Christmas Cupcakes & Cupcakes Decoration Workshop

In this season of joy, its all about family, love and gifts.

Thus I also won myself a set of Christmas cupcakes by Sugarcraft by mil! A lucky win. It was a simple giveaway on the baker’s Facebook Page. But I am very happy with any form of prize.


An early Christmas present for me and my family. Don’t you think these cupcakes look pretty.


Sugarcraft by mil’s cupcake is moist and chocolatey. My mom who is a sugar conscious person also claimed that the cupcakes weren’t too sweet. Actually I felt very sayang to destroy these beautifully done cupcakes. Need to slowly admire and take small bite at a time. LOL! 😀

Other than baking and taking orders, Sugarcraft by mil also conducted workshops at Sinaran Seremban Gateway organized by Pastime. Its Seasonal Cupcakes decoration workshop. With a joining fee of RM15, u get hands on experience to use fondant to decorate cupcakes. Then you get to bring home 2 piece of your self decorated cupcakes.


On the recent theme, it was about Christmas. When I asked Jet, do you want to decorate cupcakes? Without hesitation, he answered me Yes! Jet seems to enjoy decorating it. I think he’s treating them like Playdoh. LOL! Anyway, he chose to make a Snowman and a Christmas tree. He’s getting better and more familiarized now. Probably because this was his 2nd lesson.


The final outcome of his cupcakes which he did most of it by himself…with a some assistance from the adult. He’s proud of his job.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 1.48.12 PM

Photo credit to Christina. Love this shot of us 


This was during our previous workshop. It was Unicorn Theme. When the mummy was so obsessed with unicorns! HAHAHAHA! Getting our hands on to do the fondant decorations, we can really know the effort spent for every piece of cupcake. Not easy lor! It required so much patience.

Perhaps you can consider getting a box of these Christmas Cupcakes for your family and friends on this coming Christmas.

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