strawberry Puchong”… our Sarawakian friend recommended us to try the kampua noodle. Hb brought me here several times…too bad its only available during the day 😦

This place would be convenient to people living around Puchong area. That includes me…although I’m not staying in Puchong…but its near for me to travel here πŸ˜‰

Apparently, the stall owner is from Sibu. Read somewhere mentioned by a blogger, the kampua noodle source was previously supplied all the way from Sibu. However now they’ve started making their own noodle after managed to get a noodle machine.

Read how kampua noodle is made —> Sarikei kam pua factory

Food served at this stall; kampua noodle (white or dark soya sauce version), mee pok, kampua soup, pien neek (meat dumplings), fried kampua noodle.

A normal serving Kampua Noodle – RM4

I’m not a fan of white version, I preferred it tossed with dark soya sauce. I’m also not a fan of Kampua Noodle in soup. hehe….

A simple and comfort plate of tossed noodle topped with boiled pork slices, 2 pieces of pien neek (meat dumplings), fried shallots and spring onions served with an ordinary chili sauce instead of cili padi. That’s how the Sarawakian eat them.

The taste and noodle texture is same like what I had in Sarawak. Too bad they do not served pig’s liver soup here. :-p

We also ordered a bowl of (Pien Neek) Soup Meat Dumpling – RM3.50.

Can’t remember the number of pieces were there. But I recalled it was quite many. Pien Neek is somehow different from our wantan.

Alternatively, you can also order the dark version of Pien Neek. Its tossed with dark soya sauce. Quite aromatic.

Next month; when I go back to Sarikei, I can have more time for Kampua and more Sarawak food!

This post is specially for friends in Penisular Malaysia craving for their Sarawak Kampua Noodle! πŸ˜‰

Restoran Strawberry Puchong
Jalan Puteri 2/2
Bandar Puteri Puchong
Landmark: Corner Lot, Behind Hotel Sri Puchong & Station One Kopitiam Bandar Puteri Puchong

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22 thoughts on “Kampua Noodle @Restoran Strawberry Puchong, Bdr. Puteri Puchong”

  1. Who? Me??? I’m innocent!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    Only your hubby’s from here, right? You’re not local…and yet you crave for our VERY VERY NICE food here. Good! Good! Hehehehe!!!!!

    1. CleverMunkey – hehe…. go try it if you happens to go there. Hmm…if ur other half dun wan kampua mee…can try the fried kuey teow wor… I find it quite nice le πŸ˜‰

  2. We hardly find some nice ones here too in Penang, in fact, only 1 ok-average Kolo Mee which i’m not sure if it’s authentic enough 😑

  3. ooo, if i have a day off from work, i should head here for some kampua noodles during the daytime for lunch. and i’ve never had pig liver soup before, but i enjoy pig liver, so i’ll go look for it somewhere, somehow, heheh πŸ˜€

    1. Sean – ya…good try! The pig liver soup I had before…the liver were thinly sliced and its not hard. So, its nice although I not really a fan of pig liver :-p

  4. My mum now lives in Puchong so they visit this place a couple of times. There are few more new places serving Sarawak food. Glad it’s getting its much needed recognition hehe. Sarawakian rocks!

    1. Kelly – Is there anymore Sarawak food in Puchong? I know Hai Siang kopitiam’s (at Bdr. Puteri Puchong) Sarawak Laksa is quite nice also. The owner is from Kuching.

      1. My mum actually likes 7th Mile Kitchen in Taman Bahagia more (good tomato Kueh Tiaw and Kolo mee, Laksa is ok), there’s also one in Taman Megah… Called Restoran Gembira? I think. I was told there’s a new one too in Kota Damansara. Haven’t heard much about Fatty Sibu Kampua: they have branches in Cheras and Ampang.

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