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Sharing my experience of my first tattoo.

Many years back I saw my late friend did some tattoo on her body. I told her I wished to have it too. She replied, “go for it”! But I wasn’t brave enough nor have the courage to be inked. Moreover I couldn’t think of a nice image. I wanted it to be something meaningful because it will stays permanently on my body part.

Each time she sees me, she would ask have you done your tattoo? I laughed and said not yet.

On September year 2020, I stumbled upon a post in a FB group asked about recommendation for tattoo artist. A person recommended Selina Tattoo Studio in Seremban. I went to browse her work on her Facebook page and immediately like her work! Without hesitation I texted her to make an appointment on that weekend. LOL!

Located at Pusat Perniagaan Templer, opposite Chinese Medical Hospital.

Selina Tattoo Studio

Address: D-8, 1, JALAN PPT 2, PUSAT PERNIAGAAN TEMPLER, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Phone: 016-665 1562

I made an appointment with the tattoo artist on the earliest session. HAHAHA! We had discussed earlier on the tattoo design that I wanted. Upon arrival, she printed out the design that I wanted to trace the outlines for tattoo. I intended to place the tattoo on my arm. Whether to be at bicep or triceps, I seek her opinion.

Assorted ink colors uses by the tattoo artist.

I suddenly felt like I am seated on a surgery chair / in a dentist. I began to feel nervous. But my tattoo artist named Selina ensured that it is not as painful as what I thought. (Successfully traced the image on my hand).

The inking process! For safety and cleanliness, Selina uses new needle and wears gloves while handling her clients.

Apparently Selina has over 10 years experience in tattooing. She started off from Taiwan. Most of her clients here are females, she said. We chatted abit, but most of the time she was quite focus, to ensure she done a proper job. We do have 5 minutes break in few sections.

Ta daa…the first image is up! I can feel that the needles move rapidly up and down, kinda like a sewing machine. HAHA! Look at the fine detail lines. Selina said she want to make sure the lines are inked closely, so that I do not require to touch up.

If you asked me whether was the pain bearable? I would say 2 out of 5. You will got the pricking feeling, towards the armpit will feel abit more painful than the rest. The whole process took about 1+ hour .

I was required to send daily photo to the tattoo artist to monitor the healing progress. Thank you for being attentive. To take care of this tattooed area, less contact with water, no soap and to apply a thin layer of lotion to keep it moisturized.

My current tattoo since September 2020. Its an image of 2 elephants which represents a mother elephant (which is me) raising the baby elephant (which is my son) with love <3. Selina did a good job, hence my tattoo still looks good after 2.5 years with minimal care.

There it goes my first tattoo experience. Feeling of getting a 2nd one…still looking for the ideal image. hehehe…

Unfortunately I couldn’t show this to my friend who is no longer in this world. All of us misses her.

Gashapon Bandai First Official Shop in IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Bringing excitement to fans of Gashapon. Gashapon Bandai First Official Shop is now located at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Malaysia – Expands in Southeast Asia.

Bandai Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational toy manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Taitō, Tokyo.

Gashapon (ガシャポン), also called gachapon (ガチャポン), is a trademark of Bandai. Among the variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys that originated in the 1960s, it became popular in Japan and elsewhere. If you travel to Japan, gashapon machine is often spotted everywhere.

 This specialty store, dedicated to Bandai’s popular capsule toy brand, opened its doors on Thursday, 16th March 2023. Located at 3rd floor of Phase 2 IOI City Mall Putrajaya.

The store  space of approximately 846sf, with over 300 gashapon machines!

The token changer machine accepts cash, e-wallet & credit card. If all fails…do not worry, because the staff at the counter will be able to help.

Every token is priced at RM5 each. In conjunction to the opening…. you will get a free tote bag (as shown on the photo above) with purchase of RM100. (promo valid till 19th March 2023)

Jet & I are fan of Gashapon. Hence we decided to check out this new store. We were both excited to know about its opening especially the whole store filled with gashapon machines.

some of the premium collectibles are price from RM100 onwards.

