Detour to Muar Town

We were on our way to Batu Pahat to attend Guan Han & Sook Kuan’s wedding which falls on the following day. While making our road journey to Batu Pahat, we decided to make a detour to Muar town. A distance of about 50km from Batu Pahat. So, to Muar for what?? When someone mentioned about Muar, one will quickly relate it to ‘Muar Otak-Otak’. That’s why want to go try lor…. Since it was a last minute thingy, therefore wasn’t any homework done before hand. We went round round, merry go round in Eric’s proud Perodua Myvi, hunting for Otak-Otak. More like driving aimlessly.

Enough of merry go round. We decided to get our car parked and walk!

The ‘heart’ of Muar Town. The Clock Tower cum huge roundabout.

We parked our car near the clock tower. Then we walked across 2 streets and reached a busy street. Walked further…… I happily telling Alex & Eric; “Wey….there got many food leh”!! Am so delighted…it was like a hidden gem to us.

Jalan Haji Abu Hawker Centre.

Apparently this is a famous street in Muar. (wow…glad we found it). “Jalan Haji Abu”, known as “T’am Cjia Kueh” 贪呷街 in Hokkien [which literally means “the gluttoning eating street”

Beautiful & Colorful heritage building. Well preserved.

Was built since 1952?? Wow…before Merdeka and its now 59 years old.

It was a sunny day. The weather was extremely hot too. Therefore the guys decided to have ‘liong cha’ (cooling drinks).

Apparently ‘liong cha’ uncle said, this stall selling nice otak otak. (a stall just next to a stall selling ‘lo han kuo’ drinks). Uhhh…uncle has saved us!

**worry not, this street do sells frozen otak-otak. You can get a pack home and heat it up yourself. Either steam or bake it. So convenient rite? And also nice to give as souvenir** ^^

The otak otak is grill upon order. So, we decided to try the fish & prawn otak-otak. Otak-otak is made by mixing fish paste (usually mackerel) with a mixture of spices including chillies, garlic, shallots, turmeric, lemon grass and coconut milk. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf that has been softened by steaming, then grilled or steamed. While fish otak-otak is most common, otak-otak is also commonly made with prawns, often resulting in a more textured variety.

pan-fried kuih… top 2 are nice..but bottom 2 are not nice….

Yeah…our tea break!

Check out the color of otak-otak that we’ve bought. Glossy orange, rich fish flavor. Texture wasn’t too mushy. Not overdone or dry either. I preferred fish over prawn.

Thumbs up from Alex, while Eric was too busy handling the otak-otak. Hehe…

A teaser photo of me having otak-otak. Sorry it may look gross…..

‘Pisang Goreng’ & ‘Ubi Kayu Goreng’ were so good. Till Alex misses it so much.

A glass of icy cold ‘calamansi juice’ was perfect under the hot & sunny noon. Very refreshing and gives you the boost! Because its quite sour! Haha…

“Õ chien” (Fried Oyster Omelette) 蚝煎 – quite bland…not nice

Fried Carrot Cake – not enough of seasonings…not nice oso

Pork Satay 

Intestine Satay & Cockle Satay, which I find it quite special.

Okie…upload a ‘yeng cai’ photo of Alex to end this post. Ahem ahem…..

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