Hair Makeover @The Color Shop, Palm Mall Seremban

As I walked into the saloon, I was greeted by Alice who waited for my arrival. Alice  is the Manager, also the co-founder of The Color Shop. She then lead me to be seated and sort of ran through my hair. Judging my look and appearance, I guessed she may have some ideas on what to do to my hair. Therefore I just gave my trust, leaving my hair for them to handle. Afterall they are the professional. 🙂

**my old hairstyle: colored & digital perm 6 months ago**

Before that, allow me to take you a tour to this simple yet well organized hair saloon. It is located at the latest mall in Seremban.

The Color Shop has a total of 6 outlets. They are located at Aeon Seremban 2, Giant Senawang, Giant Putra Heights, Setia Alam, Tesco Nilai and Palm Mall Seremban.

A wide range of the Loreal & Kerastase, the renowned hair care brand.

The ‘Hair Treatment Room’.

A room dedicated to the ‘tudung’ Muslims woman.

The ‘shampoo-ing’ section.

Alice who is a well experienced hair dresser explained on what they intend to do to my hair. Hhmmm… should I expect a new look today? Teamed up with Kenny, one of the senior hair stylist here, they decided to give me a snip and some hair coloring. Ohh…did I hear color? Yea…let’s play with colors. Interesting!

Alice also mentioned about her interest and passion in hair dressing. Today, Alice decided to do some trimming and layering to my hair. She claimed that my hair looked ‘heavy’ and ‘flat’. She was right… I now felt that my hair is much lighter after the trim.

After the haircut, Kenny took over the coloring job. He’s good at colors! He suggested to redye my hair and add some highlights. Taking considerations about my occupation, both thoughtful Alice & Kenny decided for highlighting instead of dip dye.

This was the color chart for my highlight. I guessed these colors are the latest color trend. Kenny asked if I would prefer blue or green. I asked for his opinion. And he replied ‘green’. *leave the decision to the professional, hardly go wrong*

These are the latest color trend for year 2015 which I sourced from the internet. Hence, this is the first time I’m having a different color shade on my hair other than the common brown or red tone. I started to feel excited and looking forward to see the final result.

**Kenny, why did you frown? @_@ **
The hair coloring took longer hours because it was divided into 3 steps.

Step 1: Redye my hair with a new color. Kenny chose a brown shade. He claimed it matched my tanned complexion. He started off with coloring my hair root because that’s the darkest shade on my hair. Rinsed, Shampoo & blow dry.

After the hair root, then continued with hair tip.

I also asked Kenny whether should I go short or fringe. Kenny said No! Hmm…honest feedback from a hairstylist. LOL! He said I’ll look better in long hair. Ok Ok….

Step 2: Once the hair base color is settled, continued with selecting the area or strands of hair to be highlighted. These selected areas has to be decolorize before applying the green shade. And this requires foil wrapping.

Step 3: After rinsed and blow dry. Now its the final step to apply the green shade on the chosen strands on hair. Leave for 10 minutes then rinse, shampoo and blow dry.

A final touch on my hair using a curling tong, by Mix Tam.

The final outcome of my hair. Do you like it? I personally love the green strikes on my hair very much. First time being on such daring color. 😀

The ‘stylo’ Mel!

PhotoGrid_1425950376083 (1)**my hair after 2 washing**

Left to right: Mix Tam, Kenny, Alice.

Thanks to the people behind The Color Shop. Last but not least, thanks to Patrick for the hairdo invitation.

The Color Shop

Lot L2-37,Level 2,Palm Mall,Jalan Sungai Ujong, Seremban

Contact Number: 06-765 6151

Business Hour: 10am – 10pm.

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