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Gashapon Bandai First Official Shop in IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Bringing excitement to fans of Gashapon. Gashapon Bandai First Official Shop is now located at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Malaysia – Expands in Southeast Asia.

Bandai Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational toy manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Taitō, Tokyo.

Gashapon (ガシャポン), also called gachapon (ガチャポン), is a trademark of Bandai. Among the variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys that originated in the 1960s, it became popular in Japan and elsewhere. If you travel to Japan, gashapon machine is often spotted everywhere.

 This specialty store, dedicated to Bandai’s popular capsule toy brand, opened its doors on Thursday, 16th March 2023. Located at 2nd floor of Phase 2 IOI City Mall Putrajaya.

The store  space of approximately 846sf.

The token changer machine accepts cash, e-wallet & credit card. If all fails…do not worry, because the staff at the counter will be able to help.

Every token is priced at RM5 each. In conjunction to the opening…. you will get a free tote bag (as shown on the photo above) with purchase of RM100. (promo valid till 19th March 2023)

Jet & I are fan of Gashapon. Hence we decided to check out this new store. We were both excited to know about its opening especially the whole store filled with gashapon machines.

some of the premium collectibles are price from RM100 onwards.

Jet, to choose wisely because many seems nice and attractive, but ain’t cheap ya….I noticed mostly requires minimum 4 token onwards.

Our loot of the day from Gashapon Store. ❤

Here’s a short clip to sum up our visit to Gashapon Bandai First Official Store. 🙂

For more info and latest promo, do check out their Facebook page.

Breastmilk Jewelry by Woodie Pie

People often discussed how is your milk supply. But many may not know the struggle of every new mothers trying to catch up with milk supply. Although there were lots of ups and downs during my entire breastfeeding journey, I considered myself lucky because Jet is not a big drinker. I pump during working hours and direct latch whenever I’m with Jet. Nevertheless it was a memorable journey.

Frozen breastmilk in a normal freezer can only keep for maximum 6 months. Read more about breastmilk storage and handling HERE

Therefore what can you do with these excess or expired breastmilk? When Jet was a toddler, I uses the expired breastmilk to bath him. Then later I send to people who does breastmilk soap. However I wanted something for keepsake or as a remembrance to preserve the memories.

I stumbled upon Woodie Pie, founded by both humble sisters Heidi & Cassandra who able to turn these precious liquid into beautiful jewelries. I assumed this is still new in Malaysia.

Before engaging Woodie Pie, I google a little about Breastmilk Jewelry Kit, which you can actually DIY yourself. But after looking at the procedures, it is so much hassle. Therefore I decided to send my breastmilk to Woodie Pie, to get it done by them. LOL!

Wide range of jewelries are available, not just filled with breastmilk. Some are filled with baby hair, umbilical cord and even tooth.

Check out the video showing process of making breastmilk jewelry.

As a first timer, I chose pendants with necklace. Actually I was having a hard time to decide. 😀

My orders were labeled and packed individually. The entire process from posting my breastmilk till I received the final product, duration was about 1 month.

You may want to check out their on-going offer to pick your favorite piece 🙂

These pendant designs are ideal for daily wear. I really love it. I’m feeling proud to mark my breastfeeding journey. Diamonds are women best friend and so does these precious jewelry made from liquid gold.

For more information please drop by

Noodle Doodle @Mamee Jonker House, Melaka

Located at Jalan Hang Jebat, one of the UNESCO heritage building at the popular Jonker Street in Melaka. It is easily sighted because of the big MAMEE signage. Mamee brand or Mamee Monster is not something new to many of us. Mamee Monster was a popular snack during my younger days. I like to smash it then add the seasoning powder into it and shack it. 😀

*feeling so nostalgic*

Do you still eat Mamee Monster noodle snack? Yes, I do.

During the impromptu public holiday, I brought my family for a short trip to Melaka.

At Mamee Jonker House, you could shop for merchandises or products, participate in their activities (Lil Monster Kitchen or Noodle Doodle) or even dine in their cafe which serve mainly local food.

Since I didn’t have a chance to DIY my cuppa noodle at Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum, Japan……why not trying it here.


Each cup is priced at RM5.20. You can choose between Chicken or Curry or Tom Yam flavor seasoning for your noodle later.

These coloring pens are provided there. Despite children, I noticed that many adults enjoyed coloring and decorating the cup too. I believed coloring could help to relieve stress.

Jet was patiently coloring his cup of instant noodle.

“I’m gonna color my monster in pink!”

Our limited edition cup 🙂

After you are done decorating the cup, head over to the “Packaging Station”, at the end of the room.

