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Product Review: SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

Do you have large pores problem just like an orange skin? Awww…. don’t feel sad. Today I am going to share something to fix your problem. Something which able to minimizes the enlarged pores.

When I received a parcel from Natta, I got my lil helper to unbox it. *buat kecoh* LOL!

Attached with a small gift and and a handwritten greeting card.

This is the product that I’m sharing today.

SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask,
a product of Korea.

It comes in a tub size of 100ml. A lid to maintain the moisture content so that it will not dries up easily. For hygiene purposes, a spatula is also provided in every boxes. Using the provided spatula to scoop the sufficient amount to spread over your clean face.

How it smells?

Smells like fresh mud with hints of herbs.

How’s the texture?

Grainy & very cooling.

A gentle reminder to user before you use the mask. You will feel a sharp pain or tingling sensation the moment you spread the mask over your face. But the “pain” will gradually fade a few minutes later.

Above are the main ingredients used in this tub of mask and a diaphragm on how it works.


A clay mask is a beauty product that is used to improve the look and health of the skin. The mask should completely cover the skin but should also not be too thick. This is because one of the key functions of the clay, which is to draw dirt and excess oil out of the pores, cannot be completed if the mask stays wet. If they layer of clay is too thick, it can take too long to dry.

When a clay mask is applied to the face, it should kept off of the skin around the eyes and mouth. This is because the skin in these areas is delicate and may become irritated by the clay. Once the clay has dried on the face, it should be washed away with warm water. Sometimes, when a clay mask is completely dry and ready to be removed, it looks as though it has become polka dotted, especially around the T-zone. These dots are actually little spots of oil that have been sucked out of the skin by the clay as it dried.

Spread the mask evenly on your clean face and leave for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse the mask off with warm water. Wipe the clay off with upward, sweeping motions. Remove any clay facial mask that remains with a washcloth and gently rub in circular motions. Do a final rinse with cold water to close the pores. Finish the facial with a toner and moisturizer

A note of reminder:- When you use a clay mask, don’t wait for it to reach the flaky stage before you start rinsing. Do the touch test: When you start to see it drying (which usually means it gets lighter in color) but it still feels a bit sticky, it’s time to wash. Reason is because There are three phases of a clay mask. There’s the damp phase where your skin drinks in the beneficial minerals from the outside. Then you have the start of the dry phase, which exercises your capillaries and stimulates blood flow as the mask cools and contracts. But then there’s the dry phase, which draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation. Not only does skin then feel dry, tight, and sometimes itchy, but when you counteract it by slathering on extra face cream, you’re just smothering your freshly cleansed skin.

 *on 1st trial*
pores are slightly reduced on certain areas.
*on 2nd trial*
Noticed the more even skin tone and the red patches are less visible. It also dries up my ‘whiteheads’
Retail Price : RM71
Click HERE to make your purchase or view more about products from Skin & Lab.

The Lilac Box 4

I’ve heard so much good reviews from my friend, Ashley about this beauty box. thelilacbox!

Their motto:- Blind Date In A Box”. Every month, we deliver specially hand-picked premium beauty products. And we send them to you in a box, wrapped with a bit of love.

Also, they mentioned about ‘premium’ products will be included in the box.

They have limited number of boxes and often sold out within a week or sometimes less. *Very laku*

1098189_10151647585182740_1794890789_nI’ve missed out their Box 1, 2 and 3. But I managed to grab their first Concept Box. My first experience with Decleor’s skincare and also the lilac box. No complain about the content and packaging. Simply great!

Box 4 was their latest box. I received it as a birthday present from my friends. 😉 Honestly I like the packaging, plus the effort to put a nice ribbon with Jimmy Choo’s print. Moreover the box quality is not those lembik ones. I’ll definitely recycling the box for other usages.

A sneak peek on the contents. So full right?

Products by Sothys (15ml each). I’ve heard about Sothys. But this would be my first experience on using their products. Yet to try it. hehe….

Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream

The Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream optimizes hydric flow by regulating water transfers and retaining water at its optimal level. Read more about ‘hydric flow’ at the CV below.

Active Ingredients: 1055 Boletus Extract, Tripeptide and Ophipogon extract

Benefits: This candidate restores skin hydration to its optimum level making it well-hydrated, supple, comfortable and radiant. The Light Cream is suitable for normal to combination skin.

Direction: Use it daily, night and day after the application of the serum.

Proven Efficiency: +36% hydration within 1 month

Hydradvance Hydra-Nourishing Mask

The Hydradvance Hydra-Nourishing Mask provides essential nourishing and moisturizing effect giving an immediate comfort and hydration on your skin.

Active Ingredients: 1055 Boletus extract, ultra-hydrating complex ,precious jojoba and rice bran oil

Benefits: This candidate immerses the skin in absolute comfort. This gel-cream fresh fragrant mask envelopes your skin to restore hydration leaving it supple, soft and radiant.

