What makes you blog?

What makes you create a blog page and continue to feed your blog with interesting or non-interesting post? These days there are many bloggers. Different people may like to share different thoughts and post. There are many people who like to review on food or places that they’ve dine, often call as food bloggers. Some like to share about interesting places, often name as travelogue. Thus there are also people who like to share about their personal life….Hmm…I’m not directing to Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee, the erotic blogger. People commenting so much about this couple. Well…who cares? After all they don’t mind sharing also…We can have free show wat.

As for myself, I usually write about food, places I visited and some recipes (very minimal). I write about food/makan place that I’ve tried…to guide people or at least to tell people how’s the real food actually look and taste like when we dine there. You may not 100% agreed with my rating because some people may have different taste bud. I find it useful because sometimes I too use the google to search for places to eat.

Unfortunately some people may not think the same. My friend* said “what’s the point of you writing about that makan place? Will you get anything in return? You know what? They should at least give you some food vouchers for writing about them”.

She then commented on a dessert which I recommended to her. Comparing a Japanese mochi and a Chinese mua chee. “The Japanese mochi hor…actually not very nice…abit hard..I prefer mua chee”…..

I was like…HUH?! @_@  Common babe….both are 2 different thing lah..of course they have different texture and look wat.

Anyway…these people are minority. They will not stop me from blogging. That’s all for today. TGIF and have a nice weekend 😉

23 thoughts on “What makes you blog?”

  1. actually I blog is to record on my experience with my family, friends & etc..
    It is happy and funny when I read back on my previous post…
    It brings back the memory…..

  2. I blog purely for the love of food! Unless someone shares that passion, its quite hard to understand why we blog… also… I completely agree taste is a matter of each person. Just always stay true to what you love and what you want to blog… XD

  3. I am blogging entirely out of fun. Its a hobby…something I find relaxing to do. To read or not is entirely up to the readers. Similarly its also my own right to write what I want so long as I don’t cause harm to anyone.

  4. LMAO!! I cannot stop laughing at the mua chee and Mochi thing!!! Walau eh…. Hahahahahaha
    I don’t like to read those food reviews that the restaurants paid the bloggers to review, they’re not true. We went there only to find out the food served to us were nowhere near to those served to the bloggers. Tipu de!

    I blog because I scared one day I get senile or Alzheimer, at least I have something to read back ler. LOL! And also, to prove that I lived this life before, not gone without a trail. 😛

    1. Ash – “I blog because I scared one day I get senile or Alzheimer, at least I have something to read back ler.” <— hahaha…I like this! When I'm old and I read back all these…proven how 'tam-jiak' I am. 😀

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