You will need to begin at Step 1. Step 1 and 2 basically about filling the cup with a piece of instant noodle.

Step 3 will insert the seasoning sachet into the cup.

Then, you are required to select 4 out of 6 condiments. Choose from dehydrated chilli, cabbage, chives, corn, carrots and green peas. Therefore you can custom made your cup of noodle with your favorite choice of condiments.

Sealing the cup noodle.

Cup noodle came out of the ‘Shrinking Machine’ was let to cool before collection. An expiry date was stamped on the cup. I noticed that it has shorter shelf life compared to those we bought from supermarket.

As we were leaving, we spotted the Mamee Monster mascot. Everyone was trying to take photo with him, while Jet was pulling me away because he is afraid of mascots. =_=

All in all, it was a good experience and a fun-filled activity to do with your children.


Address: No 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka.

Contact No. : 06 – 2867 666

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 10.00am-5.00pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-7.00pm





My 1st Experience at Beanie Plex (TGV Setiawalk Puchong)

I don’t usually go for movies in cinemas. Unless there are some particular movies that I’m really interested (thrillers or action movie). Often, Alex is the one who suggested to go for movie. Hehehe….

Recently, TGV Cinemas being the first has introduced the ‘Beanieplex’ movie hall. The first location was at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang. What is ‘Beanieplex’? A cinema hall featuring bean bag seats instead of the common seats that we often sees.

Now, you can experience ‘Beanieplex’ not only at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang, but also at TGV Bukit Indah, TGV Ipoh, TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Tebrau City, TGV 1 Utama and not forgetting the latest one at Setiawalk Puchong. I’m glad they have it here. Why? Shorter traveling time for me ahh… 😉


Clean and spacious hall at TGV Setiawalk Puchong.

20121225_180449Bean Seats are meant to accommodate 2 person. If you want to go alone also can…more spacious lor…You can occupy the whole seat. The seats design..really space ship or airplane look. Obviously this is more comfortable then our low cost flight lah! We paid RM44/ bean seat. Means RM22/person. Comparing to the normal price tickets..of course we are paying almost double the price. But once in awhile to chillax…okay lar..

20121225_180548Huh?! Alex has fall asleep? But still holding tight on the handphone?

20121225_180756The bean seat was quite firm. You need to smack abit to adjust your butt and sit comfortably on it. It was a good experience. I like lor… Seat is spacious and quite comfy. No barrier in between ma. Moreover I can sit cross leg la…sit side way la…anyway also can la…as long as you don’t block people’s view. LOL! BTW…We were here to watch CZ12..the only show that has bean bag then.

*sorry for the poor resolution photos. Very dark lar*

TGV Setiawalk Puchong is new and very nice. Very cold too…Go experience it yourself lar… 😉

I am One Lucky & Happy Winner.

I’ve been following Bangsar Babe’s blog every now and then.

On July 2012, she organized an annual blog giveaway in conjunction to her blog’s 5th anniversary. The giveaway consist of F&B vouchers and also Hotel stay. To stand a chance on winning bigger prizes, you’ll have to take a photo of your favorite food along with Bangsar Babe website (header photo), add in a short description about the food photo then emailed it to Bangsar Babe and she’ll upload it on her facebook page. All you need to do for the whole 5 months giveaway period..get as much people to like your photo (not forgetting to LIKE Bangsar Babe FB page first) in order to have a higher chances to win the grand prize.

Despite begging asking favor from people to like your photo, there’s no slogan needed..which I thought its pretty simple (because I am not a slogan person). So, I decided to try my luck and submitted my entry on July 2012. However my numbers of LIKE on my photo grew so slow. I couldn’t even catch up with the highest score. I have 600 over friends on my FB..but there were only 100 over likes on my photo (including some unknown people) How sad huh. I thought there ain’t hope of winning anything already. Although there are 2nd and 3rd prize…no chance also lar…I meant myself. :-p

This was my photo submission. A good Japanese meal I had at Senjyu.

On October 2012, I received an email from Bangsar Babe saying I was chosen as best monthly photo entry. I walked away with a 8inch mille crepe cake from Food Foundry! Wow…..happy jugak lar…. *smile widely*

Together with Bangsar Babe (not only lenglui but also a friendly person), Pin Pin of Food Foundry and Min Xian (the other selected entry), redeemed my mille crepe cake voucher. (I’ve already redeemed a Vanilla mille crepe cake, nicely shared with Alex and also my family)

1 week ago, the final result has announced! Received an FB notification, that my friend congratulated me. I was really surprised, overjoyed and excited knowing that I was selected as Best Photo Submission. Seriously I never expect there is such category and I felt lucky as well.