Direction: For all skin types, use this mask on a regular basis or whenever necessary

Proven Efficacy: +41% immediate hydration and 90% satisfaction on nutrition and elimination of dehydration marks.

Loreal brand, no longer a stranger to you right? I rarely use hairspray. But this one doesn’t give you the super strong smell like hairspray from those days. LOL!

L’Oreal Professional Mademoiselle Infinium.

Mademoiselle Infinium by Charlie Le Mindu. Extra strong hold professional hairspray. Patented formula for finishing a hairstyle: Extra strong, instant fixing of a section or long-lasting overall hold. Optimal shine. Anti humidity action. No residue.
Retail price: 300ml – RM 40
Target: For all types of hair Results: Hair has a strong, long-lasting fixation Directions for use: Spray from about 35 cm on dry hair. Apply closer to accentuate a section.

Yet to try this range. But I’m confidence with these 2 items.

L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo

Smoothing shampoo for unmanageable hair
Retail price: 250ml – RM 50
500ml – RM 79
Target: For rebellious thick, unruly hair
Technology: Oil Incell; A combination of Incell and nourishing oils (olive + argan) to soften, nourish and enhance the texture of the hair fibre
Results: Hair is controlled, nourished and tamed. Fibres are controlled
Directions for use: Distribute evenly throughout wet hair and lather. Rinse out thoroughly

L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Masque

Smoothing masque for unmanageable hair (rinse out)
Retail price: 200ml – RM 67
Target: For rebellious thick, unruly hair
Technology: Polymer AR; Protects the hair against humidity
Results: Hair is controlled, Leaves hair smooth and shiny
Directions for use: Apply and massage into shampooed, towel-dried hair. Spread well. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly

Nice hand cream. Moisturized your hands without feeling much greasiness. I also like the orangy scent. Here, I received a full size(25g) hand cream and its priced at RM30+.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

The intensive conditioning cream leaves hands feeling softer with each use. The Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy blends conditioning shea butter, moisturizing macadamia nut oil and myrrh extract to help condition cuticles and nails. Vitamin C-rich Tarocco blood orange extract and skin-freshening eucalyptus and sage extracts moisturize and soothe hands.

What? I’m getting 2 pieces of perfume samples in a box?! Oh wow. Both are Jimmy Choo’s fragrance in different scent.

I preferred the scent of Jimmy Choo’s latest FLASH! These are handy for traveling purposes. Easy to keep them in handbags 😉

I noticed my friends receiving different colors. That’s sometimes nice of the team to provide different colors so that if people who dislike theirs can choose to trade with others.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer (Full Size 15ml) Retail Price : RM63.

My first O.P.I nail color. *Hepi*! I like my nail color.

Verdict : No wonder my friend praises the box so much. I’m gonna continue subscribing Box 5 when they announce the sale. For the price of RM49.90/box (inclusive delivery), I’m pretty happy with the content. At least I’m not receiving samples in sachet form or plenty of vouchers which I hardly use.

Where to purchase?

Kindly visit their website or Facebook page at

MIVVA Box June 2013 – Colourific

Its already month of July….so fast. But now only I’m reviewing about MIVVA Box June 2013. Blame it on the lazy bug lor….hehe….

This is my first purchase of beauty box from MIVVA. Most of the time I read positive reviews about their beauty box. When I received a newsletter from MIVVA on the sneak peek of this particular month’s content, I got tempted and I told myself I must get it! I knew its gonna be more make up products than skincare products.

When I received the parcel, I was excited to check out the content.

Contained 4 items in a box.

June Box’s Theme : Colourific. Something to do with colors.

A product description card to give us some information about each product.

Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss (Full Size) – RM16.90

Shower the world with sweet and shiny smiles with the elegant mini rose lip gloss, colored in rose pink, a cute and portable companion of dry and chapped lips. It moisturizes and makes your lips shinning and revitalize. The lip gloss also comes with a key chain and mirror, making it easier for application and attachable to mobile phones and bags.

I like the mini black rose packaging. Looking chic and cute! Initially I got scared when I saw the color shade is so red. I’ve never use such red tone for my lip before. Surprisingly the outcome is not as bad as I thought. The color look natural on my lip. And it has a glossy finishes.

Liese Bubble Hair Color (Full Size) – RM38

Coloring with bubbles never be that easy! It contains plenty of foam to cover your hair completely and there is no need to worry about the drips. Each strand of hair is covered fully and evenly. It also contains honey and hydrolyzed silk as moisturizing and protecting ingredient which make your hair smooth and shiny!

I like the color I received here; ‘Raspberry Brown – Brown with charming pink tone like raspberry’. I’ve used this brand’s hair color before. I find it quite easy for a home hair dye kit. You can dye your own hair just like shampoo-ing it.

Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask

RM49.90 for 7pcs.

So, 1 piece is equivalent to RM7.10.

Tahitian Pearl, also known as the “Pearl of Queens”, contains various minerals to effectively improve your skin’s appearance and leave you feeling younger and refreshed. The combination of natural ingredients, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract and Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract, provide proper nourishment to the skin texture and regulate the skin condition, while maintaining skin elasticity. Mild Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract contains various nutrients that can help calm, soften and soothe the skin. Hydrolyzed Pearl can penetrate deep into your skin to repair damaged skin and lighten pigmentation. Vitamin C and Niacinamide can enhance skin color and lend you an eternal radiance.
Effects:  Moisturizing and Whitening
Enuca Essential Quad (Full Size) – RM88
Available in 3 colour variants: Amethyst, Sunset and Smoky. Mine is ‘Amethyst’!
Eye Essential Quad promises unlimited artistry in one versatile compact. A combination of natural extracts nourishes the delicate eye area even as it locks in and enhances colour.
This eye shadow palette has to be my favorite among the rest! I’m quite happy with the color shade I got here. Easy application. Non cakey and the color stays on for long hours. Lets do a face make up with the above lip gloss and eye shadow. 😉
Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss looking quite natural isn’t it?
Amethyst shade eye shadow by Enuca Essential Quad. I combined all the colors 😉
Ta Daah….the outcome…suitable for day and night outing!
Subscribe to MIVVA Beauty Box.
1 month subscription – RM38
3 months subscription+ 190 Points – RM114
6 months subscription+ 570 points – RM228
Website :
Verdict : I am very satisfied with this month’s box. Out of 4 items…3 of them are in full size. And they are something useful to me. Unfortunately, in future they will be charging RM10 for delivery. Unless you go for 3 months subscription for the free delivery.

Bag of Love : April Edition

I chose to continue subscribing Bag of Love for April Edition because I was quite satisfied with their Debut Bag.

However there was a hiccup for this month’s bag. Let me explain further…


I happily received my parcel and opened it. After opening the parcel and removing the bag out ..I noticed the bag was dripping. I received a drenched bag 😦

I PM-ed Mimi; the founder for Bag of Love informing her about my drenched bag together with a photo attached. Mimi felt bad and apologized on the matter. She informed to send me another new bag with all the contents. I received another new on bag the following day with proper protection to the ‘leaking culprit’. Its okay Mimi….you’ve sent me another new bag and I’m happy enough 😉


April was Earth Month. matches the Earth Month theme, Bag of Love has came up with this made of bleach-free canvas and the little Bag of Love tag (inside) is of recycled non-woven material.

PS: Mimi…I am borrowing your idea to photograph this bag on the bed green grass ^_^

bag of love

One of the reason why I like Bag of Love…because they will reveal a sneak peek on the participating brands for each month. So, if you like it..then you subscribe it. That’s what I did…I’ll usually wait for the sneak peek before subscribing on that particular month. HAHA!


Mimi (the cartoon character) has changed her dress to green to match the theme; The Green Bag. So, lets go green for this post! 😉


A short summary about the content. Simple and easy to read.


Due to overwhelming response from the previous bag, this month’s bag came with another brush from definite. Oh yay…another brush added to my collection. Moreover its from definite!

Defite Contour Brush, Full Size – RM88

Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products.


This was the ‘leaking culprit’! LOL! The scent smells like one of my essential oil. Calm and soothing. Above size is 50ml.

The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist, 100ml – RM59

Spray onto the body, pillow or sheets before bedtime.


Not really familiar with this brand. This is the first time I’m experiencing it. It seems Phyto products are the pioneers and leaders in therapeutic care for hair through plants. Ohh…that’s very natural isn’t it? It comes in an aluminum bottle. Runny texture..smell isn’t too strong either. Above size is 50ml

Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo, 200ml – RM88


Okay…this brand is new to me too..Now I sounded so ‘katak dibawah tempurung’ LOL! Formulated on the basis of DECLÉOR’S iconic ingredient, Neroli, and combining five ingenious plants. I like the scent. It smells nice. However I felt its abit tad oily for my skin.

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream, 50ml – RM271

Apply in the morning and evening to cleansed face and neck.


I am a fan of BB creams. I don’t mind having more than 1. hehe….

Creamy texture. Very natural shade. Well, for the coverage I’ll just rate 3/5.

Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++, 30ml – RM120

Dot a pea-sized amount on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks then blend the cream gently.


A handy sample pack. Very rich texture. It does smells abit like butter. Suitable for dry skin.

Burt’s Bee Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuacu Butters Body Lotion, 170ml – RM62.80

Apply liberally to body as needed.


Includes a Decleor facial voucher. Luckily only one. Because I hardly use these vouchers.

