Comics of The Day

Feeling bored today. I couldn’t held but to share some comics for a lil laughs.

A series of comic from “Kee’s World” which I adore each day!

(abstract from The Star)


Hmm…I guess most of the employees would agree with the above one.


Muahahah…. In future I shall wake hubby up using this method. *evil smile*


In resultant of chopping; we are having bare forests.


“SO” is the answer?? YES! I do need that tool to knock his head.



Kisah Ibu, Anak dan anak kucingnya

4 thoughts on “Comics of The Day”

  1. Lol, I love the durian jokes. I remember we played a prank to my colleague before where we stuck some durian inside his drawer where he could not find it. He was searching for the foul smell and cant seem to find where it is, the receptionist even thought it was a gas leaking and nearly called someone from the gas company to check it out.

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