Thank you for giving me hope 😉

Here are my prizes… 😀

The prize giving ceremony was held at Maju Palace, a restaurant serving Chinese Halal food. Located at Maju Junction Mall.

Participants who came on the prize giving day. I meet new faces and I made new friends. It was a good 2 hours event.

Some light refreshment prepared by Maju Palace.

Bangsar Babe handing the prizes (vouchers) to me. Oh My….she was with a 5 inch gladiator heels…while me with a pair of Crocs rubber shoe… @_@

I look so dwarf short!

Photo by Jenny

A photo with the lenglui Grand Prize Winner, Michelle.

photo by Jenny

My new friend, Jenny. We kenal at the wash room…before heading to Maju Palace. Hahaha!

I am One Lucky & Happy Winner!

Thank you KC Wong for pinjam-ing me the photos above. Nice meeting you in person too 😉

Further Reading:- Bangsar Babe Blog Giveaway Prize Giving Ceremony

Everybody Talking About “Steve Jobs”

The moment I log in to my Yahoo page, the front news was about ‘Death of Steve Jobs’. Then I log in to my Facebook page, and again everyone was sharing about the news of ‘Steve Job – The APPLE Founder is dead’. iPhone 4s was announced yesterday, (people were criticizing about the not so outstand features) and today people are hearing the bad news about Steve. Guess, its a shocking news to everyone.

Therefore, I also want to kepoh and blog about the news while showing my greatest gratitude towards ‘Steve Job – The APPLE Founder’!! Whom has great passion and inspiration. Though I do not own any of your i fons or whatever Macs or Pods, but I did go crazy about your iPad2 and proudly owning 1 since the 1st day it was launched in Malaysia. (count me in as 1 of your fans too)

R.I.P. Mr. Steve. *sobs*

The important man behind the successful APPLE. Successfully made everyone chasing the numbers. (from 1, 2, …. and 3, 4, and hopefully there is 5)

Thank you so much for your contribution.

The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition

Just about 2 months ago, during the opening of Tokyo Street, Pavilion, I spared a day to visit  Despite the crowd, I managed to take several shots on the environment and facade. (TOKYO STREET IN KL)

I came home, only realized there’s this photo contest, The Click Shop x Tokyo Street Photo Contest! held in Tokyo Street.  I grabbed chance while trying my luck as well. Therefore I return to Pavilion on another weekend to submit my entry.

Then, a week ago Tracy rang me up asking me about this photo she saw at Pavilion. Apparently she spotted my name printed on 1 of the photo published for ‘The Charms of Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition’. I was quite surprised! I thought am in the winning to own a Diana F+. Unfortunately NO…. a mixed feeling, between upset and also overjoyed. A friend of mine said, ” its strange they didn’t even notify  you that they’re publishing yr pic.” Hmmm….quite true also. May be I’ve missed some tiny words upon filling up my particulars, that the photos will be use for XX & XX purpose?? But at least a notification would be better hor?? If not because it was spotted by Tracy, guess….I wouldn’t know anything about it.

Alex, busy admiring all the photos.

Photos of Top 3 Winners. CONGRATS to them.

Able to spot mine??

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*  am honored that 1 of my photo was chosen for the exhibition with the title “Sakura Beauty”. As beauty as me?? Wuek wuek wuek wuek…

Well…its ok. I’m still feeling proud of myself too….Am loving my workpiece!!

Do you remember your childhood games?

Time to refresh the childhood memories.

How well do you remember it? How about your childhood games?What games do you usually played with your friends or school mates?

Usually it involves traditional games. Unlike children these day… its all about technology games. iPad, Play Station, iPhone and etc. Wonder do children this era know about traditional games? Or at least familiar with the names. I recalled playing these games between breaks. Such as during recess time, and spare time after school hours. It brings back lots of nostalgic memories.


I usually get my grandma to sew the beanie bags for me, then filled with rice or beans. Using stones is actually the original method.

Batu seremban or five stones is a game originally played by girls. This is an easier game to play compare to congkak because it only needs five stones or five round objects to play with. You can either play with five, seven or nine objects determining to what type of game you are playing.The objective of the game is to throw one of the stones one at a time and sweeping another on the floor simultaneously catching the one you threw earlier on. This game continues to advance stages where the game gets complicated.

photo by Nyi Lin Win


We usually uses the badminton court as the galah panjang court.

Galah Panjang is not an individual traditional game. It requires 2 separate teams of attackers and defenders. Each team usually consists of not less than 4 players, thus the game is played by about 10 players. Each player is required to run past all defending lines from the first line to the last and run back towards the first line without any physical contact with the opposing team. If any member of the opposing team manages to touch any player, the player is considered ‘dead’ and out of the game.