Verdict : This is their second bag. I am still satisfied with my goods. What makes me like Bag of Love. Mainly because of the bag (different designs for every month), and the content…worth more than what I’m paying.

What is the price? (all inclusive postage)

Monthly – RM39.90/ month

Quarterly – RM119.70 (for 3 months)

Annually – RM478.80 (for 12 months and get the following 1 month for free)

How to subscribe?

Kindly visit Get the Bag.

Alternatively, you can also join their Facebook page (Bag of Love) to know about their latest news.

Beauty Box: Vanity Trove April Edition

I was introduced to Vanity Trove, a beauty box by my blog-sphere friend, Choi Yen. I also got tempted to give it a try by subscribing one on monthly basis. Then I thought choosing Vanity Trove would be a wise choice since they featured more brands.

However after subscribing it, I saw people blogged about the March edition. Majority of them were quite disappointed with the content that they’ve received for that particular month’s box. Then I began to worry about the April edition which I’ve just subscribed.


Received my Vanity Trove box few days later than my friends. So many of them posted photo about their box….so, no longer a surprise to me edi lor….But its okay la…I’m happy to see people felt satisfied and happy with the April edition. So am I. Waited eagerly for mine to arrive. Still happily opening the box. LOL!!

Ohh ya…Valerie from Beauty Box is very nice to reply my queries promptly about my payment and all. ^^


Theme for Vanity Trove April Edition is The Shower of Summer.

As usual, the contents are nicely placed in a good quality box. And its nicely wrapped with plastic too.


Hurmm…let me study the contents. A one page leftlet were included in the box…giving a brief information about the products that we’ve received. Urm..Arm…Urmm…Arm…OK. Done reading. But not memorized :-p


Look…An eye shadow from Kate. Nicely nestled in the box 😉

I am happy to receive an eye shadow by Kate. Been liking Kate’s eye shadow all this while. Because it has nice shimmering effect. I assumed eye shadow is a gal’s favorite. “Strawberry Shortcake” agreed on that too. *later I help you apply kay* :-p


I received this earth tone. Suitable for every occasions. Easy application.

Kate Eyeshadow DB (RM 49 for 1.6g)


5 sachets of Clarins Intensive Bright Serum and a 50% discount gift voucher on any face or body treatment at Clarins Skin Spa KLCC. I’ve tried using the 1st sachet. I like its texture, not sticky tough. It absorbs very quick leaving my face smooth and supple. Moreover it has nice scent but not strong. A sachet is able to use up to 3 applications (myself)

For the gift voucher…I dunno when only I will use it. Anybody wants it? I don’t mind giving out. By post express kay….hehe….

Clarins Intensive Bright Serum RM295 (30ml)


3 sachets of Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream by Oriks. Honestly…this is the first time I’m hearing this brand :-p

Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream by Oriks is developed in France, product of Korea. A moisturizer that smoothens wrinkles, tightens pores and brighten your complexion. It contains more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality and protect your skin from harsh environmental stressors. Expensive brand huh.

I’ve tried the first sachet. The cream texture is abit oily. Can’t apply too much, because I have oily T-zone.

Oriks Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Water Cream-RM 398 (50g)


Woah….pretty nail wrap by Perkins. I saw people getting different designs. Ya…they are total 21 designs. Mine is with floral prints with a thin glitter strip. Feminine cum vintage. I like! But I sayang to use it..Gonna pick an auspicious day for this. LOL!

Perkins Nail Wrap is a product of Korea. It is a transparent nail wrap base that allows fuss-free sticking and creative mix and match with its wide range designs and colors.

Above is the demo on how to use the nail wrap ^_^

Perkins Nail Wrap- RM39.90 (20 Strips)


A miniature perfume….easily for me to place this in my bag (wristlet) when I go out. However I don’t quite like the fragrant. Felt that the scent is abit strong and mature type. I actually was expecting to receive Issey Miyake’s T_T

Narciso Rodriguez For Her (EDT)-RM278 (50ml) & RM378 (100ml)


Ohh…there’s an additional stuff in the box.A piece of Licorice & Job’s Tear Whitening Mask by KilaDoll.

I like using sheet masks…simply because they are convenient. After using then buang. LOL! BTW…this sheet mask is very cooling and your skin feel supple after that.

Conclusion : This month’s box is alot better from previous month’s..there are 2 full size items in it which cost more than the subscription fee. I also love trying Clarins product

Vanity Trove has now reduced the subscription fee to RM50. Which I previously subscribe this box for RM60. So, now got discount RM10 la hor…YAY!

How to subscribe?

Simply login to VanityTrove Subscription Malaysia to choose your type of subscription plan.


(Random photo of the day). Today’s quote: “There are three things life brings us: tears, smiles and memories. Tears gets wipe away. A smile fades away. But memories last a lifetime”

Have a nice weekend everyone!!