The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition

Just about 2 months ago, during the opening of Tokyo Street, Pavilion, I spared a day to visit  Despite the crowd, I managed to take several shots on the environment and facade. (TOKYO STREET IN KL)

I came home, only realized there’s this photo contest, The Click Shop x Tokyo Street Photo Contest! held in Tokyo Street.  I grabbed chance while trying my luck as well. Therefore I return to Pavilion on another weekend to submit my entry.

Then, a week ago Tracy rang me up asking me about this photo she saw at Pavilion. Apparently she spotted my name printed on 1 of the photo published for ‘The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition’. I was quite surprised! I thought am in the winning to own a Diana F+. Unfortunately NO…. a mixed feeling, between upset and also overjoyed. A friend of mine said, ” its strange they didn’t even notify  you that they’re publishing yr pic.” Hmmm….quite true also. May be I’ve missed some tiny words upon filling up my particulars, that the photos will be use for XX & XX purpose?? But at least a notification would be better hor?? If not because it was spotted by Tracy, guess….I wouldn’t know anything about it.

Alex, busy admiring all the photos.

Photos of Top 3 Winners. CONGRATS to them.

Able to spot mine??

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*  am honored that 1 of my photo was chosen for the exhibition with the title “Sakura Beauty”. As beauty as me?? Wuek wuek wuek wuek…

Well…its ok. I’m still feeling proud of myself too….Am loving my workpiece!!

16 thoughts on “The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition”

  1. Wow congratulations, I know what you felt when you know your photo was placed on an exhibit, I had a similar experience before and I won a prize as well. Keep up the good work

  2. Hooray!!! Now people will know who Melissa Tham is! hahahahha….. Jia you jia you!!! I’m proud of you too! *Muacks*

  3. Congrats Mel! I definately share your joy..haha..Although not winning a prize but getting your photo exhibited is a very proud moment! Keep posting nice photos 🙂

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