It is a game which is played during one’s free time. Usually after a hard day’s work on the padifields. It is a game played by the women, especially liked by the youths.

Before playing a game of congkak one has to have a piece of wood 80cm in length and 18cm in width. That piece of wood would have two different types of holes, namely the lubang kampung (village) or lubang anak (child) and lubang rumah (house). The number of lubang kampung is usually in odd quantities of five, seven or sometimes nine in a row.

The lubang kampung is in two long rows where as the lubang rumah is represented with two bigger holes located either sides of the row of lubang kampung. The anak-anak buah(playing seeds) is usually represented by marbles, stones or shells which is kept in play by putting them into the holes.

It is easy to play the game. Basically, two players will move simultaneously. If either of the player reaches a hole with no more playing seeds, the player has to stop. He can only move when the opponent stops in the same dead end. The game of congkak ends when there is no more playing seeds in the lubang kampung or lubang anak. The player who has the most number of seeds in the lubang rumah wins the game.


Uses rubber bands..preferable the colorful ones. Shouting “ZERO POINT” was fun! Unfortunately my rubber bands always got confiscated by the prefects. Sobs..Don’t understand why school don’t allowed us to play that. Anyway, we still curi-curi play lah….hahaha..

An informative article about this game HERE


Eagerly waited for the bread vendor to arrive. So that I can collect more! ^^

Ahh…I started to miss my old school now. The old CONVENT. There were so many playing spots, so many memories. Now, its no longer there. *sigh. It was demolished, then became an abandoned project and now its a “HUGE POOL”!

Snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park (My Memorable Experience)

During my Langkawi trip, there were several packages offered by the local agencies once we stepped into the airport. E.g; Island Tour, Mangrove Tour/Geopark Cruise,  Island Hopping, Yachting/ Fishing Trip and Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling). Each comes with different price of course.

However, we decided to get the package of Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling). After some price negotiation, we were offered at the price of RM115/ person (actual price shown = RM200/person). See….there’s always PROs when you are in a big group. You can nego for a better price.

Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling) package consist of return transfer, snorkeling gears, life jacket, packed lunch, free PA coverage, air conditioned catamaran. From beginning to the end of the journey + snorkeling duration is 6 hours.

Floating Reef Platform

Floating Reef Platform is designed for those who does not want to wet their bodies but still want to enjoy the marine life here. It is a platform called Coral Langkawi which is moored off Pulau Payar. Measuring 49 m by 15 m, you will have to book a package tour in order to have the privilege of using it. It has a tunnel shape chamber at the bottom of the platform 10 feet below the sea. There are also boats which have glass bottom for you to see the marine life and corals as you move along the coral gardens. This platform is also equipped with a snack bar, a dining area and a sunbathing area. (Price shown = RM320/person)

I got very excited as our boat approaches the beach we were designated to. It was my first encounter on clean & clear sea water.

Aren’t these views are beautiful??

When I saw these school of fishes under the clear water, I got even more excited. Like a small kid* Can’t wait to dive in.

whatcha think about my new beach dress? ^^ (BEFORE)

a short briefing was given

(AFTER) I’m all ready!

Alex; ready with his gears too

Chung, Alex, Myself & Jiaqi

Attracted so many fishes by just some pieces of biscuit crumbs I brought. Initially the packet of biscuit was for myself, but it ended up, used to feed the fishes. In another word, to bait the fish! *giggles*

Baby Shark feeding was a memorable experience to me too. You can actually see some baby sharks swim pass you while you were snorkeling.

The packed lunch that was provided –  what’s more you can expect.

It wouldn’t be more fun without a group of friends.

At that moment; I really wish I had this camera with me. No doubt my DSLR can do wonders. But when it comes to water stuff, its a NO NO. Unless I get a waterproof camera case.

**now, I’m looking forward to go for another sun & sea – wish wish**

I Miss My………

Last night, I attended my ex-colleague’s wedding in a Chinese Restaurant with good ambiance. As usual, the host will play some slide shows to the guests while waiting for the dinner to begin. From the moment they started to play the slide show of the couple’s pre-wedding photos, it reminds me of my wedding. Yes, no doubt my eyes were watching it, but my mind was like replaying my own wedding. Everything seems like a flash back to me. :- had a memorable pre-wed photo session, walked down the aisle, the wine toasting(yum sengggg…) and lots more. In fact, each wedding I attended also gave me the warm feeling and memories. Looks like I miss my wedding very much. Perhaps; was the once and only beautiful moment on that pretty white wedding gown.


On my Actual Wedding Day (26 September 2009)


My Pre-Wedding Photos… looking through each and every piece of it.