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Vernice in the park

It was the first time we brought Vernice to the park ever since she can walk. I would say that she can even run now. Normally sis would usually bring her to the nearby playground. On Saturday, Vernice was having real fun when she saw so many kids were playing in the park. Its was City Park, Seremban 2 we brought her to. At the same time I brought along my cam to take some nice shots of her of course! Here are some nice shots taken under the beautiful sun.

she look so adorable here

my favorite piece

Fashion Show

Was in Midvalley on Sunday. There was a wedding fair at the exhibition hall.

I saw there’s a fashion about to start (3pm)…The gowns sponsored by Ivory Romance Bridal Shop. So, I was wondering shall I try some snap shots of the fashion show? Since my camera is with me. No doubt i couldn’t get the good location for me to stand…but at least I am still standing in the middle of the stage; with some ‘heads'(audience) in front….Nicely taking my shots…here come one fella blocking my good view…really blows me off…at that moment,I really feel like ketuk-ing his head… T_T

Here are some of the best shots I’ve selected…hmmm…some of the gowns are really awesome!!