The not so attractive Zoo Melaka

When was the last time you visited our local zoo? Hmmm….butterfly/bird park not counted hoh. 😀 Too long till you can’t recall? I too can’t remember when was the last time I visited our local zoo. HAHA! The main reason is because our weather often too hot. Then the other reason what people usually commented is ‘the animals watches me instead of me watches the animals’.

Alex’s friends from Sarikei came over KL for a short trip. We planned to take a drive to Melaka for a day trip. Alex’s friend, Tony said he has not seen a real giraffe before. We laughed. But on second thought…our future kids may not know or seen a real chicken too instead of giraffe!

So, we decided to drop by Zoo Melaka before heading to Melaka town.

Today, I going to take you guys to Zoo Melaka. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Because most of the animals, I can’t remember their names. hehe…. the end of this post, you will understand why do I call it a not so attractive zoo!

booth displaying animals plush toy for sale at the entrance.

There is an entrance fee to this zoo. For locals (show your IC) RM10, but for foreigners – RM20. WOW! doubled the price. Kesian foreigners…

As you enter, you’ll notice the parrots.

Wanna take photo with this python? Of course its not free! There is a certain fee.

Small animals are placed behind this glass.

Ohh…this look adorable.

This pair of owl look cute or not? Really ‘cat head bird’ hor..(translated the name from Chinese) LOL!

Sang Kancil

Training the eagle for bird show.

Zoo Melaka is now open at night too. Want to go for night safari? No, thank you.

The one and only Malayan Gaur resting in its cage. Looks huge and tough!

One and only Tapir in its cage. The tapir look so kesian. Houseflies all over its body. It look so sad too.

Look at its cage. Only one mini dirty pool of water provided for the tapir. 😦

A pair of giraffe in its cage with limited space.

Tony! Nahh…you finally met your giraffe la…dreams come true lo..

I wonder how many hours does the horse need to stand there? Horse ride is available for RM5/ride.

Nice prints on these deers.

Hey..why this animal copy Panda bear’s color?! :-p

Wahh…this dunno what deer has so many wives accompanying him hor.

Deers again…..

Cows again….*yawn* This zoo surely likes cows and deers. There were actually summore deers..but I skipped them.

One and only ostrich in its cage. With almost botak feathers. Too much Ajinomoto in the food?

One and only Wild Cat in its cage.

The sleeping leopard.

The black panther sleeps like a log.

Now we are in front of Tiger’s cage. A pool of dirty water. There are 2 pairs of tigers placed in 2 different cages side by side.

Zoo Melaka1

So the Tigers look energetic? Why no Roarrr sound wan? I want to hear your macho roaring sound!

Can you spot the Lion? This lion sleep like as though its dead. LOL!

An intruder, monitor lizard came out from the bushes to greet us.

Crocodiles in almost dried and small pond.

Thanks for reminding us that your animals here are alive!

Bird cage that look like a haunted house.

The good looking Hornbill.

Alex’s friends said this white* hornbill look like one of their minister. I will not name it here. Could you guess the correct answer?

The empty bird cages.

Hello tortoise. Why did you soak yourself in the mud?

Sunbathing tortoises.

An Orang Utan

and his cage-mate. Both of the looked so boring. One was playing with an empty mineral water bottle, while the other one was wrapping itself with grass and coconut husk.

Sun Bear.

A cage with Chimpanzees.

Elephants. Looks like one family.



Zoo Melaka

The only animal that I see having much freedom and more lively are these Monkeys.

The Reptiles House.

Conclusion : Our weather is too hot and often humid, made me don’t feel like visiting zoo. Moreover seeing this zoo’s condition… I feel like taking the tram ride back to the start point and say bye bye. The cages looked so unkept. Alot of mosquitoes too. That’s all for today’s tour.

21 thoughts on “The not so attractive Zoo Melaka”

    1. CleverMunkey; alot of zoo are like that, especially Malaysia’s zoo rite?
      Ya…..existing animals also cannot take good care…want take in Panda summore. aihhh

  1. ooo, the malacca zoo actually holds good memories for me, cos my grandparents took me here when i was in primary school. but ya, even then, i remember it was hot, but as a kid, i guess i didn’t really mind. there weren’t many animals back then, in the 80s though 😀

  2. Actually the variety of animals at this Malacca zoo is not bad. My husband visited Zoo Negara with Chloe, they say it’s nice. I didn’t go cos too hot! Haha.

  3. If this is the not so attractive zoo then the zoo negara must be a very boring zoo. But either one, I still pity these animals. It’s like they are forever short of food etc. So poor thing.

  4. This Zoo Suckss…..just visited it , the reptile house and the Owls’ enclosures are closed down due to some of the animals were attacking humans…and got escaped…Several enclosures are being lockdowned now..even the Safari Walk was closed due to the collapsed bridge inside…the animals there looks so pity…

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