Product Review : CERRO QREEN Fashion Makeup Brush Set – Green ( 10 pcs )

YAY! Thank you Natta Cosme for giving this opportunity to review a nice set of make up brush!

The brushes are enclosed in this purely white color pouch alike an envelope. Its made of PU leather.

I like its sleek and elegant design. Moreover its handy and convenient for traveling purposes too.

Untie the string to discover these nicely arranged brushes. Each brush has its own purposes.

*trying to imitate a make up artist* I always envy as a make up artist, they usually own a bag/pouch filled with plenty of brushes meant for make up. Obviously I may not be familiar when it comes to that much of brushes.  But CERRO QREEN Fashion Makeup Brush Set – Green ( 10 pcs ) would certainly meets your needs for a basic make up. They are easily to be recognized too. What’s more is that, you can own this good quality brushes with an affordable price. (Will reveal the price at the bottom page)

The brush comes in duo-tone. The shape and size made it easy to handle.

Its also available in purple, black and yellow color.

1) Powder Brush
2) Blush Brush
3) Foundation Brush
4) Big Eyeshadow Brush
5) Eyelash Comb
6) Small Eyeshadow Brush
7) Eyebrow Brush
8) Eyeliner Brush
9) Fan Brush
10) Lip Brush

Okay…lets begin our make up with a clean and moisturized face…

Start with the Foundation Brush (3). Pump a small amount of foundation on your hand, the use this foundation brush as an applicator. Also able to blend well over your face.

Foundation Brush : Fiber
 Brush Length : 15cm
 Hair Length : 2.9cm

Next, I will go with loose powder. Using Powder Brush (1) as an applicator to create a matte look.

Powder Brush - Goat and Fiber
 Brush Length : 17cm
 Hair Length : 4.6cm

For a natural look, use neutral tones like earthy browns. Sweep across eyelids up to below brow bone using the Big Eyeshadow Brush(4) as a highlighter. Then use Small Eyeshadow Brush (6) to apply the darker shade of eyeshadow start at the outer corner of the eye and work the shadow along the crease and the edge of the lid.

Big Eye Shadow Brush - Horse Hair
 Brush Length : 15cm
 Hair Length : 2cm

Small Eye Shadow Brush - Horse Hair
 Brush Length : 5cm
 Hair Length : 0.9cm

I use the Fan Brush (9) to fan off excess powder and fallen eyeshadow.

Fan Brush - High Quality Goat Hair
 Brush Length : 16.8cm
 Hair Length : 3.3cm

Next, if you are using a cream eyeliner you’ll probably need the assistance of Eyeliner Brush (8) to draw a line along the lash line.

Eyeliner Brush - Fiber
 Brush Length : 13.5cm
 Hair Length : 0.6cm

For eyes part, after you are done with eyeshadow and eyeliner… you may need to apply mascara to make your eyes stand out. Using an Eyelash Comb (5) is to brush off clumps after you applied mascara. Ya…its like combing your eyelashes. 😉

Lash Comb - Nylon
 Brush Length : 15.5cm

Blush gives you a rosy glow. While smiling, apply blush using Blush Brush (2) to the apples of the cheeks and blend back toward the hairline. Make sure its spread evenly using the brush 🙂

Blush Brush - Goat Hair
 Brush Length : 16cm
 Hair Length : 3.4cm

For eyebrow, I preferred using dark brown color. Using a small angled Eyebrow Brush (7) , follow the shape of the eyebrow and fill it in to enhance your natural brow line.

Eyebrow Brush - Fiber
 Brush Length : 13.5cm
 Hair Length : 0.6cm

Lastly, not forgetting to add some color to your lip. The Lip Brush (10) – which look alike a piece of crayon is actually the casing for this brush. Using this lip brush to apply and blend the lip color evenly.

Lip Brush – Fiber
Brush Length : 9.5cm
Hair Length : 1cm

Each and every brushes are made of different materials. Fortunately it do not stinks unlike some brushes. I like that the bristles are soft yet dense. Overall I’m quite satisfied with this set of brush in terms of quality, design and value for money!

Retail Price : RM75.90 60.72

Click HERE to shop for CERRO QREEN brushes.

You are entitle to get an instant rebate of RM10 with purchase of above RM100 by just keying in MEL2014 on ‘use coupon code’.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day, peeps! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Product Review : CERRO QREEN Fashion Makeup Brush Set – Green ( 10 pcs )”

  1. whoa, on one hand, i’m glad i probably won’t have to learn how to use all these different types of brushes. but then again, it looks like it could be fun, hahah. and your photos are great, really fun to look through! 😀

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