Jet, to choose wisely because many seems nice and attractive, but ain’t cheap ya….I noticed mostly requires minimum 4 token onwards.

Our loot of the day from Gashapon Store. ❤

Here’s a short clip to sum up our visit to Gashapon Bandai First Official Store. 🙂

For more info and latest promo, do check out their Facebook page.

GBO Malaysia

Lot L3-217, IOI City Mall Phase II, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort, Putrajaya, Malaysia

A unique experience staying at Tubotel Langkawi

Hi…I just came back from my 3D2N trip to Langkawi with my GF. This trip was meant to be a relaxing trip and a short getaway from our busy life. On the first night we stayed at ‘Resort World Hotel’. But on 2nd night, my friend suggested we try Tubotel Langkawi. Well, from the photos…it looks pretty interesting. The concept I meant. Tubotel is located 6km from airport, 1.2km from Pantai Cenang.

“Tubotel is the first budget concept hotel of its kind in Asia, in a panoramic paradise, on a tropical island. A genuinely unique experience of no frills packed with tubotonnes of thrills… everyone should try it, even it is way below your budget!”

We booked a sea-view room at the rate of RM180 which inclusive of breakfast for 2.

 The check-in procedure was quick because we’ve made the payment through Agoda. These colorful tubes are meant to be bedroom. These are the rooms with sea-view
These are the rooms with garden view. I suppose the rates would be cheaper than sea-view.
Given a key to our Room No. 4, we were lead to our room.
Our neighbors. 😀 😀
Our room at night.
My jaw dropped opened seeing the actual room size. HAHAHAHA! I was like…omg..where should I place my luggage? Totally blank. There’s a small empty space or void under the bed where you can place your luggage.
This tiny room is sufficient for 2 adults. And equipped with 2nos. of power socket, 2nos. mineral water, 2nos of towel, an electric fan.
I was aware about the ‘shared bathroom’ basis, which was my turnoff. But at the same time I wished to have an experience putting up at something different, just like the backpackers.
View from my room.
You can also watch the sunset directly from your room.
Not only sea-view but I’m able to sight flying planes across my room too. Because the airport is just a short distance from here.
A beautiful bloomed morning glory greeted us at the garden.
The dining room, where we had our breakfast on the following day.
You can also choose to dine at the Al Fresco area. Unfortunately it was a wet morning that we got no choice but to dine indoor.
Pick your choice of breakfast from the list above.
Each breakfast set is served with home baked bread with butter & jam, a cup of coffee & a glass of orange juice.
I had Ham & Mushroom Frittata (smoked turkey ham & mushroom) while my GF had 2 fried eggs with roasted tomato & chicken sausage. The breakfast was good as its made to order.
The calm sea after the heavy downpour.
Below are some photoshoot of ourselves before leaving this unique place.
Mattresses are usually laid here…so that travelers could laid back and relax while enjoying a good sea view.
wefie in our room
Each room comes with a different wall painting. And we got a sexy bikini lady. LOL! 😀
My Summary
  • Did not experience bad services
  • More suitable for backpackers, light or solo travellers
  • Nice sea-view
  • Although the room is small…but there are space for you to roam around outside.
  • dislike the fact about shared bathroom. haha….
  • Wifi is provided for free at the lobby area.
  • Wasn’t aware about the Jacuzzi.

tubotel-services1Website :

Long Break

Greeting to all my readers.
Sorry for not blogging for more than a month.
Reason is that I am still on maternity leave (2 months) and will return to work in 2 weeks time.

I have safely delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 3.35kg on 22 January 2014, 2 weeks earlier before the estimated due date.


Hello everyone…my name is Wong Shin Jet.


It has been a long journey till today. The photo above was captured during week 36 of my pregnancy. It ain’t easy walking around with a huge belly towards the end of the pregnancy. Yet I could still drag myself to go shopping. Hehe…..


