2 Weddings in 2 Consecutive Weekends.

The past 2 consecutive weekends, I was busy traveling to 2 different states in Malaysia to attend wedding. LOL! I sounded like I’m an important person pulak..hehe…. The long weekend during Wesak Day I traveled to Butterworth together with Alex and also some friends. The bride and groom whom were traveling on the same day…alerted us about the heavy traffic along North South Highway heading Ipoh.

Therefore we were forced to traveled via old road passing through villages. Road were quite winding but managed to capture this beautiful view of paddy field. Not many cars travel via this route…we were wondering are we on the right track. Not seeing much cars…but monkeys…LOL!

We put up 2 nights in a homestay arranged by the groom. On first night…we had dinner here, at Khuntai Restaurant.

On the following day, we had our dim sum breakfast at Restoran Chaw Choon. Very affordable pricing dim sum! All the above and later we add on some additional dim sums and a bowl of noodle with a pot of tea for just RM60+.

Nothing much to do in Butterworth…and we were afraid it would be kinda rush to travel to Penang and return for dinner in the evening. We ended up spending time to watch Fast & Furious 6 at Sunway Carnival Mall. LOL!

CONGRATS Leonard and Wifey ^_^

Cute prop…

Reunion day for all the Sarikeians..That’s what I like about attending weddings. Despite the makan makan…its like a chance to meet or catch up with friends. Some..may have not met for years.

New happening place in Butterworth. Restaurants and Pubs are here.

Late night supper at 1am!! Tom Yam noodles..you pick the ‘liu’ then they’ll cook for you. It looks like Maggi Mee. LOL! But the tom yam soup was quite tasty lar…Apparently this is not the only stall serving this. And its available till so late?!

Last Sunday, I was here at Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant, Ipoh to attend Alex’s cousin’s wedding lunch. (will blog about my Ipoh trip soon)

However I wasn’t quite impress with the food served that noon. I remembered I came here once…coincidentally it was during Nicole’s wedding! The food I had before was quite okay but not this round.

Alex and both of his younger brothers. Do they look alike? I would say YES! Hahaha….

Eeeee….this couple balloon is so cute and lovely! ♥

So, recently are you attending any of your friend’s wedding?

19 thoughts on “2 Weddings in 2 Consecutive Weekends.”

  1. Ooo, nice photo of the countryside. Looks very green, calm and breezy! I must admit I’ve not gone for a wedding for very long. Maybe at my age, most of my friends who wanted to marry are already married, and I don’t have many siblings or cousins. Anyway your wedding ceremony pics look nice, everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves 😀

  2. Weddings are always heart warming…and I’ve came to realised that the number of weddings are directly proportional to the age as we grow older. …

  3. Wowwwwwww!!! Eat so much! My friend wanted to take me to Khun Tai in KL that day but the plan did not materialise. Sobsssss!!!! I love weddings. Haven’t been to one for sometime now… 😦 No leh? The three brothers all look different leh… Still available? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  4. ooo ur hb ‘s younger brother dont look much like his brother ler.. all like same age. hehe

    and I like ur dress to the first wedding. nice!

    hmm i only been to 1 oustation wedding.. tat was my best friend’s..but i doesnt like to go to any wedding. So i’m glad everyone who i knew all married jor! 😛

  5. oo.. I like the Khuntai in butterworth too! I guess there are no more seasons for wedding.. everyone has it all year nowadays when it use to be the last few months at the end fo the year for weddings…
    none for me now but there was a few years back, I had 11 wedding invites for 3 months back to back… was so pokkai then…lol…

    1. Food Dreams – Looks like Khuntai is quite popular hoh. Yahor…these days…some ppl couldn’t even bother the auspicious month oso.
      11 weddings inn 3 months?! OMG…indeed pokkai…

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