Feeling nervous and anxious

I am having butterflies in stomach now. 1 more day to go……

My schoolmate has now upgraded to be a MUMMY! She asked me do to her a favor. To attend her baby shower and also to be the photographer of the lil party. I was like….HUH & HAH….Not that I am humble..but being just an amateur photographer. and shoot for pleasure…I just worry if I couldn’t produce the best outcome. “please don’t put too high expectation on me ya”…However without much hesitation I promised her. Though she told me; “take it easy..just shoot as usual..I have faith on you”. *take a deep breath*…Hopefully my inspirations won’t be zero tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Feeling nervous and anxious”

  1. Jia You!! Mel Mel, dun worry.. You took great photos. And I believe too that u will be doing that tomorrow. Have fun!!

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