Looking at him…. sometimes made me this for real? I am a mother now? This is my baby? I would say that there are many things no longer the same as before. I am adapting to it. I am learning new stuffs everyday. I know now my baby need me the most!


When he is asleep, I am the happiest person. That means I could sleep too… hehe…

I Thought I saw Ghost!

Beginning of June 2013, Alex and I decided to go for passport renewal when we realized that our passport has expired. I’ve heard about the service of renewing passport via kiosks…(only at selected place in Klang Valley) is fast and easy. Therefore I google for information and address before going there.

Read HERE….the writer got her passport renewed and ready within 90minutes via kiosk.

Well prepared ourselves with a new copy of passport photo, a photocopy IC (front and back) and our old passport. Penuh bersemangat, Alex and I reached;

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Negeri Selangor, (Cawangan Subang),
Blok A, Plaza Glomac, Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-78830975 / 78850149 / 78850301
Faks : 03-78850243

in the afternoon. Went over to the information counter to inquire about the kiosk. Then only was told that they has stopped the service for renewing passport via kiosks kononnya the government has implemented new passport. With different quality (effective since May 2013). I was damn pissed off lor…. Means I gotto get a number, queue and renew via counter. Want to get number also finished. So many people want to travel meh……….

Forget it…I then changed my mind to renew our passport at the Immigration Dept. in Seremban. We went there early before 8.30am. Wasn’t crowded…may be cos its still early. Get it done within 20 minutes from getting number, waiting time and to payment. Then we were given a collection receipt for our new passport. Guess what… 4 hours to be ready!! “So EFFICIENT lah”!! I do not want to waste time…I decided to come back another day to collect my new passport. After all the collection receipt is valid for 3 months.

Passport Fees

  1. RM100.00 for 2 years

  2. RM300.00 for 5 years

photo #1

photo #2
photo #2

Kindly refer to photo #1 and photo #2…both are source from

Kinda confused right. One saying ‘blue background’ and the other one saying ‘white background’. Anyway…..the current photo specification is ‘white background’. Do take note.

Went to collect our passport on another day (you are not allowed to collect on behalf of other person) at the collection counter. Remember to bring along the collection receipt. It was quick. However I got freak out!!!!

IMG-20130701-WA0000-001I thought I saw Ghost!! @_@

2013-07-24 20.48.26This was my original photo. With color okay! How come they changed it to ‘black & white’ on passport?!!! huhuhuhu…..

2013-07-24 20.47.09New passport (with embedded microchip) can visit Japan without the need of applying visa. (Read HERE)

**My new passport is so ugly! Luckily its just for 2 years. That’s all about ghost.** 😀

I wish to have a dog at home.

I wish to have a pet at my home.

I love dogs especially.

I wish to have a dog at home.

I wish to go home greeted by him, wagging its tail vigorously with hugs and kisses.

Waited eagerly for the owner to come home.

Dogs are very loyal especially towards their owner. Unlike some human betrays each other.


Photos like this made me feel like adopting one. Look! They are pedigree dogs. Why would someone abandoned such nice dogs? Often situations are the owner bought it for the sake to please their children. So when their children are bored with the dog…then they’ll just abandon it. Other excuses are “I can’t afford to rear the dog” I may not know the true story behind..but can afford to buy the dog, but to can’t afford to give at least a simple living? Some just decided to gave up the dog when it has skin problem. Don’t you think that skin problem occurs depending on what you feed on them? All the above apply to cats as well. The most heart wrenching is they are abused by their owner. Hello….they are living being also! I can see their sadness through their eyes and face expressions..they felt disowned.

What hold me back from adopting one. I really wish I could. But before I press the “Start” button…I told myself..I often travel between 2 states, do I have the time for my dog? I’ll be away to work longer hours than I’m at home. What if someday I have my own family…will I neglect my dog? That’s what I often see these days. They do have feelings too. And do you know…dogs are sometimes smarter than human! No doubt they can’t talk, but they do understand what we are expressing. Never mind…I can’t have a dog at my own house…but over the weekend I can still spend time with my dearie doggies at my parent’s house.


