Happy Moment We Had @ Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Having thoughts of traveling together stuck in our mind every now and then. Perhaps it was because of the past memories we had in Taiwan 2010 which was indeed a memorable one. I can still remember how we made lame jokes, laughs, munching non-stop from one point to another. Was really fun and enjoying trip we traveled together. Though we do not meet nor speak to each other often, we made effort to meet occasionally. (few months once??)

This round, we decided to go for a short trip. A 2D/1N at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills located at Bukit Tinggi. If you are traveling from KL, its just 45 minutes drive. We thought this could be a good choice since it do not require long hours journey. Moreover it would be a good experience to Yew Kong & Wanyi…ya…their 1st time there.

“Relish in century old Alsace charm at this French-themed resort, settled at 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests.”

We SO look forward to this trip. Wanyi who is now temporary residing in Singapore made the effort traveling back to KL and was happily waiting for the day to come. All 6 of us; Mel, Alex, Ashley, Andrew, Wanyi & Yew Kong checked in at 2pm.

Superior Suite

We booked the room from its website a month earlier in order to enjoy discount up to 25%. All rooms are quaintly French and fully equipped with modern facilities. We were surprised with the spacious, clean & comfy room.

Where is my Prince?? Ain’t it look like castle?

External Facade

I just don’t understand…we’ve climbed so high….yet I do not feel any breeze or cold at all ler….why ar??

The French Theme Village. I was quite impressed that they actually maintain the place well. This was my 3rd time there. My very first visit there was with Alex at year 2007.

Red Carriage…and where are the white horses?

After struggling up the winding and narrow road to the hill, we finally reached  the main entrance!

I climbed up to enjoy the full view. Ops..did I say climbed up? Nah…I’m just too lazy…just use the elevator!

Wanyi, Myself & Ashley

This was so funny! Wanyi said, looks like they were in a football match! Hahaha..

The Square – Facade at Night

Well, nothing much we can do at night. You may choose to watch the short stage performance, Foot reflexology(quite expensive), or game room. However we chose to have long hours dinner and talk rubbish at the same time ^^.

Other attractions includes Japanese Village & Rabbit Park

Japanese Tea House & Koi Pond

Ryo Zan Tei at Japanese Village

Cutie Rabbit at Rabbit Park…look just like soft toy! The fur is smooth & soft.

An entrance fee of RM3 is required upon entry.

The gorgeous yet arrogant peacock at Rabbit Park

huhuhu…Happy Moment has come to an end. Such a coincident that Friendship day falls on August 7…Therefore…I’m wishing you guy “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!” Lets toast for our friendship….. 🙂

See you guys again…….

“If you do not wish to stay overnight, all you have to do is just pay an entrance fee of RM12. However, be prepare to spend on the food. That’s because the food & beverage here are quite pricey. A good place to relax and spending a night will be good enough. Other than sight seeing, nothing much you can do there.”

For complete set of photos; please CLICK HERE.

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills – Malaysia
KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak
28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang
  • Tel : + 60 (9) 288 8888
  • Fax : + 60 (9) 288 3333


17 thoughts on “Happy Moment We Had @ Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi”

    1. Ray – Hmm….There are quite a number of Malaysians who do not know about this place too…
      Haha…Sure you will have alot of places & food that you are aiming for…. 😉

  1. we had been there for day trip on last May, and it was very warm there! The night at Colmar tropicale seems to be more lively though..

  2. Cheers cheers cheers!!!!!!!! Lap lap you all!!!!
    I miss the time together too ler…….. the guys to plan???? Gotta wait 3 years lor!!! hahahahahaha…….

    Eh, our group photo, why Mel Mel standing so far away from Andrew de? You scared Andrew eat you up ah?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

      1. Ash – Redang or Langkawi can consider 😀

        Cheryl – you can take a drive there….since its nt far fr KL. go take2 photos… 😉

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