Baking Workshop @Gifted, Baking Studio Seremban

Children has the ability to explore and gain knowledge in varies field at a very young age.

Besides studies, I wished to expose Jet towards more activities that he has interest in it.

From the past cupcake fondant decorating workshop, I was surprised that Jet developed an interest in it. Furthermore I also noticed that he has the patient to slowly beautify it.

Recently I discovered a new baking studio located at Plazo S2 Heights. I dropped a message to the owner to inquire about basic baking workshop that is suitable for children. Ashley, who is the owner of Gifted, baking studio suggested Royal Icing Cookies.

We attended the workshop last month. Initially Jet was rather shy and quiet.

Ashley, the young and talented owner cum pastry instructor showing us the ingredients and step by step guide on making the cookie.

Simple steps and only required flour, butter and egg. It is easy for children to cope too. *just use a utensil to gradually mix the ingredients evenly.*

This mixture will gonna be our cookies.

When the mixture is ready, roll it under the baking paper to flatten to thickness around 5mm.

Once its flatten to our desired thickness, it is required to put to chill (recommended to put in freezer awhile) so that we can easily cut them into shapes.

The shaped cookies are ready to bake. Jet was very anticipate for the result.

Ta-daa…freshly baked cookies are ready to be decorated. *Let the cookies cool down before decorating it*

Jet was having hard time to select his favorite colors for the icing.

*Use gel based colors for icing*

Preparing the colored icing in a piping bag.

Jet was concentrating on how to decorate royal icing onto cookie.

It is required to pipe a border around the edges of the cookie, then only fill the area with icing. A toothpick is needed to guide the flood icing as it spreads.

Jet decorated most of the cookies by himself.

The deco was tough at first, but once you grasp the technique, you will be able to do it well.

HAHAHAHA!! Our final result. Will you buy? 😀

Thank you Ashley for this lovely photo of us.

Gifted is a cosy and quiet environment for workshops. Jet and I enjoyed making Royal Icing Cookies. Thank you Ashley for your patience too. He’s been asking me when are we going again. He also asked; can we make cake next time?

In conjunction to Mother’s Day, there will be Mother’s Day Workshop to learn the above 4 different types of cakes. For more info, you can visit

For your info, Ashley also accept cake orders for functions or celebrations.

Address: No131-1, Jalan Pusat Komersial Saujana 3, Pusat Komersial Saujana, Seremban 2 heights
70300 Seremban
Contact Number : 012-985 9717

6 thoughts on “Baking Workshop @Gifted, Baking Studio Seremban”

  1. Your son so cute. Mother and son bonding session, can eat the cookies after that too. Good idea! 😀

  2. Does Jet love baking or cooking? I saw him joined quite a few workshops like this. Or the mommy love it, so he is tagged a long? LOL

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