Everybody Talking About “Steve Jobs”

The moment I log in to my Yahoo page, the front news was about ‘Death of Steve Jobs’. Then I log in to my Facebook page, and again everyone was sharing about the news of ‘Steve Job – The APPLE Founder is dead’. iPhone 4s was announced yesterday, (people were criticizing about the not so outstand features) and today people are hearing the bad news about Steve. Guess, its a shocking news to everyone.

Therefore, I also want to kepoh and blog about the news while showing my greatest gratitude towards ‘Steve Job – The APPLE Founder’!! Whom has great passion and inspiration. Though I do not own any of your i fons or whatever Macs or Pods, but I did go crazy about your iPad2 and proudly owning 1 since the 1st day it was launched in Malaysia. (count me in as 1 of your fans too)

R.I.P. Mr. Steve. *sobs*

The important man behind the successful APPLE. Successfully made everyone chasing the numbers. (from 1, 2, …. and 3, 4, and hopefully there is 5)

Thank you so much for your contribution.

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