Quite true isn’t it?

Do check out Malaysia’s SPCA and MDDBAnd if you are kind enough, why not do some donation, a small contribution to help the dogs and cats.

My 1st Experience at Beanie Plex (TGV Setiawalk Puchong)

I don’t usually go for movies in cinemas. Unless there are some particular movies that I’m really interested (thrillers or action movie). Often, Alex is the one who suggested to go for movie. Hehehe….

Recently, TGV Cinemas being the first has introduced the ‘Beanieplex’ movie hall. The first location was at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang. What is ‘Beanieplex’? A cinema hall featuring bean bag seats instead of the common seats that we often sees.

Now, you can experience ‘Beanieplex’ not only at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang, but also at TGV Bukit Indah, TGV Ipoh, TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Tebrau City, TGV 1 Utama and not forgetting the latest one at Setiawalk Puchong. I’m glad they have it here. Why? Shorter traveling time for me ahh… 😉


Clean and spacious hall at TGV Setiawalk Puchong.

20121225_180449Bean Seats are meant to accommodate 2 person. If you want to go alone also can…more spacious lor…You can occupy the whole seat. The seats design..really space ship or airplane look. Obviously this is more comfortable then our low cost flight lah! We paid RM44/ bean seat. Means RM22/person. Comparing to the normal price tickets..of course we are paying almost double the price. But once in awhile to chillax…okay lar..

20121225_180548Huh?! Alex has fall asleep? But still holding tight on the handphone?

20121225_180756The bean seat was quite firm. You need to smack abit to adjust your butt and sit comfortably on it. It was a good experience. I like lor… Seat is spacious and quite comfy. No barrier in between ma. Moreover I can sit cross leg la…sit side way la…anyway also can la…as long as you don’t block people’s view. LOL! BTW…We were here to watch CZ12..the only show that has bean bag then.

*sorry for the poor resolution photos. Very dark lar*

TGV Setiawalk Puchong is new and very nice. Very cold too…Go experience it yourself lar… 😉

I am One Lucky & Happy Winner.

I’ve been following Bangsar Babe’s blog every now and then.

On July 2012, she organized an annual blog giveaway in conjunction to her blog’s 5th anniversary. The giveaway consist of F&B vouchers and also Hotel stay. To stand a chance on winning bigger prizes, you’ll have to take a photo of your favorite food along with Bangsar Babe website (header photo), add in a short description about the food photo then emailed it to Bangsar Babe and she’ll upload it on her facebook page. All you need to do for the whole 5 months giveaway period..get as much people to like your photo (not forgetting to LIKE Bangsar Babe FB page first) in order to have a higher chances to win the grand prize.

Despite begging asking favor from people to like your photo, there’s no slogan needed..which I thought its pretty simple (because I am not a slogan person). So, I decided to try my luck and submitted my entry on July 2012. However my numbers of LIKE on my photo grew so slow. I couldn’t even catch up with the highest score. I have 600 over friends on my FB..but there were only 100 over likes on my photo (including some unknown people) How sad huh. I thought there ain’t hope of winning anything already. Although there are 2nd and 3rd prize…no chance also lar…I meant myself. :-p

This was my photo submission. A good Japanese meal I had at Senjyu.

On October 2012, I received an email from Bangsar Babe saying I was chosen as best monthly photo entry. I walked away with a 8inch mille crepe cake from Food Foundry! Wow…..happy jugak lar…. *smile widely*

Together with Bangsar Babe (not only lenglui but also a friendly person), Pin Pin of Food Foundry and Min Xian (the other selected entry), redeemed my mille crepe cake voucher. (I’ve already redeemed a Vanilla mille crepe cake, nicely shared with Alex and also my family)

1 week ago, the final result has announced! Received an FB notification, that my friend congratulated me. I was really surprised, overjoyed and excited knowing that I was selected as Best Photo Submission. Seriously I never expect there is such category and I felt lucky as well.

Thank you for giving me hope 😉

Here are my prizes… 😀

The prize giving ceremony was held at Maju Palace, a restaurant serving Chinese Halal food. Located at Maju Junction Mall.

Participants who came on the prize giving day. I meet new faces and I made new friends. It was a good 2 hours event.

Some light refreshment prepared by Maju Palace.

Bangsar Babe handing the prizes (vouchers) to me. Oh My….she was with a 5 inch gladiator heels…while me with a pair of Crocs rubber shoe… @_@

I look so dwarf short!

Photo by Jenny

A photo with the lenglui Grand Prize Winner, Michelle.

photo by Jenny

My new friend, Jenny. We kenal at the wash room…before heading to Maju Palace. Hahaha!

I am One Lucky & Happy Winner!

Thank you KC Wong for pinjam-ing me the photos above. Nice meeting you in person too 😉

Further Reading:- Bangsar Babe Blog Giveaway Prize Giving Ceremony

Time is moving fast.

Time is moving fast. I mean real fast.

Before I could realize, its already end of the year. I don’t really remember what have I done throughout the year other than eating. HAHAHA!
It is true that TIME wait for no one.

I wish I could adjust the time. Hoping that the working hours could move faster and the non-working days could move a little slower. hehehe…. I know this wish will never come true. Hence, I do not understand why Alex still doesn’t want to install the wall clock despite us moving into our new house for almost a year. Maybe he doesn’t want to watch the ticking time.

Time is moving fast before we could really appreciate things. I must really fill my time with more HAPPINESS!

Yes…happy news came in recently. My friend Wanyi has just gave birth last week. Yays….I’ve naik pangkat to be a “Kai Ma”! ^_^

This photo was taken on February 2012, when I had a dream about Wanyi telling me she is pregnant on the week before we meet up. The dream became reality when Wanyi went home tested a positive pregnancy strip. We were happy for her!

On May, we even traveled together to Bangkok.

On 1st of November, proudly announcing the arrival of Abel Boy. The miracle of God’s creation!

CONGRATULATIONS to Wanyi & Yew Kong.

I am one happy Kai Ma!

Look how adorable is Abel. The photocopy of Yew Kong. hahaha….

Alex said Abel is Yew Kong & Wanyi’s iPhone 6. Since they both kinda like Apple products. Hehehe….

What makes you blog?

What makes you create a blog page and continue to feed your blog with interesting or non-interesting post? These days there are many bloggers. Different people may like to share different thoughts and post. There are many people who like to review on food or places that they’ve dine, often call as food bloggers. Some like to share about interesting places, often name as travelogue. Thus there are also people who like to share about their personal life….Hmm…I’m not directing to Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee, the erotic blogger. People commenting so much about this couple. Well…who cares? After all they don’t mind sharing also…We can have free show wat.

As for myself, I usually write about food, places I visited and some recipes (very minimal). I write about food/makan place that I’ve tried…to guide people or at least to tell people how’s the real food actually look and taste like when we dine there. You may not 100% agreed with my rating because some people may have different taste bud. I find it useful because sometimes I too use the google to search for places to eat.

Unfortunately some people may not think the same. My friend* said “what’s the point of you writing about that makan place? Will you get anything in return? You know what? They should at least give you some food vouchers for writing about them”.

She then commented on a dessert which I recommended to her. Comparing a Japanese mochi and a Chinese mua chee. “The Japanese mochi hor…actually not very nice…abit hard..I prefer mua chee”…..

I was like…HUH?! @_@  Common babe….both are 2 different thing lah..of course they have different texture and look wat.

Anyway…these people are minority. They will not stop me from blogging. That’s all for today. TGIF and have a nice weekend 😉